3rd year students 2D short movie directed by Sandralee Zinzen & Nicolas Nivesse A teenage girl is staring at herself in a mirror. She doesn't like what she sees; fat, skinny, ugly, she looks like a monster. Maybe she should just take a step back and realize she's not that monstrous Pôle 3D | Roubaix | 2018 AWARDS (4) - Best Animation Film Award @ ANIMÀNIE Festival / Plzeň / CZECH REPUBLIC - 2nd Place for Best Film @ SFS Film Fest / Santa Fe Springs / USA - Special Mention of the Jury Member Galina Golubeva @ Peterhof Film Festival / Peterhof / RUSSIA - Best Animated Short Film @ STAR FILM FEST / Sisak / CROATIA SELECTIONS (76) - CINEKID Festival / NETHERLANDS - International Thai Film Festival (ITFF) / THAILAND - KuanDu International Animation Festival (KDIAF) / TAIWAN - CHANIARTOON International Comic & Animation Festival / GREECE - KINOFEST International Digital Film Festival / ROMANIA - Festival International du Court-Métrage Étudiant TYO / FRANCE - EARLY BIRD International Student Film Festival / BULGARIA - Festival Internacional Animacion (FIA) / URUGUAY - Thessaloniki Animation Festival / GREECE - CINANIMA International Animated Film Festival / PORTUGAL - PRIME THE ANIMATION! International Student Festival / SPAIN - Tbilisi International Animation Festival / GEORGIA - LOBO FEST International Film Festival / BRAZIL - ANIMÀNIE Festival / CZECH REPUBLIC - ANIFEST INDIA Festival / INDIA - ZUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival / POLAND - Dum-D Student Animation Festival / USA - Festival de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada (FECEA) / BRAZIL - VIDEOBABEL Festival / Cusco / PERU - COUR(T)S D'ÉCOLE Programme / FRANCE - KINOPROBA International Film School Festival / RUSSIA - TINDIRINDIS International Animated Film Festival / LITHUANIA - GAZTEFILMFEST / SPAIN - KingstOOn International Animated Film Festival / JAMAICA - China International Micro-Films Exhibition / CHINA - Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival / SOUTH KOREA - New York International Children's Film Festival / USA - kontrast Filmfest / GERMANY - Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAAFI) / CANADA - Cairo International Animation Forum / EGYPT - SHORTS Filmfestival / GERMANY - Festival JEUNESSE TOUT COURTS / FRANCE - WOIS Film Fest / UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - CORTOONS Festival / SPAIN - Animation Nights New York (ANNY) / USA - Festival Tout Court ! / FRANCE - Cinemira International Children’s Film Festival / HUNGARY - China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF) / CHINA - Kurzfilmtage Thalmässing / GERMANY - GOLDEN KUKER International Animation Film Festival / BULGARIA - SFS Film Fest / USA - The Unprecedented Cinema International Festival of Short Film / ESTONIA - Animex Awards / ENGLAND - BUSTER Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth / DENMARK - Peterhof Film Festival / RUSSIA - Festival de l'Acharnière / FRANCE - Galapán Film Festival / SPAIN - Sedicicorto International Film Festival / ITALY - Lago Film Fest / ITALY - Cerdanya Film Festival / SPAIN - Adelaide International Youth Film Festival / AUSTRALIA - Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt / GERMANY - Festival Internacional de Cine de Quito / ECUADOR - CARTOON CLUB / ITALY - Bengaluru International Short Film Festival (BISFF) / INDIA - STAR FILM FEST / CROATIA - Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival / UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival / UKRAINE - Milwaukee Film Festival / USA - KROK International Animated Films Festival / RUSSIA - FIKE International Short Film Festival / PORTUGAL - Warsaw Animation Film Festival / POLAND - SCAD Savannah Film Festival / USA - Anim!Arte - International Student Animation Festival of Brazil / BRAZIL - Festival Kab'Ratons / FRANCE - Festival Keep It Short / FRANCE - ALCINE Film Festival / SPAIN - CortoDino Film Festival / ITALY - Festival "Courts en Champagne" / FRANCE - Festival Internacional de Cine en Corto Ciudad de Consuegra / SPAIN - Delhi International Festival of Film and Television (DIFFT) / INDIA - MUMIA - Underground World Animation Festival / BRAZIL - Caminhos Film Festival / PORTUGAL - Festival Internacional de Cine de San Luis Potosí / MEXICO - Smile International Film Festival for Children & Youth (SIFFCY) / INDIA - Cinema Miudo International Children's Film Festival / SPAIN
A teenager boy wants to act like a superhero. As he tries to do justice, he is finally confronting with his real desires… ‎ Un jeune adolescent tente d’agir en super héros. En rendant la justice, il se retrouve face à ses réels désirs… Hero is a graduation short film made at Georges Méliès by Zheping Xu, Marie de Durat, Mathieu Corbin, Antoine Vinceneux and Thomas Koo Seen Lin. Zheping Xu : Writing, Direction, Story Board, Character Design, Animation, Layout. instagram.com/gin_pehz/ Marie de Durat : Art Direction, Character Design, Colorboard, Background Color, Compositing. billandashley.tumblr.com Mathieu Corbin : Animation, Background Design, Layout. mathieu-corbin.tumblr.com Antoine Vinceneux : FX researches, Animation, Compositing, Final Montage. antoine-vinceneux.tumblr.com Thomas Koo Seen Lin : Choreography, Animation, Lightboard. thomasksl.wixsite.com/portfolio Music / Mixing : Olivier Michelot © Ecole Georges Méliès - 2018 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hero est un film de fin d'études réalisé à l'école Georges Méliès par Zheping Xu, Marie de Durat, Mathieu Corbin, Antoine Vinceneux et Thomas Koo Seen Lin. Zheping Xu : Réalisation, Ecriture, Story Board, Character Design, Animation, Layout. zhepingxu.tumblr.com Marie de Durat : Direction Artistique, Character Design, Colorboard, Décor couleur, Compositing. billandashley.tumblr.com Mathieu Corbin : Animation, Design décor, Layout. mathieu-corbin.tumblr.com Antoine Vinceneux : Recherches FX, Animation, Compositing, Montage. antoine-vinceneux.tumblr.com Thomas Koo Seen Lin : Chorégraphie, Animation, Lightboard. tomaksl.tumblr.com Musique - Mixage : Olivier Michelot © Ecole Georges Méliès - 2018
Watch the making of - https://vimeo.com/85527061 - Creative Circle - Best Direction (Gold) - Creative Circle - Best Cinematography (Gold) - Creative Circle - Best Production Design (Gold) - Creative Circle - Best Use Of Music (Gold) - Creative Circle - Best Over 30-60' TV Commercial (Silver) - D&AD - Best Art Direction (Silver) - D&AD - Best Production Design (Bronze) - D&AD - Best Use Of Music (Bronze) - The One Show - Best 60' TV Commercial (Pending) - British Arrows - Newspapers, Magazines and Music (Gold) - British Arrows - Best Over 30-60' TV Commercial (Silver) - Cannes Lions - Best Publication/Media Film (Bronze) - Cannes Lions - Best Direction (Shortlist) - Cannes Lions - Best Cinematography (Shortlist) - Cannes Lions - Best Social Video - Making of (Shortlist) - Ciclope Festival - Best Production Design - (Gold) - British Arrows Craft - Best Achievement in Production (Shortlist) - British Arrows Craft - Best New Director (Gold) - British Arrows Craft - Best Costume & Wardrobe - (Shortlist) - British Arrows Craft - Best Production Design - (Shortlist) - Campaign Big Awards (Gold) - YDA - Best European Broadcast Commercial (Winner) - APA Collection - Best 50 Commercials Of The Year - Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase Directors - Us Production Company - Academy Films Executive Producer - Lizie Gower Producer - Juliette Harris DOP - Ben Fordesman A&R Operator - Simon Wood Art Director - Alison Dominitz Hair & MakeUp - Lu Hinton Stylist - Rebecca Hale Casting - Hammond & Cox Editor - Dave Stevens @ Assembly Rooms Post - Electric Theatre Collective Grade - Aubrey Woodiwiss Audio post production - String & Tins Musical Composition - Tom Player Lead Actor - Gary Milner Agency - Grey Executive Creative Director - Nils Leonard Creative Director - Dave Monk Creatives - Jonathan Rands & Johan Leandersson Agency Producer - Debbie Impett
This is my first short film for Guillaume Drapier, Founder of Comete Motocycles. Shot in one day, achieved without any budget. Shot in raw with Magic Lantern on a Canon 5D Mark III Director / Editor : Mathieu Maury Cinematographers : Romain Decomble, Eudes Quittelier Color Grading : Eudes Quittelier Text : Lise Beuve Narrator : Paul Bandey Music : A.Taylor – Nostalgia Mixing: Jesse James Rosquin – Studio Apollon XIII Actor : Guillaume Drapier Big thanks to : Ores-group, Nicolas Guittard, Julien Boulard, Stanislas Giroux, Nancy El Bahrawi, Julien Scussel, Anaïs Deféver, Jonathan Cj Tassin, Ewald Wilson, and all my friends and my family. Narration : There is a light that never goes out. It dwells deep inside us, giving us motivation and shaping our path. That light is the flicker of creation. The spark of an idea. The outline of a design. It is the desire that stokes our passions and makes us strive to go further. This internal fire feeds our dreams and puts a glint in our eye. It is the energy that ignites our creativity. It tills the land. It shapes and gives life to the medium being crafted. Every creation is imbued with the being that created it, as if the medium is breathing in the spirit of the craftsman. Isn't that the most beautiful way of leaving a trace of our existence, of our time on this earth? To create is the only way to traverse time, to wander through the ages. It is the only way to become immortal, to be infinite. If this light goes out, we die. -------------------------- Il est une lumière qui ne meurt jamais. Elle sommeille en chacun, nous anime et dessine nos chemins. Elle est l’étincelle de la création. L’éclair d’une idée… L’esquisse d’un projet. C’est l’envie qui nourrit les passions et nous pousse à aller toujours plus loin. C’est cette petite flamme que l’on peut voir dans les yeux de chacun et qui nourrit nos rêves. C’est l’énergie qui embrase notre créativité, anime nos mains de démiurge, travaille la terre et la matière pour lui donner forme, pour lui donner vie. Chaque oeuvre est imprégnée de l’être qui l’a créé, comme si la matière, enfermait en son sein une bribe de spiritualité. N’est-ce pas là, la plus belle manière de laisser une trace de notre existence, de notre passage sur cette terre ? Créer est le seul moyen de traverser le temps, de vagabonder à travers les âges, de devenir immortel, d’être infini. Si cette lumière s’éteint, nous mourrons. www.mathieumaury.com
Short film designed and directed by Quentin Baillieux. lemans1955.com PRODUCTION : EDDY and DE FILMS EN AIGUILLE With the support of the CNC, Canal Plus, Pays de La Loire, Mairie de Paris, Procirep and Angoa. DISTRIBUTION : SND FILMS – Sydney Neter - sydney@sndfilms.com FESTIVALS : STUDIO WASIA - Mikhal Bak - mikhal.bak@gmail.com CREDITS With the voices of : John Fitch - Nathan Willcocks Alfred Neubauer - Joe Sheridan Pierre Levegh - Nicholas Mead Director - Quentin Baillieux Producers - Nicolas de Rosanbo and Carole Lambert Scriptwriter - Julien Lilti Editer - Benjamin Massoubre and Vincent Tricon Sound designer - Xavier Dreyfuss Line Producer - Céline Vanlint Original score by Ali Helnwein COPRODUCER - BRUNCH STUDIO Line Producer - Julie Bellemare CGI Supervisor - Jean-Charles Kerninon Production manager - Mélanie Parisi Texturing - Lucas Durkheim, Maxime Dupuy, Sébastien Kirszenblat, Justine Thibault Character Modeling/surfacing - Clément Lauricella Rig/ Set up - Maxime Granger Final Assembly - Rémi Julien CGI Lead Animator - Axel Digoix CGI Animators - Geoffrey Lerus, Paul Lavau, Daniel Quintero, Alice Dumoutier, Julie Bousquet 2D Animators Leyla Kaddoura, Vic Cchun, Louis Holmes, Grégoire Debernouis Compositing - Mathieu Maurel, Maxime Granger, Victor Kirsch Facial expression design - Wandrille Maunoury, Paul Lacolley Modeling assistants - Mélanie Lopez, Edouard Heutte Visual development - Leïla Courtillon, Arthur Chaumay Pipeline development - Radouane Lahmidi, Alexis Prayez COPRODUCER - LES ANDROIDS ASSOCIÉS Storyboard - Ivàn Gomez Montero, Diane Fontaine Previz - Volcy Gallois-Montbrun, Tristan Laville, Henri Zaitoun, Margaux Durand-Rival, Guillaume Robert, Florian Sauvage, Andréa Fernandez POST-PRODUCTION - NIGHTSHIFT Managing directors - Julien Desplanques, Mathieu Hue, Nolwenn Hajo Grading artist - Gabriel Porier Post-Producer – Nicolas Lim Grading assistant – Johanna Dalmede Post-Production assistants - Clara Escoffier, Margot Pluet, Laura Ballouhey, Justine Seris, Jan Vandewalle SFX - BLACKMEAL Managing directors - Matthieu Colombel, Vincent Ben Abdellah, Thomas Lecomte Production manager - Charline Pineau Animators - Vincent Cheaoum, Tom Goyon, Mélanie Gohin, Thomas Lecomte SOUND STUDIO – POLYSON Foley artist - Marie Mazière
What if we could escape our daily routine for a moment ? A Step, just one, that could move us miles away from here, in a second; a flash step. A Shunpo. Directed by Steven Briand - briand.steven@gmail.com Awards First Prize European Video Art - Young Director Award 2013 / Cannes, France Audience Award - Nos yeux grands ouverts 2013 / Paris, France Video Art Award - Back Up Festival 2013 / Weimar, Germany Most Surprising Short Award - Xpedition.tv Awards 2013 Best contemporary, experimental short - Sapporo International Short Film Fest 2013 / Sapporo, Japan Best short experimental film award - Adana Golden Bowl 2013 / Adana, Turquey Canon Docu/Experiment Award - Seoul International Extreme Short Image & Film Festival 2013 / Seoul, Korea Selections L’inconnu Festival 2013 / Paris, France, 2013 Festival Côté Court 2013 / Pantin, France, 2013 Sacramento French Film Festival 2013 / Sacramento, USA, 2013 Off Courts Trouville 2013 / Trouville, France, 2013 Festival du court métrage de Limoges 2013 / Limoges, France, 2013 Festival Internacional de Jovenes Realizadores de Granada / Granada, Spain, 2013 Cucalorus Film Festival / Willmington, North Carolina, USA, 2013 INVIDEO 2013 / Milan, Italy, 2013 Interfilm 29th International Short Film Festival / Berlin, Germany, 2013 festival FIVU / Uruguay 2013 Nu! Blekinge Dansfestival 2013, Sweden, 2013 Oklahoma Dance Film Festival / USA, 2013 ALTER-NATIVE 21 International Short Film Festival / Romania, 2013 Festival du film d'Aubagne / Paris, 2013 With Juliette Nicolotto Choreographer Fabrice Domenet Cinematographer Kanamé Onoyama Steadycam Operator Johan Leclaire Bottarelli recording supervisor Benoît Maerens Original Music by Grégoire Letouvet Sound Design Moritz Reich Additional Beats Nodey Produced By Partizan Films Nathalie Lapicorey & Zeynep Gizem De Loecker with the support of Dailymotion Shunpo was shot in 6 days in 13 different locations in Paris plus one in Turkey at "Tuz Gölü" salt lake. The camera used was a Canon 5D Mark III with 16-35 L, 24-70L and 70-200L lenses.