White Lies (first single from TATRAN upcoming album Foresee) Directed and animated by Shahaf Ram www.instagram.com/shahaf_ram/ www.facebook.com/jacktml/ Animation Assistant - andrey missing www.instagram.com/mi_ss_ing http://Iamissing.com Concept Art and script by andrey missing and shahaf ram Music by TATRAN www.tatranmusic.com www.facebook.com/tatranmusic www.youtube.com/tatranmusic - - - - When I was 9 I played in a tennis tournament. First round begins, the referee of my match didn’t show up. My opponent’s dad said: I’ll be the judge. I didn’t suspect a thing at first but then it dawned on me.. They were fucking cheating. Nobody was there to help so I decided to fight back as hard as I can. I channeled my rage towards the yellow ball. I was unstoppable. Running. Sweating. Swearing. Michel Jordan. Win. Win. Win. After the first round I felt super ready for the next round. But nobody called me for the next game. Days turned to weeks and summer was over. When school started I started to realize that there is no next round. It haunted me, Did they just continue to play without me?? And maybe the tournament wasn’t over, maybe they still play till this day. Maybe there is no next round at all. No final, no trophy. You just keep playing. - - - - בכיתה ו הייתי בנבחרת של גבעת אלה בטניס בקיץ המועצה המקומית ארגנה טורניר בין הישובים. התחיל סבב המשחקים הראשון. עשרות ילדים מזיעים אחד מול השני. אך קרה מקרה- ולמשחק שלי היה חסר שופט. האבא של השחקן מולי החליט שהוא יהיה השופט. בהתחלה לא חשדתי. אך מהר מאוד הבנתי מה המשמעות של העניין וראיתי את ההפסד הצורם מתקרב ללא שליטתי. זה היה כול כך לא הוגן ולאף אחד לא היה אכפת. ואני זוכר איך מתוך פיגור במשחק ומתוך החוסר הוגנות הזאת קיבלתי כזה דרייב להילחם חזרה. וכשהמצב היה נרא חסר סיכוי. משהו נפתח בי. איזה זעם וגאווה חסרת גבולות. הייתי בלתי ניתן לעצירה. לא הפסקתי לזוז לקפוץ. להתאבד על כול כדור. זה לא היה פשוט. אבל ניצחתי . יום סבב המשחקים הראשון עבר. חזרתי לישוב. הרגשתי מוכן לסבב הבא. ימי הקיץ עוברים להם לאט, ואני מחכה, ומפנטז כמה רחוק אצליח להגיע עם הזעם החדש שרחשתי. אבל אף אחד לא קורה לי לבא. הקיץ נגמר, הלימודים מתחילים ומתחיל להזדחל לי לראוש הרעיון הזה, התובנה הבילתי נסבלת- שהסבב הבא לא הולך להגיע. ואחת לכמה זמן עוד הייתי תוהה עם עצמי מה קרה שם? למה הטורניר לא המשיך? ואולי הוא כן המשיך פשוט בלעדי ? ואולי בעצם הוא פשוט לא נגמר מעולם. אולי הוא עדיין קורה. טורניר אחד גדול וארוך. ואין שום שלב שני שאפשר להגיע אליו. גם לא שלישי או חצי גמר. ובטח שאין פודיום קטן שעולים אליו ושומעים מחיאות כפיים רחוקות או גביע נוצץ מפלסטיק או מדליית ארד שעולה בחניות הספורט בדיוק כמו מדליית הזהב. אין. פשוט ממשיכים לשחק עד שנשחקים. וגם אז - - - -
We’re All Going To Die takes on the simple task of exploring the meaning of life. Through colour, imagination, humour and fart jokes, Director Stefan Hunt asks you to look at the what ifs, the why nots and the oh wells that might flash before your eyes when paid a surprise visit by Death. With your internal monologue played by Jared Jekyll and Death played by Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, Lord of the Rings), you’re prompted to get existential whilst grinning from ear to ear during this independent short film of fantastical weirdness. The film is an adaptation from Stefan Hunt's illustrated book 'Were All Going To Die' and part of a multimedia extravaganza of that same name that was launched in October 2017. The project uses death and art to empower its audience to fear less & live more. "Years ago I was crippled by fear. Reminding myself that I'm going to die has changed my approach to life. It's the most powerful force to live by." says Hunt, who independently funded this project alongside a successful Kickstarter campaign. A huge thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey. Let's keep kicking fear in the balls. For more information visit - www.wereallgoingto.com Official book available here - www.wereallgoingto.com/book Director - Stefan Hunt Producer - Yingna Lu Director of Photography - Campbell Brown Editor - Stefan Hunt Man - Jared Jekyll Death - Hugo Weaving Production Designer -Ian Kanik Art Director - Mohini Herse Art Director - Courtney Covey Costume Designer - Christina Bouzios Costume Designer - Rosa Spring Voss Hair and Make Up - Katy Clucas Hair and Make Up - Lisa Mangion Sound Composer - Jonny Higgins Casting Director - Felicity Byrne Unit Production Manager - Maren Smith Unit Production Manager - Nicole Hofstädter 1st Assistant Director - Stuart Beedie Stunt Coordinator - Mark Duncan (TwinStar Stunts) Stunt Rigger - Neal Horton Production Assistant - Olivia Carolan Production Assistant - Yasmin Blake Production Assistant/Reader Emele Ugavule 1st Assistant Camera - Joel Eames 1st Assistant Camera - Sid Tinney 1st Assistant Camera - Tim Keith 2nd Assistant Camera - Luke Tysoe 2nd Assistant Camera - Chris Moore 2nd Assistant Camera - Rhavin Banda BTS Jack Shepherd Wardrobe Assist - Amber Theron Gaffer - Mat Wilson (Focus Film Lighting) Gaffer - Steve Schofield (Lumen Arty) Best Boy - Nathan Grant Best Boy - Richard Hawkins Best Boy - Charles Gray Key Grip - Chris Davies Sound Recordist & Boom Operator - Martin Demian Stills Photographer - Sam Shepherd Locations Services - Emelie Fagerman and Alex Intihar from Search Party Locations Online Editor / Colourist - Matt Fezz VFX Supervisor - Matt Fezz VFX Supervisor - Matt Campbell Storyboard Artist - Amber Theron Graphic Designer - Sam Shepherd Designer - Hui Ying Kao Designer - Courtney Brookes Animator - Andrew Khosravani Animator - Michael Chen Post Sound Supervisor - Jonny Higgins Voice Over Recordist - Rob Hughes Voice Over Recordist - Simon Lister VO recorded at Nylon Studios Special Thanks to; Paper Moose Crater Studios Mrs Nina Tattoli Vanessa Marian Helena Rosebery Southern Cross Cameras Australia Stef Smith Matt Pike Whitney Oliver Alexandra Kent Adam Benton Liam Riley Ant Pawley Kei Yokokawa Williams Management Andrew Wilkinson (Sydney Prop Specialists) Alt.vfx
Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer. "Fauve" is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here: https://vimeo.com/blog/post/fauve facebook.com/FAUVEfilm CAST Tyler: Félix Grenier Benjamin: Alexandre Perreault The Woman: Louise Bombardier CREW Writer/ Director : Jeremy Comte Production : Evren Boisjoli (Achromatic Media), Maria Gracia Turgeon (Midi la Nuit) Cinematographer : Olivier Gossot Production Manager: Julie Groleau Production coordinator: Kelyna N. Lauzier 1st Assistant Director: Catherine Kirouac Casting Director: Victor Tremblay-Blouin Costume Design: Renée Sawtelle Make-up & Hair Artist: Stéphanie Barette Sound recordist: Laurent Ouellette Key Grip: Roland Cody Laroque Best Boy Grip: Nicola Poitras Gamache Grips: Patrice Arsenault, Thibault Kersani 1st Camera Assistant: Jeanne Dupuis 2nd Camera assistant & Gimbal operator: Benjamin Granet Stunt Coordinator: Tyler Hall Visual Effect Supervisor: Jean-Francois Clément Assistant Visual Effect Supervisor: Alex Legault Unit Production Manager: Jean-Maxime Giguère Set Production Assistant: Gabrielle de Cevins Production Assistants: Stéphane Pierre-Dufour, Sophie Cullen Aubut, Sabrina Lavergne, Molly Manseau Production Driver: Antonio Gracia Molero Production Intern: Gabrielle de Cevins Medic: Dominique Laplante Catering: Reception GL Animal Wrangler: Alain Chiocchi Script collaborators: Patrica Boucher & Daphnée Côté Hallé Script Consultant: Phillipe Lesage Image Post Production: Outpost Post Production Supervisor: Simon Allard Editor : Jeremy Comte Online Editor: Simon Allard VFX Artist: Val Michailov Sound Post Production: Cult Nation Mixing & Sound Design : Hugues Bertrand, Théo Porcet, Jean-David Perron Foley Artist: Michael Anctil Sound Post Production Coordinator: Sophie Bérubé Colour: The Mill - Chicago Colourist : Luke Morrison Colour Assist: Lindsay Mazur Coulour Producer: Dan Butler Colour executive Producer: Laurie Adrianopoli Music: La Hacienda Composer: Brian D'Oliveira Distribution and international sales: H264 Distribution Poster & Title design: Sebastien Camden - Pusher Filming Equipment: Cineground, Achromatic Media, Cinepool, Multiservice Luna Vehicles: Location Via Route Production Accountants: Marie-Ève Desbiens Tremblay, Johane Bergeron Auditing: Benoit Gauthier Production Insurance: BFL Lawyer: Gabriella Rozankovic - Lussier & Khouzam Produced with the financial participation of SODEC, CALQ, Provincial tax credit & Federal tax credit * Fauve played over 80 festivals internationally and won over 40 awards. Winner: Special Jury Award - Sundance Film Festival 2018 Winner: Best of the Festival - Palm Springs ShortFest Winner: Grand National Jury Prize & Best Youth Short Film - Regard Int. Short Film Festival Winner: Best Drama - Aspen ShortsFest Winner: Programmers Choice Award - Cleveland Film Festival 2018 Winner: Best Narrative Award - Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival 2018 Winner: Jury Award for Live Action- Vienna Shorts 2018 Winner: Best International Short - Rincon International Film Festival, Puerto Rico, 2018 Winner: Jury Award, Public Award, Prix Ciné Tapis-Rouge - Festival Courts d’un soir, 2018 Winner: Best Directing, Public Student, Young Voters & Public Award - Longue vue sur le court, 2018 Winner: Premio SIGNIS MÉXICO - Guanajuato International Film Festival, 2018 Winner: Grand Jury Prize (Short Film) - 12th FIRST International Film Festival Xining, 2018 Winner: Grand Prix for Best Short Film - Melbourne International Film Festival, 2018 Winner: Best International Narrative - DC Shorts, 2018 Winner: Best Quebec Short Film - Les Percéides, 2018 Winner: Artist Award Winner - Odense International Film Festival, 2018 Winner: Honourable mention for Best Canadian Short Film - Toronto International Film Festival, 2018 Winner: LeCentral Jury Prize - Off-Courts Trouville, 2018 Winner: Best Overall Short Film - Calgary International Film Festival, 2018 Winner: Best Short Film, FIPRESCI Award : Best Short Film - IFF Pacific Meridian, Vladivostok, 2018 Winner: Brief Encounters Grand Prix - Encounters Film Festival, Bristol. 2018 Winner: La Fabrique Culturel Award - Long Week-End du Court, 2018 Winner: National Competition Grand Prize, Audience Award - Quebec City Film Festival, 2018 Winner: German Independence Award : Best Short Film - Oldenburg Film Festival, 2018 Winner: Best Actor - International Shorts Competition (Félix Grenier) - Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois : Vidéotron Award for Best Short (Argent), UDA Award for Best Actor, EVS Award for Best Upcoming Producer (Maria Gracia Turgeon) - Fantasia International Film Festival, 2018 CONTACTS H264 Distribution / Attn : Jean-Christophe J. Lamontagne/ jc@h264distribution.com Midi la Nuit / midilanuit.com / maria@midilanuit.com / facebook.com/MidiLaNuitFilms Achromatic Media / http://www.achromatic.ca/ evren@achromatic.ca /