Terraforming depicts a crystal planet that has been discovered in the galaxy. It follows a young cartographer's journey to the planet, where he engineers the environment to be habitable for humans using various tools of exploration. The Dune Clock tells the time with 3 million precision cut crystals; the minutes pass with falling crystals and the hour with the digital numbers. The Dune Table creates an array of miniature landscapes using sound frequencies ranging from 100Hz-10,000Hz demonstrating the planet's ever shifting surface.

The first ever object to be designed by man 1.7 million years ago was a flint hand axe. Flint has the same molecular structure as a crystal and they both consist of silica. The project juxtaposes the flint hand axe with the latest crystal technology; Xero chaton the world's smallest precision cut crystal measuring 0.6mm in diameter, smaller than a grain of sand.

Terraforming is a project commissioned for Designer of the Future 2015 by Swarovski at Design Miami/ Basel.