Adrien was born under shelling in a hospital basement north of Beirut during the civil war which once ravaged the peaceful and prosperous Lebanon. We had been talking about doing a Mediterranean strike mission for a while over a few glasses of Rioja in Biarritz and we floated the idea of the Lebanon. Adrien spoke of a mythical slab near where he was born that has never been surfed called ‘Yours’, and spoke of his yearning to return home to surf it. So there we were, three weeks later having watched a developing swell chart. We disembarked Flight 566 to Beirut, and stood at Lebanese passport control being asked by men with handsome moustaches and heavily braided shoulders as to our intentions. We left 5 days later wearing wry smiles, humbled by the overwhelming welcome we were met with. Humbled by the quality of waves and the surf culture in it's infancy. A modern, progressive society reflected in its gentle people, keen to disparage the ghouls of the past and to show the rich cultural and social heritage of their beautiful nation. A beacon of liberty, tolerance and prosperity in the Middle East. Lebanon, its waves and culture has some bright days ahead. Supported by Vans “When I arrived in Beirut from Europe, I felt the oppressive, damp heat, saw the unkempt palm trees and smelt the Arabic coffee, the fruit stalls and the over-spiced meat. It was the beginning of the Orient. And when I flew back to Beirut from Iran, I could pick up the British papers, ask for a gin and tonic at any bar, choose a French, Italian, or German restaurant for dinner. It was the beginning of the West. All things to all people, the Lebanese rarely questioned their own identity.” Robert Fisk, Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon
sales: distribution: Awards: Best Animation ※ Tampere Film Festival 2019 Best Animated Short ※ RiverRun Int'l Film Festival 2019 National Film Board of Canada Award for Best Animated Short ※ R2R 2019 Best Int'l Animation ※ Leiria Film Fest 2019 Audience Award ※ Flatpack Festival 2019 Special Jury Prize ※ Animakom Fest 2019 Best Short Animation ※ Silk Road Int'l Film Festival 2019 Special Prize ※ Children's Film Festival Seattle 2019 Winner Nat'l Competition ※ Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg 2019 Grand Prix ※ Int'l Animated Film Festival Stuttgart 2018 ARTE Short Film Award ※ Filmfest Dresden 2018 Golden Horseman for Gender Equality ※ Filmfest Dresden 2018 MDR Award for Best Script ※ Goldener Spatz 2018 Audience Award Best Animation ※ Festival Silhouette 2018 Winner Best Animation ※ Short to the Point, May 2018 Audience Award Best Animation ※ Florence Short Film Festival 2018 Winner Short Film Animation ※ Trujillo Int’l Independent Film Festival 2018 Special Jury Prize ※ Int'l Animated Film Festival Krok 2018 Diploma of the Jury ※ Insomnia Int'l Animation Film Festival 2018 Winner Nat'l Competition ※ interfilm Berlin 2018 Winner Programmer's Choice ※ Bushwick Film Festival 2018 Bronze Winner Best Animated Short ※ Queen Palm Filmfest, Oct 2018 Diploma of the Jury ※ Int'l Festival ANIMAEVKA, Belarus 2018 Certification 'Highly Recommended' ※ FBW (German Board of Film Classification) Voice Actors: Kanon Yamamoto, Yusuke Yamasaki, Iroha Sato, Shinobu Sawada, Fumio Okura & Yuna Fujiwara Edited and Animated by Jon Frickey Voice Director: Takashi Horiguchi Sound Design and Mix: David Kamp Music: Gofish and Satoko Shibata Written and Directed by Jon Frickey, 2018
Hundreds of Skateboards, Snowboards, and Surfboards are choreographed at 24 boards per second into an ebullient montage of flickering imagery, illustrating the history, artistic beauty, and physical consequences of board culture. Director Patrick Smith created this short film as an homage to his favorite activity and culture. “Board Shop” Juxtaposes hundreds of vintage, classic, and contemporary designs and styles into a trance inducing maelstrom of 24 boards per second imagery. Along for the ride are objects that signify the consequential elements of board culture, namely, broken bones, crutches, and spinal gurneys.. Each object is a historical part of this vibrant world-wide cultural phenomena. Over the course of one year, Smith collected thousands of photos, images, and objects, compositing them together sequentially and choreographed to beach percussion. The result is a cacophony of illustrations, graphics, shapes and sizes. Each board represents themselves within the trifecta of distinct terrain: Concrete, Water, and Snow. Dedicated to all those riders out there, young and old. Healthy and injured. Once in place, the board culture never leaves our DNA, and the tools are forever a part of our collective memory and cultural experience. For any new Patreon, even 2$ will get you immediate access to my most recent short films “Gun Shop”, “Candy Shop”, and “Board Shop”.. try it out! I’m new to Patreon, and I would love to have you on-board to help make these shorts happen!