Cappadocia, Turkey! Such a crazy adventure Check out the full video: ► Drone Setup: - JOHNNY FRAME V2 (NEW!): - Johnny Prop (Smoothest prop on the market): - Motors 2400KV (4s/5s): - Motors 2700KV (4s/5s): - Motors 1750KV (6s): - FPV Camera: - Electronic Speed Controller: - Flight Controller: - Drone Antenna: - Video Transmitter: - Receiver: - Receiver Antenna: - GoPro Camera: - Drone Battery: ► Shoutout to Go check the site out! ►GOGGLES: - Dominator HDO Goggles: - HDO bundle (receiver included): - RapidFIRE Goggle Receiver: ►RADIO CONTROLLER: - Futaba 16SZ: ► CROSSFIRE NOW WORKS ON FUTABA 16SZ and 18SZ: - TBS Crossfire System: - TBS Crossfire Diamond Antenna: ► BACKPACK/TRAVEL GEAR: - Torvol Drone Bag (SO NICE!): - Battery Holder: - Radio Travel Case: ► TOOLS - Hex Driver kit: - Portable Soldering Iron (Travel Friendly): - Holds wires for you while building: Filming Inquires:
In a near future, technology has enabled humans to digitalize themselves and achieve immortality as part of a database. A metropolis gets ready for the opening of its first digitalization centre “Cloud Life”. A young couple argues bitterly - one for, one against the procedure - leading to their separation. On the day of the opening a large crowd of demonstrators gather outside the building. Some of them force entry to the digitalization room and sabotage the system, unleashing the technology throughout the city and plunging it into chaos. The two conflicted lovers who initially parted ways flee the riots to finally reunite. Stream/Download: Written and Directed by Kévin Roualland / Maxime Dupuy Original music by Canblaster Produced by Eddy Co-Produced by Brunch Studio and Savoir Faire Executive Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo Producer: Stella Ramsden Production Manager: Chamseddine Kaddouri Art Direction: Maxime Dupuy Character design: Kévin Roualland Layout: Kévin Roualland, Maxime Dupuy Lead Animation: Kévin Roualland Animation: Simon Duong van Huyen, Pierre Rutz, Yannis Boultadakis, Duncan Gist, Stephen Vuillemin, Olivier Lescot, Mathieu Corbin, Kévin Roualland, Diane Tran Duc Additional Animation: Cécile Despretz, Sean Lewis Animation Assist: Valentin Machu, Liam Engels, Cécile Despretz, Sean Lewis, Jennifer Zheng, Mathieu Corbin Backgrounds: Maxime Dupuy Lead Compositing: Thomas Ricquier Compositing: Thomas Ricquier, Victoria Jardine, Maxime Dupuy Storyboard: Kévin Roualland, Maxime Dupuy Editing: Maxime Dupuy Typography: Virgile Flores With the support of the FCM: Fond pour la création musicale