Band Of Horses - Casual Party

A music video I directed for Band Of Horses new single, "Casual Party." Sometimes an awesome band lets you be as weird as you like for their awesome song. Monsters! Cheese Puffs! Cold Cut Man!!!
Director: Ben Fee
Production Company: Scandinavia
Produced by: Colin Shane & Angela Chen
Rep: Jen Herrera/Las Bandas
Cinematography: Drew Daniels
Colorist: Jaime Obradovich / Company 3
Production Designer: Kat Audick
Art Director: Margaux Rust
Costume Design: Kat Audick
More Costume Design: Lauren Wilde
Hair & Makeup: Lauren Wilde
AD: Tres Stamos
PM: Aragorn Fenton
Steadicam: Orlando Duguany
First AC: Troy "Teddy" Dickerson
Makeup assistant: Rebecca Abraham
Makeup assistant: Alex French

Tim Hagerty
Erika Zabelle
Tim McKeown
Thomas Blake
Stephanie Griffin
Caitlin Rucker
Joya Mia Italiano
Christi Waldon
Jess Bates
Jacob Gibson
Michael R. Jacobs
Mitch Eakins
Kevin Bone
Maura McDonald
Matt Boman
Tosca Rivola

Elderly Couple:
Larry Makrow