Chorizo Ravioli - 香肠云吞
The Meatmen

Last weekend was our virgin attempt at making ravioli. :) It sure wasn't easy due to the fact that none of us had any experience with a pasta machine before… but with persistence, practice, and 20 eggs killed, we finally succeeded.
One thing to know is that freshly made pasta really makes that difference, and by using (only) egg yolks for the pasta really made the pasta soft and slurpy.
We made the choice of using simple tomato sauce to compliment the chorizo sausage that we got for this - which was rather delish. If you are to try, BE VERY DELICATE with the ravioli, and that when cooking them the do not break, so as to keep the meaty taste within these happy pouches. (We broke a couple and those were rather diluted, sadly)
So we only got this advice for you - Practice, practice, practice. Making pasta from scratch takes a couple of tries, but the taste is gonna be well worth it. ;)
** If you have no pasta machine, just use a rolling pin and keep rolling to your desired thin-ness. Its pretty good too!
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