当运动延时风靡全球的时候,一伙儿人又开始研究起了一种更新鲜的玩法,跑酷光涂鸦,为延时注入了更多的生命与活力。 Light Emitting Dudes takes a team of freerunners, geared up from head to toe with LED lights, and sets them loose on the streets of Bangkok at night. With acrobatic grace, they carved up the already buzzing nightlife spots while adding their own flair and colour to the mix. Jason Paul, Shaun Wood, and Anan Anwar are a team of freerunners whose homes are already quite far apart, coming from Frankfurt, Sydney, and Bangkok respectively. Director Frank Sauer and Costume Designer Christina Zahra also had to fly in from Germany, so getting everyone together to shoot this video was a challenge in and of itself. With no definite locations, pre-planned stunts, or even a working LED suit prototype, making the decision to fly to Thailand was a real leap of faith. All I had was an idea in mind of what I wanted to create. I had worked with Jason before in 2011 to create Dream World, which documented Jason’s journey to London to compete in the Art of Motion Freerunning competition. Since then I have been looking for another opportunity to work together and to get the rest of his team involved. I wanted to portray freerunning in a way that hasn’t been done before. I realized that freerunning at night was a barely-touched space where I could do some ground-breaking work, so I began thinking about LED suits as a concept. One of the biggest challenges was putting together a suit that both looked cool and was functional. It had to be able to withstand the stresses of high impact acrobatic stunts, while adequately lighting up the surroundings as we passed through them. Luckily, Christina, with a wealth of experience as a fashion designer, was there to put it all together. Armed with a few morphsuits, some batteries, and a plethora of LED strips and duct tape, Christina really did a great job of fashioning together a Tron-style LED suit on a shoe-string budget. Once the suits were ready, and we were tired of playing dress-up in the apartment and scaring the cat, it was time for the team to hit the streets. This opened up a whole new can of worms. It turns out, walking around the streets looking like creepy Neo S&M Power Rangers attracts unwanted attention, making guerilla-style shooting particularly difficult, to say the least. And the traffic police didn’t take our presence at busy intersections light-heartedly either. Go figure. The mix of dangerous stunts and exhaustion due to all-night shoots really tested our resolve to finish the video. Maintaining the suits in good condition was also a continual hassle. They needed to be disassembled from time to time so the batteries could be recharged, and damaged LED strips needed to be unthreaded and replaced. The schedule being what it was meant that the suits never really had time to air out. We had to work with the mild stench of men’s locker room on us the whole time. The low light conditions presented their own challenges for shooting, but did provide an opportunity to experiment with long exposure to create beautiful light stroke shots. For two weeks we were out every night collecting shots and enjoying the confused look on peoples face when we walked by. Oddly enough the cool factor of looking like a general bad ass never wore off. I think a lot big kids dream of dressing up like superheroes and leaping around the city. That’s something I can cross off my bucket list, now. We had a great time together. In the end, it’s definitely worth it to create something new and unique in a way only you can. CREDITS WRITTEN & DIRECTED Frank Sauer
 (http://www.frank-sauer.com/) IN COOPERATION WITH Team Farang (http://www.farang-mag.com/) EDITING Frank Sauer & Sebastian Linda COSTUME DESIGN Christina Zahra SOUND DESIGN Jens Fischer TITLES Stephan Baumann MASTERING Matthias Greule MUSIC 
Metric – Artificial Nocturne (Love Thy Brother Remix) TECH-SPECS CAMERA: GH2
 (Hack: EOSHD Vanilla) LENSES: Voigtlander f/0.95 25mm, SLR Magic Hyperprime f/1.6 12mm, Panasonic f/4 7-14mm
, Canon FD f/1.4 50mm, Canon FD f/2 85mm  
三个基友,四十四天,十一个国家,十八趟航班,三万八千英里,遇到一次火山喷发,两部相机,上G视频。三个小伙在环游世界之际,为我们带来了极富创意的短片。电脑前的你我是否也想背上背包,去感受世界的美丽。 For more information on upcoming films : facebook.com/rick.mereki MOVE 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage... all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ....into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films..... = a trip of a lifetime. move, eat, learn For updates and sneak peeks at upcoming projects please feel free to follow me on facebook and instagram facebook.com/pages/Rick-Mereki/277839202256508 instagram.com/rickmereki Rick Mereki : Director, producer, additional camera and editing Tim White : DOP, producer, primary editing, sound Andrew Lees : Actor, mover, groover These films were commissioned by STA Travel Australia: youtube.com/watch?v=-BrDlrytgm8 Thanks heaps to Adam Fyfe, Brendan, Simon and Crissy at STA. All Music composed and performed by Kelsey James (kelseyanne.james@gmail.com) Soundtrack available here: itunes.apple.com/au/album/play-on-move-soundtrack-single/id456257170 Music Recorded and mixed by Jake Phillips Colour Grade : Edel Rafferty and Roslyn Di Sisto Online Edit : Peter Mirecki Assistance in titles and production design : Lee Gingold, Jason Milden, Rohan Newman Big Ups to Michelle, Kiri, Renee, Hana, Andre, Ross, Bernie & Julie for your patience and support and awesomeness..... Huge Thanks to : Marco, Juliana and Julio at GAP Argentina and Peru Ariana Cardenas, Toni Figuera and cooltra scooters in Barcelona, Abete Zanetti Glass blowing school, Murano, Venice (abatezanetti.it) Annabel, Rosario and Carolina (Pitu) in France Juane and Andrea from the Princeca Insolenta hostel in Chile Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. The response has been phenomenal and overwhelming. We never thought this little project would reach out to so many people. x
从北京到乌鲁木齐,超过4500千米的步行路程!德国纯爷们用延时摄影带你走完这最长的路途! In 2008, I walked through China - 1 year, 4500km. I let my hair and my beard grow. This is the resulting video. Add me on FB: ▶ facebook.com/crehage on TW: ▶ twitter.com/crehage or drop by on my site: ▶ crehage.com INFO: ▶ I never finished my original goal of walking to Germany. Instead, I walked for a year and roughly 4500km, passed the Gobi desert, and then decided to stop walking for now. ▶ All of the distance from Beijing to Ürümqi was completed solely on foot, straight good old walking. There are instances where you can see me in the video sitting on a plane or riding a boat, but those are during breaks I had to take from walking, either to sort out bureaucracy issues or to take care of some personal things. ▶ I had been planning this trip for over a year before I even started, and getting as far as I got was an experience for which I am very grateful. ▶ Obtaining the necessary visa for a trip like this was not very easy, hence I had to go back to Beijing a few times to resolve some issues. ▶ This is not a strict "1 pic a day" video, because I wanted to make it a bit more alive by adding some additional movement. Sometimes during the film you would follow me turn around, or something would happen in the background. I tried to capture these moments to make the video more interesting. ▶ If you liked the music I used in this video, get it here: The Kingpins - "L'Aventurier" bit.ly/RXOMaz Zhu Fengbo - "Olive Tree" bit.ly/UDsHT7 ▶ The core of this project is in actually my blog where I have posted my extensive travel diary, starting from day 1 (Nov 9th 2007) and describing every single day until the end one year later. If you have any ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS, please refer to: ▶▶▶ crehage.com/contact or get the GOOGLE EARTH FILE here (1KB): ▶ thelongredline.com/TLW.kmz AWARDS: ▶ 2009 Boulder Adventure Film Festival ▶ 2010 Berlin Webcuts ▶ 2010 Banff Mountain Film Festival ▶ 2011 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival ▶ 2011 5th International Mountain Film Festival Domžale ▶ 2011 Squamish Mountain Festival ▶ 2011 Mezinárodný Festival Horských Filmov, Poprad ▶ 2011 Vertical Film Festival, Moscow ▶ 2009 TIME.COM #8 viral video INSPIRATION: ▶ madandcrazychild (she takes a photo every day) ▶ NK5000 (Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years) ▶ mattharding2718 (Where the Hell is Matt? 2008) CONNECT WITH ME: ▶OFFICIAL SITE: crehage.com ▶FACEBOOK: facebook.com/crehage ▶TWITTER: twitter.com/crehage ▶WEIBO: weibo.com/leikexiaoliumang ▶▶▶SUBSCRIBE to Christoph Rehage: bit.ly/1BcQ6Ol REISEERZÄHLUNG "THE LONGEST WAY" (PIPER/MALIK) ERHÄLTLICH: ▶Amazon: amzn.to/177iCpG ▶Hugendubel: bit.ly/1rJj5rc ▶Thalia: bit.ly/14hoJXr BILDBAND "CHINA ZU FUSS" (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC) ERHÄLTLICH: ▶Amazon: amzn.to/1xAd7ve ▶Hugendubel: bit.ly/1zZqcP4 ▶Thalia: bit.ly/1BqvYWR
跟随音乐梦想一起旅行吧!国外牛人历时6个月延时拍摄Dream Music超清mv大首播!我想,每一个热爱音乐的人都希望能够享受如此美好的生活吧! Created by: Marc Donahue & Sean Michael Williams For Booking and Press Inquiries contact info@permagrinfilms.com Dream Music: Part II is a musical voyage into the depths of the subconscious. This lyrical narrative reflects on the perception of time within dreams and waking life. Filmed on location in 2 states over the course of 6 months, we explored our new production technique of what we call 'lyric-lapsing', to achieve the surrealistic feeling of movement. We built upon the foundation of Part 1 with ambitious ideas that usually took around 6-8 hours of work for 3-4 seconds of footage. Our goal was to pioneer a new film genre by telling a story through art and music. Part 2 was made to transport the viewer from their own reality into a world of dreams and at the end, they awake to wonder how we were able to take them there. Each scene was born from the symbolic meaning of the lyrics and overall message of the film; Time is the illusion within the dream of life. Edited by Marc Donahue and Sean Williams Starring and Produced by Beau Brigham Produced by Gus Winkelman Here is Dream Music Part 1 - vimeo.com/37830810 BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO - youtu.be/tRAjnYR0O3M Thanks to dynamicperception.com for our sponsorship and support with equipment! Songs by, Joelistics: Days, Rabbits Running: Making Castles, dredg: Brushstroke-Reprise/Matroshka/The Ornament For Fan Inquiries Contact - Info@PermaGrinFilms.com For Booking/Business/Press Inquiries Contact - info@permagrinfilms.com Follow us on Twitter: @PermaGrinFilms @SMWFILMS PermaGrinFilms.com SMWFILMS.com facebook.com/PGFdotcom facebook.com/smwfilms facebook.com/beau.brigham facebook.com/gwerneffects Exclusive Interview with Behind The Scenes Sneak Peak. fstoppers.com/dream-music-2-pushes-timelapse-to-the-limits-exclusive-interview-and-bts-stills Behind The Scenes video COMING SOON so subscribe!!!!! Music Video featuring a bunch of X Gamers and Red Bull Riders - youtu.be/OgHXUraHpVI Motion Controlled Timelapse - A Time To Paint - vimeo.com/36422111 Some Funny Stop Motion Test Run Quotes - vimeo.com/12306803 , vimeo.com/12332645 4th of July Teaser using long exposure timelapse techniques - vimeo.com/45243688 Also Dedicated to David Simon. Will miss you!!!
法国铁路基础设施管理机构制作的宣传片,巧妙地利用了移轴摄影,不时进入画面的手给人安全和信任感,独具匠心的短片。 Director Thierry Poiraud Creates Whimsical Spot for Réseau Ferré de France Independent Films’ Thierry Poiraud has created a magical spot for Réseau Ferré de France, the company responsible for managing the French national railway network. Charged with promoting Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) and their ongoing modernisation of the rail network, the commercial will air on terrestrial and cable/satellite channels and is already proving to be a huge hit online. Although the film was shot traditionally using Arri ALEXA cameras, Poiraud employed a variety of techniques including model making and 3D animation to create a world that marries real life and the magic of miniature railway. With an up tempo score by Metronomy, the success of this truly mesmerising 45-second spot lies in Poiraud’s ability to take the viewer on a whimsical and exciting journey across France that captures the full scale of RFF’s day to day operation as it intersects the landscape and through people’s lives. 
Thierry Poiraud commented, "Working on the RFF film was a fantastic experience and reminded me of shooting my first animated films when I was a kid. We shot all over France for a month at locations I’d heard of but never visited using only a small crew. After the shoot, we recreated most of the locations as small-scale models, which my son is now playing with at home and I had the chance to put Sergio Leon’s comment that cinemascope was invented to shoot trains into practice." Client : RESEAU FERRÉ DE FRANCE Agency : W ATJUST Creative Directors - Ivan PIERENS, Thomas STERN. TV Producer - Annie MOYSAN Production : PARANOID PARIS Director - Thierry Poiraud. Executive Producer - Pascale SCETBON PALLATIN. DOP - Christophe GUYON. Post Production : BUF COMPANY Music : METRONOMY "the look" (From ScaryIdeas.com) paranoidus.com facebook.com/paranoidus