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A woman is trapped in a temporal loop. Will she be able to break it? Original version (galego) with English subitltes. Galician SciFi short film selected in Sitges Official Curts, and Fantasia International Film Festival. Written and directed by Olga Osorio With Marta laralde Produced by Juan Galiñanes & Olga Osorio Original Music: Sergio Moure de Oteyza Cinematography: Suso Bello (A.E.C.) Editing: Juan Galiñanes Production manager: Miriam Devesa Production design: Beatriz Gayoso Prieto AWARDS: • Audience Award – 2nd place – Final Girls Berlin Film Festival, Germany (June, 2017) • Mellor curta “Fronteira” - Via XIV, I FIC Verín, Spain (December 2016) • Mellor actriz - Via XIV, I FIC Verín, Spain (December 2016) • Best Twist – The Zone SciFan International Film Festival 2016, Houston, USA (November 2016) • Best SciFi Short – VII Cinefantasy, Brazil (September 2016) • Best Short Film – Incredifest, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (October 2016) • Best Actress (Marta Larralde) – Incredifest, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (October 2016) • Premio Algueira al Mejor Cortometraje Gallego (Best Galician Short Film) – FanCine de Lemos (august 2016) • ISA Award to the Best Narrative – Etheria Film Night 2016, Los Angeles, USA (june 2016) • Best International Film – Phoenix Comicon Film Festival 2016, USA (june 2016) • Best SciFi Sort – Apex Short Film + Music Video Festival , USA (may, 2016) • Ficus de Plata: Best Female Actor – San Joan d’Alacant, Spain (may, 2016) • Best Cinematography – Miami Science Fiction Short Film Festival, Florida, USA (January 2016) • Best Galician Director – 43th Curtas Film Fest, Spain (noviembre 2015) • Special Jury Mention - Cinema Transgresif - 13th International Festival Signes de Nuit (diciembre de 2015) • Finalist in Mestre Mateo 2016, Galician Academy Awards – Best Short Film (april 2016) • Finalist in Premios Crea. Premios de la Asociación de Directores y Realizadores de Galicia (may 2016) • Finalist: Best editing, best script and best sci fi short in FilmQuest (USA) • Finalist: Best Actress in Hyperdrive Film Festival (UK) • Nominee for the Sick Chick Flick and Best Female Lead in Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival (USA) • Finalist: Best Drama in ITSA Shorts Film Festival, California (USA) • Finalist: Best Editing and Best Writing, The Zone SciFan International Film Festival 2016, Houston, USA (November 2016) MORE THAN 100 SELECTIONS; • Premiere internacional en el 19th Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal (Canadá), julio 2015 (international premiere) • Premiere nacional en el 48th Sitges Film Festival - Oficial Fantàstic (octubre 2015) • RazorReel Flanders Film Festival (Bruselas) • Paris International Fantastic Film Festival (France) • Mostra de Curtas de Noia (Spain) • 41 Boston International SciFi Film Festival (USA) • 34th Festival International du Film Fantastique de Bruxelles (Bruselas) • The Newport Beach Film Festival, California (USA) • Leiden International Short Film Experience (Neatherlands) • Etheria Film Night, Hollywood (USA) • Festival de Cine Sant Joan D’Alacant (España) • Sci-Fi London Film Festival (UK) • Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival – Nocturna (Spain) • FilmQuest (USA) • Les Utopiales, Nantes (France) • Fantaspoa (Brazil) (..)
The Disappearance of Willie Bingham (2015) Scr & Dir M Richards : Prod Guerin Group Films Inmate Willie Bingham is the first man selected to undergo a gruesome new punishment introduced under the State’s revised stance on capital crime. Format - 4K 2.37:1 // Duration - 12.47 mins AWARDS Winner - FOLCS Forum on Law, Culture & Society (2016) 'Best Short Film' Winner - FOLCS Forum on Law, Culture & Society (2016) 'Best Screenplay' Winner - Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest (2016) 'Silver Ring - Best Short Film' Winner - Celluloid Screams (2016) 'Sheffield Hallam University Award - Best Short Film' Winner - Eerie Horror Film Festival (2016) 'Best Actor - Kevin Dee' Winner - Underground Cinema Film Festival (2016) 'Best International Short' Winner - Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival (2016) 'Golden Octopus - Best Short Film' Winner - Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival (2016) 'Youth Jury Award - Best Short Film' Winner - Down Under Berlin (2016) 'Audience Award - Best Short Film' Winner - Horrible Imaginings Film Festival (2016) 'Best Dramatic Short Film' Winner - Horrible Imaginings Film Festival (2016) 'Best Actor - Kevin Dee' Winner - Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival (2016) 'Best Short Film' Nominated - Eerie Horror Film Festival (2016) 'Best Director' Nominated - Eerie Horror Film Festival (2016) 'Best Short Film' Nominated - Australian Directors Guild Awards (2016) 'Best Direction in a Short Film' Nominated - Snake Alley Film Festival USA (2016) 'Best Foreign Short' Featuring - Kevin Dee, Gregory J Fryer, Tim Ferris, Leah Vanderberg, Albert Goikhman Director - Matt Richards Original Story - Michael Fawcett Script - Matt Richards Producer - Brendan Guerin Finance - Screen Australia Cinematography - Liam Miles Gilmour Sound Recording - Ryan Granger Editor - Patrick McCabe Sound Design & Composition - Ned Beckley 5.1 Sound Mix - Andrew McGrath Production Design - Ashleigh Ward Art Director - Neneh Owen Pozzan Costume Designer - Laura Pearse VFX - Igor Manjud Maluf Prosthetics & Make-up - Mia-Kate Russell SCREENINGS Melbourne International Film Festival - Aug 7 2015 (Australia) 23rd Dead by Dawn International Horror Film Festival - April 21-24 2016 (Scotland) Brussels Short Film Festival - April 27-May 8 2016 (Belgium) Snake Alley Festival of Film - June 23-25 2016 (USA) Cryptshow International Film Festival - July 6-10 2016 (Spain) 12th International Short Film Festival Detmold - July 7-13 2016 (Germany) Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival - July 12-16 (Slovenia) Fantasia International Film Festival - July 14-Aug 2 2016 (Canada) 20th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival - July 21-31 2016 (South Korea) Horrible Imaginings Film Festival - Sept 7-11 2016 (USA) L’Étrange Festival - Sept 8-17 2016 (France) 7th Underground Cinema Film Festival - Sept 9-11 2016 (Ireland) 14th IFF Pacific Meridian in Vladivostok - Sept 10-16 2016 (Russia) Psarokokolo Athens International Short Film Festival - Sept 14-17 2016 (Greece) Down Under Berlin - Sept 14-18 2016 (Germany) Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival - Sept 16-25 2016 (France) Calgary International Film Festival - Sept 21-Oct 2 2016 (Canada) Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival - Sept 22-25 2016 (USA) Fargo Fantastic Film Festival - Sept 29-Oct 1 2016 (USA) Grimmfest - Oct 6-9 2016 (UK) Shriekfest - Oct 6-9 2016 (USA) Tacoma Film Festival - Oct 6-13 (USA) Atlanta Horror Film Festival - Oct 13-15 2016 (USA) Idaho Horror Film Festival - Oct 13-15 2016 (USA) Byron Bay Film Festival - Oct 14-23 2016 (Australia) STUFF Film Festival - Oct 15-22 2016 (Mexico) 17th Kerry Film Festival - Oct 19-23 2016 (Ireland) Celluloid Screams: Sheffield Horror Film Festival - Oct 21-23 2016 (UK) 13th Kurz.Film.Spiele International Short Film Festival - Oct 22-23 2016 (Germany) Post Mortem International Horror and Bizare Film Fest - Oct 24-28 2016 (Mexico) Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest - Oct 27-Nov 1 2016 (Italy) Another Hole in the Head Film Festival - Oct 27-Nov 9 2016 (USA) Toulouse Extrême Cinema festival - Oct 28-Nov 5 2016 (France) Fake Flesh Film Fest - Oct 30 2016 (Canada) Trieste Science + Fiction Festival - Nov 1-6 2016 (Italy) Eerie Horror Film Festival - Nov 2-4 2016 (USA) Aesthetica Short Film Festival - Nov 3-6 2016 (UK) FOLCS International Short Film Competition - Nov 10 (USA) Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei - Nov 11-20 2016 (Spain) Offline Film Festival - Nov 12-16 2016 (Ireland) 32nd InterFilm Festival - Nov 14-20 (Germany) Be a Better Being Film Forum & Festival - Nov 17-18 2016 (Germany) Buried Alive Film Festival - Nov 17-20 2016 (USA) Fantastic Planet Film Festival - Nov 24-Dec 4 2016 (Australia) Fright Night Film Fest - Nov 25-27 2016 (USA) Żubroffka International Short Film Festival - Dec 7-11 2016 (Poland) Guerin Group Films (c) 2015
In a distopian world where books are banned and fossil fuels completely consumed, the ruling corporations confiscated all the books to burn them and generate energy. However, in New York City there is an underground group of ex scientists, writers and artists who remember the books and risk their lives to find and save them from being destroyed. They are are known as The Inksect, and this is the story of how Pikes, one of them, ends up finding something even more important than the books: paper and a pen. Written & Directed by: Pablo Calvillo Line Producer: Rachael Byrne Executive Producer: Miguel Anaya Pikes´ Voice: Fabrina Melon Modeling: Magnus Skagerlund, Ulises Virgen, Clay Osmus, Gabriel Calvillo, Hugo Vázquez, Alfonso Mancera Rigging: Jaewan Park, Carlos Mendieta, Christopher Hill Texturing: Javier Méndez Lafón, Guillermo Alvarez Ruiz, Leonardo Calvillo Animation: David Camiro, Juan Carlos Navarro Lighting & Comp: David Rodíguez, Javier Méndez Lafón, Alberto Martínez 2D VFX: Juan Lazzarini, MEMOMA Estudio 3D Generalists: César Mandujano, Alejandro Velázquez Original Music: Demian Cantilo Sound Design: Jaime Juárez Sound Editing: Enrique Fernández Tanco Sound Engineer: Pablo Ahmad Sound Mix: Alejandro de Icaza Final Sound Mix: Astro LX General Manager: Juan García Assistant: Marco Peña Coordinator: Norma Chávez Director of Photography: Serguei Saldivar AMC Editing: Jorge R. Gutiérrez Production Team: Ray Sinatra, Anders Ehrnberg, Raúl Ruiz, Laura Samudio Graphic Design: Leonardo Calvillo Postproduction: Entera Postproducción S.A. de C.V., Ulises Jiménez, Pedro de la Garza, Lilia Cuevas Viche, Gustavo Torres, Ilse Fernanda Serdán Color Correction: Alejandro del Pilar Administration: Orlando Peña, Estela Reyes Juárez Thanks: Rob Coleman, María González de Leoón, Romain Côte, Helena Masand, Mike Lyndon, Edwin Erdmanis, Moisés Crespo, Ricardo Gutiérrez, Mauricio Soto, Dante Pimentel, Dan Mazor Special Thanks: Jorge Calvillo Unna & Lorena Méndez Défossé Byoung ho Kang © Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía Yuria Goded, Marilú Loaiza Molina, Adriana Sánchez Sánchez, Itzel Rentería