A bittersweet comedy about Steven, a recently divorced father and his young daughter, Cali. Steve’s perfect day with his daughter in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park is ruined when Cali’s mom comes to pick her up, leading Steve on an unexpected journey through the park. A Little Moving Pictures Production Of a film by 26 Aries (Irene Chin & Kurt Vincent) Written by: Adam Callahan Story By: Adam Callahan, Irene Chin, Kurt Vincent Produced by: Jeremy Summer Consulting Producer/Story Editor: Tricia Cramer Cast (in order of appearance): Steve: Steve Talley Cali: California Summer Dog: Beatrix Summerkirk Park Kid #1: Evan Walker Park Kid #2: William Walker Gabby: Alyssa Kompelien Park: Mom Melissa Chin Burger King Guy: Adam Callahan Stoner Chick: Irene Chin Stoner Dude: Alex Rapine And all the freaky people at 4/20/18 at Golden Gate Park Crew Irene Chin: Director Kurt Vincent: Director Jeremy Summer: Producer Tyler McPherron: Director of Photography Alex Rapine: 1st AD Jonathan Salazar: 1st AC Martin Bustamante: 2nd AC Ashley Valenzuela: 2nd AC Lemia Bodden: Coordinator Arthur Aravena: Gaffer Gaerick Duffin: Swing Ally Grace Esparza: Art Director Sam Hoiland: Art Assist Anya Zebroski: Wardrobe Stylist Alicia Barry: Hair & Makeup Artist Dalton Patterson: Sound Recordist Diana Rothery: Production Stills Additional Cinematography by Noe Chavez Music by Anthony Ferraro Editor: Nathan Petty Assistant Editor: Caleb Stumpfl Colorist: Chris Martin of Mission Film & Design Sound Mixer: Joel Raabe Titles Designer: Patrick Sean Gibson “Running In and Out” Performed By Dwayne Ellis Licensed from Marmoset Music “Children of the Beehive” written by Sonny Smith Performed by Sonny & The Sunsets Licensed from Bankrobber music Special Thanks Mission Film & Design Tommy Herbst Andrew Combra Dean Snodgrass Elise Polglaze Lindsey Kirk Mike Walker Melissa Chin Alan Steinheimer Morgan Henderson Ron E. Sweat Dedicated to: The park rangers who busted us but let us keep filming.
www.JAMESMEDCRAFT.COM ‘OCTAVE’ is an exploration of the urban world made new through the reordering of physical time. The notion of time as a physical, tangible and malleable medium has always been a big influence within my work. By reordering and distorting time ‘OCTAVE’ is an exploration of the frenetic architecture, rhythm and geometry of Hong Kong. Filmed from a moving vehicle, the film utilises motion and time to create a seamless evolving architectural canvas, viewing the urban environment from a unique perspective. We see the world around us reinterpreted by our own relativity; our physical distance, speed and angle helps to paint our own unique and subjective relationship to the world we inhabit. Motion picture born out of the last 130 years has sought to explore the world in a time based environment, whereby static juxtaposed images change their meaning to one another when combined in different arrangements, creating a subjective image. By using the medium of time to reshape our perceived relative world OCTAVE imagines the urban environment in an organic state, re-shaping and re-ordering as a new form of architecture. As the name suggests ‘OCTAVE’ is inspired by the visual and structural language of musical notation. Beats, bars, repeating and ascending rhythms of notes evolve and develop to create evolving scores of emotions. A commissioned composition ‘te amo laughing / future jail’ by the Los Angeles duo ‘Lucky Dragons’ adds a humanistic layer to the concrete world OCTAVE explores. As described by the artists the composition is based on the ‘auditory illusion described by Diana Deutsch, in which one's attention starts to find patterns in long sequences of looping syllables that fall somewhere between language and music - sometimes appearing as rhythms and melodies, sometimes as words or phrases - usually with unique effects for each listener. Director, Cinematographer, Editor: James Medcraft Musical Composition 'te amo laughing / future jail' Courtesy Lucky Dragons / Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara Local Hong Kong production: Khiang Tan & Jo Cheung at Wow Wow Tank Production support UK: Tristan Earl at Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Equipment Loan: Canon UK, Focus 24 Vehicle driver: Marco Lau
I had the privilage of being Lead Animator on this film, at Nexus Studios. Was great to work with the whole team once again! I animated the car section at the beginning until the guitar handover, and the final dragon sequence, and a bunch other stuff in between, and generally oversee the 2D animation. I also did the storyboard/animatic/layout process and worked out the 2d camera moves. Its always great to work with Smith and Foulkes because they like to see what the animators and designers come up with, so they give us a lot of freedom to put our own creativity into their projects. Below are the credits: Nexus Studios presents 'The Mystical Journey of Jimmy Page's '59 Telecaster' - A Short film to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Telecaster. Produced for Fender. Credits: Story and Narration by Jimmy Page Produced by Nexus Studios Directed by Smith & Foulkes Producer Tracey Cooper Executive Producers Chris O’Reilly & Charlotte Bavasso Production Manager Rebecca Archer Previs and Project Supervisor Michal Firkowski Art Director Melanie Climent Lead Animator Bishoy Gendi 2D Animators Marlène Beaube, Giacomo Autili, Hozen Britto, Peter Lowey, Arina Shabanova Lead Compositor Jesse Richards Compositing Chris Gavin, Victoria Jardine, Dave Hunt 3D Generalist Sébastien De Oliveira Bispo Pierre Clenet Editor Dave Slade Audio Post Production Factory, London. Sound Design and Mix by Josh Campbell, Anthony Moore Produced by Lou Allen Client: Executive Producer Jeremy Taylor Producers Neil Whitcher, Matt Watts, Keith Legro Special Thanks Mike Bayer, Evan Jones, Justin Norvell, Michael Thomas, Ashley Stagg, Danielle Koehler, Jill Burgeson, Natalie Wright Music "DAZED AND CONFUSED" By Jimmy Page (Inspired by Jake Holmes) Performed by The Yardbirds Taken from the album ‘Yardbirds ‘68’ recorded live New York City FLAMES OF ALBION MUSIC, INC. (ASCAP) ALL RIGHTS ADMINISTERED BY WB MUSIC CORP. LICENSED COURTESY OF JIMMY PAGE Produced by Nexus Studios Presented by Fender © 2019 Fender Musical Instruments Corporation