THE ODD ONE OUT | Check out this powerful title sequence designed and executed by Mill+ director @rajdavsi, celebrating the power and strength in standing out from the crowd. . Unveiled at @forwardfestivals 2019 in Munich, the piece depicts three abstract worlds using immaculate CG to portray the truly distinct markings of a fiercely independent black panther. . Congrats to the huge team that helped to bring this ambitious idea to life -------Credits ------- Director: Raj Davsi Creative Director:James Allen Producer: James Yeo Line Producer: Supreetha Murthy Production Manager: Rebecca Pemberton Production Coordinator: Shivangi Mehta Audio: Echoic Audio Art Directors: Stip, Cameron Johnson CG Supervisor: Madhur Pole FX Supervisor: Gaurav Mathur Asset Supervisor: Anish Mohan Animation Lead: Mahesh MS 2D Lead Artists: Sole Martin, Vinod Gopinathan 2D Artist: Badrinath Chinimilli, Mangesh Borkar, Nehal Desai, Prasanna Bhatt, Rajeshkumar K, James Pratt, Rich Watson 3D Artist: Kalpesh Patel, Srikar Balakrishnan, Jimmy Thomas, Prateek Shubankar, Dhruba Sinha, Asis Kumar, Guru Prasad, Shashi Kumar Dakoju, Nishant Kumar, Sudakshina Sridharan, Amal Arjun J P, Amit Patil, AsitMidya, Nayan Bora, Kalidas Patil, Sumit Kumar, Damudar Khuman, Rakesh Bharat 3D Design: Raquel Fernandes, Ewan Davidson, Taehoon Park, Olly Johnson, Jessica Tan, Matthew Campbell 2D Animation: Kwok Fung Lam, Sam Singleton Design & Development: Ross Urien, Grant Berry, Adam Parry, Ivo Sousa Colour: The Mill Colourist: Thomas Mangham
A Breakwater Original Milt Abel II, a world renowned pastry chef, reflects on his relationship with his late father Milton Abel Sr., a legendary Kansas City jazz musician. Starring Chef Milton Abel II and featuring Chef Michael Magliano Directed by Ben Proudfoot | Cinematography by David Bolen Edited by Federico Conforti Music Composed, Orchestrated & Conducted by Nicholas Jacobson-Larson Post-Production Supervision by Dillon Brown Supervising Sound Editing & Re-recording by Sean Higgins Color by Stephen Derluguian Produced by Jeremy Lambert Executive Produced by Richard Graham, Jeremy Lambert, Abby Lynn Kang Davis, Ben Proudfoot, Abby Pucker, Josh Rosenberg Production Coordinated by Gabe Godoi Production Design by Terry Quennell Sound Editing by T.J. Jacques Assistant Camera - Alex van Putten Loader - Craig Samuels Score Preparation by Alessandro Saini Music Mixed by Brad Haehnel Music Supervisor - Rylan Soref Foley Artists - Alyson Dee Moore & Christopher Moriana Foley Mixer - John Sanacore For Breakwater Studios Elizabeth Brooke Joey Lambert Ann Le Dawn O'Keeffe Danny Santos Kristi Wenaus Jaimie Woo The "Silhouette Band" Marie Buch Hoyer Lasse Funch Sørensen Lasse Mørck Søren Høst Cast In Order Of Appearance Young Milton - Kaleb Ross Milton Abel Sr. - Richard Spicer & Henry Franklin Jazz Band - Albert Trepanier Jr., Bobby Spencer, Norman Weatherly, Michael Be Holden Patrons Retha Spencer Cathy Luke Ibrahima Sow The Producers Wish To Thank Andersen & Maillard Sarah Abel & Family Linda Abel Hans Christian Andersen Mathias Fabricius James Lee Abby Pucker Obay Media Special Thanks The Dresden John Garrity Chuck Haddix IKEA - Kastrup Chef Thomas Keller Austin Kolodney Chef Michael Magliano Matthew McDonald Mike Murphy Mike Ning Michael Risley Grace Zahrah Shot on Arri Alexa Mini, Arricam LT, and Cooke Anamorphics Film Scanning by Fotokem Images Courtesy of Kansas City Public Television Thomas Keller Restaurant Group "Big Noise From Winnetka" Written by Bob Haggart and Ray Bauduc "Perdido" Performed by Kansas City Jazz Spectrum Ensemble with Milt Abel. Courtesy of Kansas City Music International, Inc. "Better Than Anything" Performed and produced by Sherry Jones with Milt Abel. Musical Concept and Direction by Mike Ning Recorded on Jan 21, 28, & Feb 4 1983 Shot on Location in Copenhagen, Denmark and Los Angeles, California Made with Love by Breakwater Studios Ltd. in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Los Feliz, California | @breakwaterstud
Directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia Produced by ICONOCLAST Producer: Natan Schottenfels Creative Director: Charlie Twaddle Directors Rep: Jamie Rabineau (Lark Creative) Cinematography: Menno Mans Editors: Gal Muggia and Vania Heymann VFX: Vania Heymann Color & Title Design: Tal Baltuch Sound Design: Shlomi Attias FX Simulations: Phenomena Labs Matchmove: PEANUT Casting: Nohmad (Paris), Eva Vollmar (Berlin), Ziv Mamon (Tel-Aviv) Production Supervisor: Matt Oehlberg Treatment Design: Eliel Ford Tove Team - Stylist: Annie & Hannah Hair: Korey Fitzpatrick Makeup: Colby Smith BTS: Garret Guidera Production Service Kiev: Executive Producer: Albert Zurashvili Producer: Yulia Foster Art Director: Misha Levchenko Props: Yulia Dubitskaya Costume Designer: Valentin Bren Makeup: Dasha Taivas Second Unit DP: Denis Luschik 1st AD: Grits 2nd AD: Vadim Yuzba Head of bidding: Marina Karmolit Production Manager: Max Matveev Production Coordinator: Gena Shevchenko PA: Eugene Slavnyi Chaparone: Nikita Ilchenko Gaffer: Eugene Malik Focus Puller: Ilya Vartanian 1st AC: Dmytro Mykhailov Playback: Max Sukhovii VTR: Valentin Grib Featured Talent: Hamza Ouechtati, Lola Fuchs, Lyudmila Bezboch , Ruslan Seferov, Dima Toporinski, Sergei Matynin, Zedek Ebojan, Sandro Mateush, Sergei Koverda, Rufin Mayla Guy, Marcus Blessed , Natalie Gudlenko , Nastia Turik Special Thanks to: Charles-Marie Anthonioz, Mourad Belkeddar, Nicolas Lhermitte , Francesco Colombo, Marvin Martinez, Amanda Roth, Marcella Pleas , Maralee Santizo ,Melodie Buchris, Yael Shoshana Cohen, Rona Segal , Maya Ish-Shalom. And to Alma and Helena.
"-N- Uprising" is an experimental video that evokes the cycles of nature. The video highlights several species of insects and flowers on colored backgrounds. For 7 months, I observed insects and mainly the butterfly cycle where we see the caterpillar turn into chrysalis and then the butterfly out of the chrysalis. The Insect videos were filmed in 8K with camera RED Helium 8K. The flower outbreaks are an assemblage of hundreds of 5K photos that have been made on a regular interval. If you already know my work on paintings, by watching this video, you will understand that I try to work on another theme that is close to my heart while keeping a similarity to my work before. The Colors. "-N- Uprising" est une vidéo expérimentale qui évoque les cycles de la nature. La vidéo met en évidence plusieurs espèces d'insectes et de fleurs sur des arrière-plans colorés. Pendant 7 mois, j'ai observé des insectes et principalement le cycle du papillon où l'on voit la chenille se transformer en chrysalide puis le papillon sortir de la chrysalide. Les vidéos Insects ont été filmées en 8K avec la caméra RED Helium 8K. Les éclosions de fleurs sont un assemblage de centaines de photos 5K qui ont été faites à intervalles réguliers. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Music by Alexis Dehimi Co produced by Ekitaimacro // Thomas Blanchard Greenlight Films // Paul Mignot and Léa Morel Thomas blanchard
How can we be certain that the binary can satisfy us? A trained glass artist, sculptor Jes Fan creates elegant installation works that quietly question our most fundamental assumptions about gender, race, and identity. At UrbanGlass in downtown Brooklyn, the artist heats, rolls, and sculpts molten glass. He explains, "Learning how this matter transformed itself from one state into another really entranced me into thinking, 'How I can I apply it to other mediums?'" At the Recess artist residency in Brooklyn, Fan constructs a new work, filling hollow glass globules with silicone and injecting them with politically charged biological materials like testosterone, estrogen, melanin, and fat. These organ-like forms are then hung on a lattice structure. Detaching biological substances from the context of the body, Fan is able to examine their meanings and allow the viewer to see them in a completely new light. Fan's personal experiences—moving from his native Hong Kong to the United States, growing up queer, and transitioning—have profoundly shaped his artistic practice. "Maybe it is triggering the similar experiences of being racialized or being gendered," says Fan of handling the materials injected into his work. "It's just a disposition that you're constantly placed in—a constant act of othering." Jes Fan lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Learn more about the artist at: CREDITS | "New York Close Up" Series Producer: Nick Ravich. Director & Editor: Brian Redondo. Cinematography: Brian Redondo & Nick Capezzera. Location Sound: Ana Fernández & Edward Morris. Additional Camera: Nick Childers. Music: Blue Dot Sessions. Color Correction: Chris Ramey. Sound Mix: Adam Boese. Design & Graphics: Chips. Artwork Courtesy: Jes Fan. Thanks: Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy, James Corporan, Cut + Measure, Alex Laviola, Miller Institute for Contemporary Art, Alex Paik, Recess, & Urban Glass. "New York Close Up" is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council; and by individual contributors. © Art21, Inc. 2019. All rights reserved. #JesFan #Art21 #NewYorkCloseUp