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ご苦労様 - Gokurōsama is a 2016 graduation movie from MOPA (Supinfocom Arles), France. The story revolves around an old Japanese lady who gets stuck during her morning routine of preparing bentos in her shop, nested in the bottom floor of a supermall. Her young assistant decides to take it upon herself to help her by bringing her to a chiropractor a few floors above. Sounds simple enough, right? The team: ✦ Clémentine Frère • ✦ Aurore Gal • ✦ Yukiko Meignien • ✦ Anna Mertz • ✦ Robin Migliorelli • ✦ Romain Salvini • The beautiful music was composed by Matthieu Dulong from the MAAAV • Follow the movie on Facebook: ✨ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ご苦労様 - Gokurōsama est un film de diplôme de la promo 2016 de MOPA (Supinfocom Arles). Une grand-mère japonaise se bloque durant sa routine matinale de préparation de bentôs dans son petit magasin, au sous-sol d'un grand centre commercial. Sa jeune assistante tente alors de l'amener au chiropracticien qui se trouve quelques étages plus haut. Ca a l'air simple, dit comme ça, non? L'équipe: ✦ Clémentine Frère • ✦ Aurore Gal • ✦ Yukiko Meignien • ✦ Anna Mertz • ✦ Robin Migliorelli • ✦ Romain Salvini • La musique a été composée par Matthieu Dulong, du MAAAV • Suivez le film sur Facebook: ✨
Montaña de Oro State Park encompasses roughly 8,000 acres of fog shrouded coastal hills and coastal bluffs that abut the rocky shorelines of south Estero Bay on Central California’s coast. It’s undeveloped coastline and undulating, rhythmic singletrack offer a quick and easy dream-like getaway for various local and visiting trail user groups. It’s evident enough that the trails here didn’t build themselves, nor did the access to them come easily granted – especially for mountain bikers. The Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers have been instrumental on both fronts. The Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) is a group of volunteer trail enthusiasts from the Central Coast of California that formally organized in 1989 to help build and maintain multi-use trails in the region, as well as to protect and advocate for mountain bike trail access. Since their inception CCCMB has helped build over 40 miles of new trails and serves as the primary maintenance organization for an extended network of over 100 miles of trails. Together with California State Parks, CCCMB is designing and building a new two-mile trail at Montaña de Oro to enhance connectivity between existing trails, and to improve the user experience for mountain bikers and other trail users. Read more: Featuring: Jason Fitzgibbon Director: Jason Fitzgibbon/Octave Zangs Cinematography/Editing/Color Grading: Octave Zangs Original Soundtrack and Sound Design by: Octave Zangs Produced by Tillak and Zangs Films. Shot on RED Epic Dragon and DJI cameras. |