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Beatrice Nyariara lives in Korogocho. It's widely considered to be Nairobi's most dangerous slum. More than 150,000 people are packed into the shanty town which is less than two square kilometers. Crime is high. Gangs are active. Addiction is rampant. A while back, men in her community started to attack the "grandmothers" of Korogocho at night. Most of the women attacked are sexually assaulted, and some have been killed. The men believe that the elder women were less likely to be HIV positive. They also saw them as vulnerable. A few years ago, Beatrice decided enough was enough. It was time to fight back. It was time to develop a community. The result of that decision empowered the group, and taught their community to respect them, value them, and to know how to be there for them. Together, they are taking back Korogocho. View the behind the scenes making of the film here: Credits: Director: Brent Foster Producer: Tammy Foster Director of Photography: Pawel Dwulit Local Fixer: Evelyn Kahungu & George Kihara Gaffer/Key Grip: Maciej Kulpa Sound Recordist: Ednah Bonareri Momanyi First AC: Mike Chege Aerial Unit: Macdavis Mwangi & Christian Onyando Editor: Shane Patrick Ford, Hiatus Post-Production Supervisor: Catherine Pink, Hiatus Title Graphics and End Credits: Reactiv Original Score: David Chapdelaine, Hiatus Colourist: Sofie Borup, Company 3 Sound Design: Defacto Sound Transcriber: Mercy Muriuki VFX Compositor: Kevin Jones Special Thanks: Beatrice Nyariara Mary Nduta Esther Wanjao Mary Wanjiru Ng’ang’a Mary Njoki Wainaina Laeli Mbula Wambui wa kimuhu Rosemary Titi Beatrice Wanjiku Mary Wangui Njuguna Veronica Njeri Kago Jane Waithiageni Kiamuru Harriet Nyokabi Samuel Njoki Peter Aluvanse Felix Ochieng Francis Lugonzo Bertha Kangongoi Derek Sewell Josefina Nadurata Andrew Lynch Michael Corbiere Bruce McKay Jesse Ford Susan Rued Anderson Church of the Lord and Healing Ministries Great Hope Network Children Centre Korogocho Chief Nyabuto Omache Equipment Generously Provided by: William F. White International Inc. Supporters: Holiday Films Nimble Content The Work Inc. Hiatus Reactiv Defacto Sound Company 3 Benro Tenba LensProToGo Kessler Core SWX Convergent Design Rode Microphones Film Convert Zylight In Memory of Frank Dymock and to all those living their legacy on a daily basis. Visit the project at: Copyright Foster Visuals Inc. 2018
Family Written & Directed by Duncan Winecoff Starring Paul Hamy Music by Tomas Barfod featuring Jonas Smith for “Family” Choreographed by Holly Blakey Photographed by Stuart Winecoff Production Design by Merlin Ortner Edited by Ben Suenaga Cast (in order of appearance): Mila Hannemann (Dora's double), Marko Braic, Benjamin Werth, Franka Marlene Foth, Malik Adnan, Crisjan Zollner, Kelle Huntscha, Hasso Beckersjürgen, Sascha Tschorn, Lena Reinhold & Dora Zygouri. Production Company: CZAR Co-Produced by Anomalie Films In association with Epoch Films & All:Expanded Executive Producers: Thorne Mutert, Jan Finke Leeor Brown, Megan Winecoff Jean Ozannat, Mindy Goldberg, Keenan Flynn Emi Stewart & Duncan Winecoff Produced by Michael Gugger Junior Producer: Anna Deckers Production Assistant: Selena Hamilton Presented by Apple Music First Assistant Director: Alex Schimpke Production Manager: Frank Pirsich Production Supervisor: Paul Dehn Driver / Set Medic: Gregor Nehring First Camera Assistant / Focus Puller: Nelson Smith Second Camera Assistant / Film Loader: Florian Bellack Steadicam Operator: Nestor Salazar Camera PA: Haroun Al-Shaater
 Video Assist Operator: Stefan Rücker
 Gaffer: Björn Susen Electrician: Axel Renner Electrician: Andre Schmidt Lighting Equipment Generously Provided by Electric Sun
 Sound Recordist: Christian Bornkessel
 Wardrobe Stylists: Laura Büchel & Katharina Heim
 Production Designer Assistant: Franziska Hoffmann Set Dresser: Mark Romaine 
Set Dresser: Jonathan Mármol Casting Associate: Stephanie Manrique
 Film Services: Cinelab London Head of Production: Aarti Mahtani Film Processing: Andy Hudson, Tony Puzas, John Gurney, Luke Slatter Film Scanning: Rob Wickings Special Thanks: Adrian Bull & John Mahtani 
 Post-Production Company: Friendshop Post-Producer: Adam Roe
 Colorist: Sophie Borup Color Producer: Alexandra Lubrano & Tom Gerhing Company 3
 Sound Designer & Mixer: Jeremy Siegel Sound Producer: Sasha Awn Heard City
 Location Scout: Tatijana Liebenow & Location Networx Catering: Gerwin Catering A very special thank you to Sheila Marquez, Lucius Winecoff, June Winecoff, Elizabeth Heffelfinger, Anthony Winecoff, Nina Toumanoff, Megan Winecoff, Michael Tyson , Stuart Winecoff, Leeor Brown, Aarti Mahtani at CineLab, Jakob Preischl & Philip Ramhofer, Anna Bauer, Franka Marlene Foth, Esteban, Lisa Densem & Wassili Zygouris, Jenny Krug, Ben Totty of Box Artist Management, Oriane David of Time Art, Theaterhaus Berlin, Kodak, Friendshop, Company 3, Heard City, Vantage, Electric Sun & All:Expanded.
Traveling with a baby is an interesting thing. They add all sorts of challenges to any trip you do. Long flights, strollers, nap schedules, and car seats all seem to pile up and complicate what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation. Sometimes, you may even find yourself all this effort worth it for a baby who won't even remember the trip? All these experiences and memories will eventually disappear, like a fading dream. So is it worth it? I hope so. I hope these experiences were somehow baked into Ollie's tiny cells as his body was developing. So as the dream fades away, he is left with some form of inspiration that may re-surface later in life. Maybe it will help him appreciate nature...or make him want to explore beyond the horizon? I have no idea...but I hope so. This video is a result of me grappling with these questions, and trying to document this point in my son's life. Ollie was 8 months old when we traveled to Hawaii. Exactly 1 year later, we sat him down and "interviewed" him about his trip. By this time, I assume his memories had already faded to a dream like state, so I wrote a script that reflected that. MUSIC. "Oliver's Travels" Composed by: Jared Blizzard - Beautiful work man! Pumped to have you on the team. "Palemote" by: Slow Meadow (Hammock Music) // THANK YOU so much for giving us permission to use your beautiful song. We really appreciate it. For anyone interested in hearing more, please VISIT: EDIT. Jordan Ingram - THANK YOU so much for your unbelievable patience and understanding as I made a million changes and tweaked this edit over and over again. I really do appreciate it, and had an awesome time collaborating with you on this edit. Nina THANK YOU so much for all your patience and help with this project. You rule.