“E_GO” is an analysis of the dualistic nature of the ego mind and its role in shaping one's identity and perspective on oneself. Exploring the extremes, and character attributes such as the superiority and inferiority complexes. A disposition in which describes the equilibrium between the two extremes of ego, a state of mind where you can truly be yourself. Pulling from Eric’s experiences in dealing with his own personal struggles in finding his own self-identity and ultimately as a dance artist.

-Directed and Shot by Alimzhan Alan Sabir
-Choreography by Eric Cheung
-Music by Noah Williamson
-Visual Effects by George Georgeadis
-BTS photography by Sebastian Palencia

Special Thank You
Megan Choh
Darion Trotman
Gomo Cabarroguis
Tommy Nguyen
Fiona Chang
Deluxe Design Group