directed by Pussykrew concept by Sevdaliza and Pussykrew produced by Pussykrew MUA Celine Bernaerts music produced by Mucky co-produced by Sevdaliza keys by Joel Dieleman For her latest interdisciplinary project “That Other Girl”, Sevdaliza teamed up with Pussykrew discovering their mutual passion and corresponding references for 3D technology. In this video, Sevdaliza has fallen victim to her own creation of a safe vacuum. Submissive to deep-rooted emotions and assumptions, Sevdaliza finds herself imprisoned in her own paintings and sculptures. Can she remain unflawed? She has become nothing more than a statue surrounded by surreal environments. Identity becomes a game, however she remains in control of the computed bodies. She breaks the stereotypes of gender roles and constructs to manifest a different notion of cyborgian identity. Sevdaliza’s husky vocals float over a mechanical bed that excites masculine energy and sexual adrenaline. As the song continues, a rhythmic tension builds slowly into a chaotic climax. Every retribution becomes more intense and personal, yet she isn’t able to break from that obscure statue of a woman. soundcloud: spotify: website: facebook: supported by Foxrender Farm supported by Fuel 3D supported by Zahra Reijs supported by Mucky About Pussykrew
What's the true meaning of Christmas? More Stuff! We commissioned musical comedian Ben Champion to write and produce a festive song to parody an animated musical. Everyone in our studio was invited to pitch to direct the animation, and Blue Zoo animators Simone Giampaolo and Joe Kinch’s cheeky character’s won the company wide vote. This is what the team made! Directed by Simone Giampaolo & Joe Kinch Song written and produced by Ben Champion Voices by Anna Brisbin Rasmus Hardiker Steven Kynman Teresa Gallagher Paul Kissaun Lottie Lee-Delisle Animation Director Bader Badruddin Design Joe Kinch Digital Matte Painter Izzy Burton Lead Modeller Pietro Licini Modelling & Texturing Pietro Licini Tom Flavelle Grace Culverwell Paul Mitcheson Maud Bourgeais Timmy Wong Hannah Wong Clementine Delcourt Stephen Edgerton Look Dev Tom Flavelle Rigging Elena Borla Anthony Delliste Lead Animator Simone Giampaolo Animators Marc Godfrey Bader Badruddin Alessandra Rosso Simon Taylor Lizzie Hicks Dane Winn Alec Smith Ben Steer Daniel Cripps Matt Tea Additional Animation Brieuc Guénolé Zeina Masri Margaux Couet Birte Niedermeyer Celia Prou Lead Lighting TD Tom Flavelle Lighting TDs Charlie Batho Tom Martin Davies Kate Gabriel Emeric Renard Leida Vincent Yolande Clerke Maud Bourgeais Lead Compositor Charlie Batho Compositors Paul Mitcheson Debora Sangermano Lisa Mandelli Jessica Phelan Sound Engineer Dom Boucher @ The Sound Company Producer Tom Box Exec Producers Adam Shaw Damian Hook Oli Hyatt MBE Tom Box © Blue Zoo Animation 2015
Film: Robert Seidel _ Music: Nikolai von Sallwitz _ Please choose 1080P for playback to see the film in full quality! The nine virtual sculptures underlying vitreous resulted from experimental setups by Robert Seidel for generating three-dimensional clusters of fibrous refractions, as well as the gravitational lensing of different volumetric and chromatic densities. Singular elements gravitate towards each other, accumulating in a gigantic sculptural system, where each entity exists with its own visual axis and vanishing point. The impalpable luminous formations create prismatic interactions between the ridges and plateaux of the main colours floating in front of the infinite violet background. The multilayered, continuously expanding and decaying system is driven by semi-chaotic processes with localized impulses and their speculative chain reactions. In the spectrum of these possible movements, each singular sculpture becomes an integral component of the whole pictorial force-field. In its asymmetrical orchestration and multitude of spatial-temporal interactions, the abstract-organic images are close in appearance to the concepts of “moving paintings” and “living sculptures” Seidel develops for more than a decade now. Originally vitreous was conceived as a media façade artwork of 80 × 24 × 14 Meters (Target City Lights, Minneapolis, USA, 2012). It later developed in a large-scale projection of 4 × 14 Meters (German Filmmuseum, Frankfurt, Germany, 2015). The short film released in December 2015 features a music score exclusively composed by Nikolai von Sallwitz.