In a near future, technology has enabled humans to digitalize themselves and achieve immortality as part of a database. A metropolis gets ready for the opening of its first digitalization centre “Cloud Life”. A young couple argues bitterly - one for, one against the procedure - leading to their separation. On the day of the opening a large crowd of demonstrators gather outside the building. Some of them force entry to the digitalization room and sabotage the system, unleashing the technology throughout the city and plunging it into chaos. The two conflicted lovers who initially parted ways flee the riots to finally reunite. Stream/Download: Written and Directed by Kévin Roualland / Maxime Dupuy Original music by Canblaster Produced by Eddy Co-Produced by Brunch Studio and Savoir Faire Executive Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo Producer: Stella Ramsden Production Manager: Chamseddine Kaddouri Art Direction: Maxime Dupuy Character design: Kévin Roualland Layout: Kévin Roualland, Maxime Dupuy Lead Animation: Kévin Roualland Animation: Simon Duong van Huyen, Pierre Rutz, Yannis Boultadakis, Duncan Gist, Stephen Vuillemin, Olivier Lescot, Mathieu Corbin, Kévin Roualland, Diane Tran Duc Additional Animation: Cécile Despretz, Sean Lewis Animation Assist: Valentin Machu, Liam Engels, Cécile Despretz, Sean Lewis, Jennifer Zheng, Mathieu Corbin Backgrounds: Maxime Dupuy Lead Compositing: Thomas Ricquier Compositing: Thomas Ricquier, Victoria Jardine, Maxime Dupuy Storyboard: Kévin Roualland, Maxime Dupuy Editing: Maxime Dupuy Typography: Virgile Flores With the support of the FCM: Fond pour la création musicale
"Just an ordinary day at an old mysterious Turkish country house where its residents have an extraordinary way of brewing tea." Tavsan Kani (Rabbit Blood) is a 5-min animated dark-comedy short film, produced at SVA New York as my MFA thesis film. Story of the film comes from an old Turkish idiom and it show the harmony between different social classes in Ottoman times and lets us compare it with the current life of Turkish society. It had its world premiere at Athens Animfest and national premiere at Istanbul International Film Festival. It screened over 150 international film festivals worldwide and won more than 20 awards. Official Selections Be There! Corfu Animation Festival 2017 KuanDu Animation Festival 2017 Istanbul Film Festival 2017 !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival 2017 Sidewalk Film Festival 2017 Zlin Film Festival 2017 Montreal Film Festival 2016 New Orleans Film Festival 2016 CutOut Fest 2016 Morbido Film Festival 2016 Press In The Palace: Oteki Sinema: Facebook: iMDb: Behance: Directed, written, designed, animated and edited by Yagmur Altan Produced by Yagmur Altan & SVA MFA Computer Arts Music: Mehmet Aydin Sound Design: John Mattiuzzi Storyboard: Milan delVecchio Look Development: Yagmur Altan, Charlotte Bae 3D Modeling: Yagmur Altan Texture: Yagmur Altan, Lauren O'Connell Rigging: Harris Wu, Joshua Planz Animation: Yagmur Altan, Yee Sum Hoi, Justin Tsai, Adam Momsen, Marvin Woodyatt, Kittiya Chakornsirisakul Simulations: Mike Huang © 2016 Yagmur Altan & SVA #rabbitblood #tavsankani
The Mighty Grand Piton is a short film about a young English girl, Connie, who travels to the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia for her school holidays with her family. There, she accidentally awakens a giant robot buried under the Twin Piton mountains on the south of the Island. This robot seems compelled to protect Saint Lucia but his origins are mysterious. No one knows where he came from or how long he’s been there. During the many years he’s lain dormant, The Mighty Grand Piton, became nothing more than the stuff of legend. Read more about TGMP here Created & Directed by Wesley Louis Executive Producer Sam Taylor James Duveen Producer Franzi Nicolaus Hanae Seida Character Design Wesley Louis Storyboards Wesley Louis Edit Max Taylor Colour Script Agathe Leroux Layout Wesley Louis Max Taylor Animation Wesley Louis Venla Linna Maxime Jouniot Amanda Holm Alessandra Sorrentino Jonathan Djob Nkondo FX Animation Naoki Araiza Tokumasu Cleanup & Colour Wesley Louis Venla Linna Isobel Stenhouse Ash Wu Elenora Quario Amix Backgrounds Igor Piwowarczyk Matt Vince Compositing Max Taylor Freddie Lewis-wall Executive Music Producer Rina May “The Mighty Grand Piton” Written, Composed and Performed by Rina May Live guitar mixed and mastered by Wayne Plummer Strings Nick Bowers-Broadbent Drums Rina May Cem Andre Sound Design and Mix Chris Didlick at Box of Toys Voiceover Mervin Louis Logo and Graphic Design Max Taylor Special Thanks Alijoy Baker Mervin Louis Audrey Louis Antoine James Louis No Ghost In memory of Agatha Charles Francis Charles Frederick Jn Baptiste Philomene Louis Barthelmy Louis Constance (Connie) Prince No Ghost: CG Supervisor Luke Gibbard CG Look Dev Tom Flavelle CG Producer Kye Dorricott Modelling Luke Gibbard Rigging Tom Flavelle CG Animation Luke Gibbard
A safety and regulations obsessive is forced to revaluate things when a routine flight runs into difficulties. Awards WINNER - BEST STUDENT FILM - Manchester Animation Festival 2017 WINNER - BEST COMEDY FILM - The Smalls Film Festival 2018 WINNER - BEST ART DIRECTION - Neum Animated Film Festival 2018 SPECIAL JURY MENTION - SHORTCUTS - Dinard Film Festival 2018 NOMINATED - BEST ANIMATION - Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2017 NOMINATED - BEST ANIMATION - Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 FINALIST - Hackney Shorts 2018 Official Selection Anima Mundi, Brazil 2018 KROK International Animated Film Festival 2018 KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival 2018 Encounters Short Film Festival 2018 The Smalls Film Festival 2018 Festival Stop Motion Montreal 2018 Norwich Film Festival 2018 Insomnia Animation Festival Russia 2018 Anibar Animation Festival, Kosovo 2018 Hackney Shorts, London 2018 Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2018 NAFF: Neum Animated Film Festival, Bosnia & Herzegovina 2018 Très Court International Film Festival 2018 FAB: Festival of Animation Berlin 2018 The Shortest Nights, London 2018 Brasil Stop Motion International Film Festival 2018 Berlin Film Festival British Shorts 2018 Athens Animfest 2018 Cardiff Animation Festival 2018 Berlin Film Festival British Shorts 2018 This Is England, Short Film Festival 2018 Anifilm, Terbon, Czech Republic 2018 Flatpack Film Festival, Birmingham 2018 Animac, Catalonia 2018 Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Anima, Brussels 2018 London Short Film Festival 2018 Les Sommets du cinéma d’animation 2017 Manchester Animation Film Festival 2017 Balkanima 2017 Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2017 Canterbury Anifest 2017 Sunday Shorts 2017 Directed by Matthew Lee Starring Wayne Forester, Emma Tate, David Holt Written By Matthew Lee, Conor Keane, Karim Khan Cinematographer: Molly Manning-Walker Set Design: Sally Hughson Editor: Mirjam Jegorov Sound Design: Edward Guy Composer: Rachael Philip National Film and Television School 2017