Hot Tea - by Marcel Tigchelaar

In this hand drawn animation without dialogue, a man indulges in the vapour of a glass of hot tea. He drifts off to a colourful world where scents seem to be visualised and assume physical powers. Just when the man’s pleasure builds up to a sensual climax, the glass throws a spanner in the works.

Director: Marcel Tigchelaar
Scenario: Marcel Tigchelaar
Sound Design: Max Frick
Music: Han Otten
Mastering Audio: Bob Kommer Studios
Animation: Marcel Tigchelaar, Ruben Zaalberg, Edwin van Beek
Additional Animation: Susanne Seidel
Colour Design: Anna Engels
Texture Animation: Kaylee Bruine de Bruin
Coloring: Jan Jaap Weerheijm
Edit & Compositing: Albert ‘t Hooft
Producer: Chris Eimers-Mouw
Production Company: Anikey Studios