Ur Aska

Two women live happily together, one starts to transform,
disturbing their usual dynamic. The one left unchanged has to
decide how far their love goes.
Ur Aska was made by a team of 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Animation Workshop/VIA University College in Viborg, Denmark.
Check out the individual students blogs (links below) to learn more about the talent behind the film and check out the project blog: https://uraska.tumblr.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/urAskaTAW/


Myra Hild - Director / Storyboard Artist / Animator - http://myrahild.strikingly.com/

Vir Prieto - Animation Lead / Storyboard Artist / Character Designer - http://virprieto.strikingly.com

Emilie Bach - Art Director / Background Artist - http://www.emiliebach.dk/

Charly Katrin Mårtensson - Production Manager / Animation Cleanup - http://charlykm.strikingly.com/

Bjørk Trondherim - Technical Art Director / Background & Concept Artist - https://bjorkart.portfoliobox.net/

Jowanna Barvizi - Character Designer / Animator / Cleanup Supervisor - https://jowannabarvizi.portfoliobox.net/

Maria Blowers - Animator / Editor / Storyboard Artist - http://mariablowers.strikingly.com/

Heidi Holmeå Christiansen - Animator / Storyboard Artist / Production Manager - http://www.heidiholmeaa.com/

Sif Perlt Savery - Animator / Editor / Storyboard Artist - http://www.sifps.com/

Noa Juel - Animator / Storyboard Artist / Character Designer - http://noajuel.com/

Natascha Caja - Animator - http://nataschja-caja.strikingly.com/

Emei Olivia Burell - Story Consultant - http://emeiburell.strikingly.com/

Want to know more about The Animation Workshop/VIA University College?
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Facebook: facebook.com/pages/The-Animation-Workshop-Official-Page/10452541819
Tumblr: theanimationworkshop.tumblr.com/
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