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Sandwiched between the borders of West Yellowstone and Big Sky, the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch is a rustic collection of log cabins and stables cradled in a valley of the Rocky Mountains. It’s here one finds Kameron Kelsey, the third-generation steward of the 9QC. The Kelsey family pride themselves on their adherence to tradition, as the ranch exists in something of a time warp, its practices mostly unchanged over the past 70 years. Due to the high elevation of the ranch, weather during the winter months is exceptionally perilous. Every fall, the ranch’s horses are taken down to a lower elevation pasture to live out the cold months in more favorable conditions. Each June, come rain or shine, the Kelseys, along with a group of a dozen or so wranglers, family, and friends, come together to push the herd 20 plus miles back up to the ranch, in a near sacred ritual they dub “The Round Up”. Of all the 9QC practices, this one is perhaps the most antiquated, and is the one the Kelsey family are most proud to preserve. It’s an exhaustive three-day marathon, one that takes them across a variety of terrain. Would it be simpler to gather the animals and truck them up to the ranch? Absolutely, but this isn’t about being easy. It’s about holding onto tradition. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Directed by: Kristopher Rey-Talley Produced by: Rad Roubeni, Kristopher Rey-Talley & Phil Pinto Executive Produced by: Jinhee Chu, Rad Roubeni Photography by: Ryan Dickie, Sam Wootton, Josh Goleman, Kristopher Rey-Talley Edited by: Alex Camilleri, Kristopher Rey-Talley, Ed Yonaitis Color by: Mike Howell Sound Design by: Greg Tobler, Colin Alexander Aerial Photography by: Brendan Murphy
This is an intense audio-visual animation that has the potential to trigger seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. After the compression of the spiritual world by the force of regulation, there will follow a series of emotions such as introspection, violence, self-destruction, and untangling. This work utilizes the own approach of the digital medium itself to deconstruct, to form the subliminal synesthesia visually and to create a fictional experience for the mind. 精神世界在面对强制规则化的重压后,爆发的一系列有关反思、暴力、自毁,排解的情绪。作品利用数字媒介自身的解构方式,形成潜意识的视觉通感,创造虚构的情感体验。 Director: Liu Sha Original Music: Ma Yao Sound Design: Zhai Xiaofei 2016 "It Is My Fault" is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here: ::AWARD:: Athens ANIMFEST Experimental Animation First Prize Altan Khalis Independent Film Festival Best Animated Film ::OFFICIAL SELECTION:: 2017星星艺术奖 Up-and Coming Int. Film Festival Hannover The London International Animation Festival Beijing Independent Film Festival San Diego Asian Film Festival Montreal International Animation Film Festival Ottawa international animation festival 6th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival Anibar Animation Festival Sakhalin international film festival  Malt Adult screening night Insomnia International animation festival FEST – NEW DIRECTORS | NEW FILMS FESTIVAL  10TH FEST ANČA International Animation Film Festival FILE - Electronic Language International Festival 18th Dawson City International Short Film Festival Annecy International Animation Film Festival ANIMAKOM Florida Film Festival 2017 Flatpack Festival 11 Mecal 19th Festival International of Short Film and Animation of Barcelona Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2017 2016集美·双栖青年映画季 4th International Motion Festival, Cyprus 2017 Slamdance Film Festival 2017 Animation Marathon 2016 Gdansk International Animation Film Festival 2016 第五届中国独立动画电影论坛特别放映
A mystical beauty surgery clinic is built next to a sports club which threatens to ruin the club's owner. What is going on in this clinic? The solution seems to be inside a bottle of "Fat Burner". Welcome to the world of kitsch and bad taste! AWARD Animation of the Year (Cultural Endowment of Estonia) 2016 SCREENINGS 15th MUMIA (Brazil) 2017 Estonian Film Days in Berlin (Germany) 2017 Festival Enmut (Spain) 2017 XV Multivision Festival (Russia) 2017 18th Les Utopiales (France) 2017 CutOut Fest (Mexico) 2017 31st Leeds International Film Festival (UK) 2017 50th Sitges IFFF (Spain) 2017 8th Oaxaca FilmFest (Mexico) 2017 Helsinki International Film Festival (Finland) 2017 Timishort Film Festival (Romania) 2017 Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia) 2017 27th Mediawave (Hungary) 2017 Anifilm (Czech Republic) 2017 24th Stuttgart Animation Festival (Germany) 2017 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market (France) 2017 18th Animated Dreams (Estonia) 2016 14th Scanorama (Lithuania) 2016 14th Anilogue (Hungary) 2016 CREDITS Director, script and animator: Martinus Daane Klemet Art director and compositor: Martinus Daane Klemet, Mattias Mälk Music and sound design: Horret Kuus Actors: Juuli Lill, Mait Malmsten, Raivo E. Tamm 3D modellers: Kristjan Bobkov, Ashleigh Cote, Martinus Daane Klemet, Mattias Mälk, Francesco Rosso, Anu Unnuk Rotoscopers: Sirje Aasrand, Sigrun Alaots, Mariann Joa, Laura Linna, Eve Luup, Kristiina Martinson, Ülle Metsur, Ell Mikk, Maiken Silla, Tarmo Vaarmets, Katrin Vaher Producer: Kalev Tamm Studio: Eesti Joonisfilm 09'04" / 1080p / 16:9 Film production supported by ESTONIAN FILM INSTITUTE ESTONIAN CULTURAL ENDOWMENT
In recognition of the Transgender Day of Remembrance/Resilience on November 20th, 2017 and the start of Trans Awareness Week, we are proud to release our short documentary entitled “Handsome and Majestic”. A multiple award-winning 12 minute film that has played at over 25 festivals worldwide from Manitoba to New Zealand, this short documentary profiles Milan, a 15-year-old transgender boy growing up in the northern Canadian city of Prince George, B.C. As a recently transitioned transgender boy, Milan deals with discrimination from his peers and teachers at school, as he seeks to find other kids like himself. His parents are open and supportive throughout his transition, and his sister Lulu never questioned that Milan was her brother. However, at his elementary school, he must face the lack of education, intolerance and even assault. When Milan meets another transgender boy in his neighbourhood, he finally finds someone his age who understands and shares his experience. With the support of his friends and family, Milan has become a role model and an advocate for trans individuals in his small community and beyond. As part of the release of the film, the filmmakers are also running a “GoFundMe” campaign in order to raise funds to get Milan fitted for a suit in New York City by renowned tailors Bindle & Keep, who specialize in suits for non-binary and trans people. After “Handsome and Majestic” screened alongside “Suited”, a feature documentary about them at Hot Docs Festival 2016, the tailors have generously offered to make Milan a suit of his own. To contribute to help this wish come true, go to:
Starring Alexandra Roach, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Jake Davies and Sally Phillips BAFTA Longlisted OFFICIAL SELECTION: BFI London Film Festival Underwire Film Festival - nominated for Best Actor London Short Film Festival Palm Springs International Shortfest Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival Fastnet Film Festival - won the Jack Gold prize for Best Direction awarded by Lenny Abrahamson British Short Film Festival, Berlin - nominated for Jury Award, Best Short Film, Honorable mention LOCO Film Festival Encounters Film Festival Maryland International Film Festival Dingle International Film Festival Hackney Attic Film Festival Aesthetica Film Festival Latitude Festival Lublin Film Festival Nottingham International Film Festival This is England: Festival du Court-metrage Brittanique de Rouen The Shortest Nights London Independent Film Awards - Best Short Film Two Short Nights Another Independent International Film Festival, Wisconsin Revolution Me Film Festival Indy Film Fest Breakthroughs Film Festival OpenEyes Filmfest Independent Women Films Santa Fe Film Festival Festival Alto Vicentino Film London. Sky. 13 mins. UK. 2016. Producer: Anna Hargreaves Writer & Director: Alice Seabright Director of Photography: Nicola Daley Production Designers: Gini Godwin & Sophia Stocco Editor: Meredith Mantik Composer: Roly Witherow Sound Designer: Gustaf Jackson Costume Designer: Holly Smart Casting Director: Theo Park Colourist: Jonny Tully Poster design by Louise Z Pomeroy
An unassuming woman visits a teenage boy in the hospital following his failed suicide attempt. In the waiting room she meets the boy’s grief-stricken music teacher who discovers she may not be just another well-wisher. OFFICIAL SELECTION: Maryland Film Festival New Orleans Film Festival Festival Angaelika Sidewalk Film Festival Director Anu Valia Written By Will Janowitz and Hari Leigh Produced By Rachel Nederveld and Hari Leigh DP Lowell A. Meyer CAST: Alex Hari Leigh Shirley Gayla Johnson Noah Will Janowitz Nurse 1 Andrea Cuadras NURSE KAREN Anika McFall Grandma Kerstin Alm Sick Person James Clark Nurse 3 Akul Dang Calvin Charlie Kaine Jory in Bed Michael Viera & Margaret Crable Jory Chris Cote CREW: Line Producer Molly Ortiz Unit Production Manager Sarah Winshall Production Coordinator Josh Fu 1st AC Paolo Arriola 1st AC Kevin R. Lachman Key Grip Marisa Thilman Gaffer Favienne Howsepian Sound Sam Mutch Production Design Amelia Steely Art Director Tracy Watson Hair and Makeup Artist Anna Milhouse Wardrobe Teresita Madrigal Still Photographer Gavan Dawe On Set PA's Brandon Winters Monique Salmon Executive Producer Andreas Trolf Executive Producer Max Grossman Original Score By Johanna Samuels "Jory's Song" By Jon Smith Original Poster Art By Michelle Antonisse Film Editing By James Codoyannis Co-Editor Nick Mougis Color By: Kyle Krupinski VFX Artist Adam Deyoe Animation Andrew E. Tilles Sound Mix Di Li Darrel Tung SPECIAL THANKS TO: Riel Roch-Decter Sebastian Pardo Memory David Fu On The Mark Chris Goodwin Brock Williams Johanna Hyman Martin Morse Kate Schlauch Clay Liford Lily Iserson Annie Marino SQIRL Virgil/ Normal Kim Sherman Michael Wilson Leaonard Nederveld Jody Nederveld Theresa Richardson Daley Haggar Stewart Geldon Bruce and Susan Keenan Amy and Andy Iserson Auntie Chris Osborn Breanne Thomas Charome Kaocharoen Alessandro Raimondo Almitra Corey Jen Jacobs Theresa Richardson MONEY TROLLS: Brian Mattes Jessica Koslow Tattiya Maruco Laurie Zimber BJ Porter Corinne Marshall Porter Johanna Hyman Karen Johnson Josh Slates Sarah Kramer Karen and Larry Slates Mike Rafter Linda and Drew Boughton Michael Lennox Jaleel Bunton CONTACT :
The psychedelic, violent and liberating experience of young man who takes a drug at a party. Prix ❊ ANIMA - Córdoba International Animation Festival (Argentine) : Best Animation - Non narrative - Abstract Prize Sélections ❊ 3D Wire (Espagne) ❊ Balkanima - European Animated Film Festival (Serbie) ❊ KDIAF - Kuandu International Animation Festival (Taiwan) ❊ TAF - Thessaloniki Animation Festival (Grèce) ❊ Cinemabrut (France) ❊ FIFIB - Festival International du film indépendant de Bordeaux (France) ❊ Fake Flesh Film Fest (Canada) ❊ Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival (Canada) ❊ Festival SPASM (Canada) ❊ Paris Courts Devant (France) ❊ up-and-coming International Film Festival Hanover (Allemagne) ❊ Fantastic Fest (USA) ❊ BFI London Film Festival (UK) ❊ Flickers' RIIFF - Rhode Island International Film Festival (USA) ❊ East End Film Festival (UK) ❊ Figari Film Fest - International Short Film Festival (Italie) ❊ HOFF - Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (Estonie) ❊ Fancine - Festival de Cine Fantástico Universidad de Málaga (Espagne) ❊ Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia (Espagne) ❊ Chacun son court (France) ❊ Godebut European Film Festival (Lituanie) ❊ interfilm - International Short Film Festival Berlin (Allemagne) ❊ Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne (France) ❊ KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival (Pays-Bas) ❊15th ANILOGUE International Animation Festival (Hongrie) Diffusions / Hors compétition ❊ Pixelatl (Mexique) ❊ KloosterKino (Pays-Bas) ❊ Bogoshorts - Bogotá Short Film Festival (Colombie) ❊ Anima Mundi - Festival Internacional de Animação do Brasil (Brésil) ❊ SESIFF - Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival (Corée du Sud) ❊ Kurzfilmtage - Festival international du court-métrage de Winterthur (Suisse) ❊ Cartón - Festival Internacional de Cortos de Animación La Tribu (Argentine) ❊ Festival du film d'animation de Madrid (Espagne) Réalisateur/ Director : Vincent Gibaud Animation / Animation : Walter MAZOYER , Sandra CHAÏBAN , Thomas LANDREIN , Fanny Germain , Léa CHERVET , Faustine DUMONTIER , Simon DUONG VAN HUYEN , Quentin Laurent , Eloïse RAUZIER , Alizée LAFFITAU , Kévin PHOU , Raphaël ETEVIANT , Kherveen DABYLALL , To-Ahn BACH , Diane TRAN , Céline CHEA , Pierre-Jean LEMOEL , Julie ROBERT , Fabien MARCADET , Juliette CALABERY , Pierre PMEZ , Stéphane ONA EDEMRA , Naseer PASHA , Samkat YIN , Eliott PEUPION , Marie BIDEAU , Clément KUBICEK , Manuel GARO , Max VANNIENSCHOOT , Vincent GIBAUD , Jonas GENEVAZ , Rebecca ESSLER , Alix BONNEFOUS Scénario, Script / Scenario, Script : Vincent GIBAUD, Pierre DE CABISSOLE, Valentine DE BLIGNIERE Décors / Set : Vincent GIBAUD, Jonas GENEVAZ , Camille FOURCADE Effets spéciaux / Special effects : Yann LEROY , Vincent GIBAUD Montage / Film Editor : Vincent GIBAUD Rendu / Rendering : Vincent GIBAUD Ingénieur du son / Sound engineer : Nicolas MARTIGNE Montage sonore / Sound editor : Nicolas MARTIGNE Mixage / Mix : Nicolas MARTIGNE Musique / Soundtrack : Benjamin H. FORD Réalisé dans le cadre de la suparésidence à SUPAMONKS Studio : Distribué par Sève Films :
After being dropped in the woods by a mysterious blue light, a haunted woman (Lindsay Burdge) reconnects with her estranged sister (Jade Lane) to explain where she's been and what she's been through. Through this incomprehensible trauma, the sisters draw ever closer, only to drift apart yet again. “A familial sci-fi drama that surrounds its gruesome finale with moments of carefully constructed empathy, [Sisters] is a study in abstract horror and potential mental illness. Osborn’s use of parallel editing, particularly in a sequence that alternates between a downstairs kitchen and an upstairs bathroom, earns its high-strung pathos.” --Erik Luers, Filmmaker Magazine OFFICIAL SELECTION: Denver Film Festival Dallas International Film Festival Maryland Film Festival * Starring Lindsay Burdge, Jade Lane, and Ava Briglia Written and directed by Chris Osborn Produced by Chris Osborn Breanne Thomas Adam F. Kritzer Associate Producers Andrew Wall Wesley Wingo Assistant Director Harrison Atkins Casting Jennifer Peralta-Ajemian Director of Photography Ava Benjamin Second Unit Photography Allison Anderson Camera Operator Jovon Outlaw Assistant Camera Cristina Bartley Elle Ginter Devin Cremer Gaffer Stephen Roll Best Boy Sam Law Grips Frank Traggianese Mark Dunning Production Sound Allistair Johnson Sawrab Karim Production Design Melissa DiMartino Art Direction Arianne Alizio Art Assistant Eric Ahlstrom Hair/Makeup Monica Ninh Jess Plummer Production Assistants Mullica Zudsiri Ariel Viera Editor Chris Osborn Assistant Editor/Digital Imaging Technician Daniel Johnson Digital Effects Luis Miranda Colorist Marc Ripper Supervising Sound Editor Joanna Fang Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer Dennis Hu Sound Editor Vicky Lim Foley Mixer Sarah Streit Original Musical Score Julian Watts