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In a timely story about love triumphing over fear, we created a short festive animation that would rival any Christmas advert in the cuteness stakes! Now in its 6th year, our company-wide shorts programme encourages experimentation in the studio and a culture of creative collaboration. Everyone in the studio has the opportunity to pitch their idea, and everyone votes for their favourite, making it unique and democratic. This year Simone Giampaolo & Francesco Mazza won the vote and steered the studio together to make this short. We hope you enjoy it & wish you a very happy Christmas from all at Blue Zoo :) Production Company: Blue Zoo Animation Studio Directed by: Francesco Mazza & Simone Giampaolo Art Direction & Design: Francesco Mazza Animation Direction: Simone Giampaolo Music: Brollyman Narration: Darren Altman Lead Modeller: Pietro Licini CG Supervisor: Gherardo Zurla Modelling & Texturing: Pietro Licini, Mélanie Gras, Hannah Wong Head of Look Dev: Negar Bagheri Grooming & Look Dev: Arthur Tibbett, Hannah Wong Rigging, simulation and FX: Anthony Delliste Lead Animator: Simone Giampaolo Animators: Jim Sweeting, Owen Fern, Zoé Risser Lighting TDs: Hannah Wong, Gherardo Zurla, Steven White Compositing: Hannah Wong, Elaine Thomas, Negar Bagheri, Gherardo Zurla Additional Art: Izzy Burton Pipeline Team: Jay Tsang, Phil Stewart Producer: Tom Box Production Managers: Lizzie Hicks, Negar Bagheri Voice Effects: Alec Smith Sound Design & Mix: John Sutherland VO Sound Engineer: Dom Boucher @ The Sound Company Special Thanks: Brollyman and Matthew Slater, Adam Shaw, Damian Hook, Joe Kinch, Dane Winn, Sophie Rekasowski, Carole Baskin, Catherine Gallo, Jacques Gauthier, Fabrizia Spera, Alessandra Battaglia and all our families. To help protect endangered big cats, please make sure to support: Felidae Conservation Fun ( Big Cat Rescue (
TO BUILD A FIRE a film by Fx Goby In the harshness of midwinter, a trapper is crossing the Yukon with his dog. Struggling to survive, he attempts to build a simple fire. To Build a Fire is widely recognised as a Jack London masterpiece and is a classic of American literature. Based on the short story by Jack London "To Build A Fire" is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here: Directed by Fx Goby A Composite Films production Executive producer Samuel François-Steininger Line producer Marie Corberand In coproduction with Nexus Productions Charlotte Bavasso Chris O’Reilly Fx Goby Films & Pictures Carabine Productions Christel Delahaye Lead animator Christian Boving-Andersen Animation Paul Dabout Martin Hurmane Leni Marotte Juliette Peuportier Landariu Tinubu Sidonie Vidal Emmanuelle Walker 2D FX animation Matt Timms Animatic Fabrice Fiteni Art director Tristan Ménard Background artists Antoine Birot Linus Carlson Damien Colbolchevik Joe Dennis Tonet Dura Guitty Mojabi Visual Researches Colin Bigelow Fx Goby Oren Haskins Hélène Leroux Thomas Roisland Tristan Menard Guitty Mojabi Marthe Strand Mourier Marie Thorhauge Clean up production supervisors David Blanche Jessica Lewis Clean up artists Rosie Andrews Rosie Baker Joshua Barlow Danielle Bethel Lena Blaschek Kasia Brzezińska Georgina Cook Mohamed Fadera Leila Foong Rhian Jones Tom Legg Jessica Maple Leni Marotte Sara Moon Lewis Nash Toby Parry Juliette Peuportier Jamie-Lee Reynolds Andy Stevens Marthe Strand Mourier Joe Strange Riu Niyi Tinubu Adam Malcom Waters 3D modelers Dorianne Fibleuil Michal Firkowski 3D rig Pete Addington Compositing Abel Kohen Fx Goby Quentin Pointillart Alexia Provoost Editing Fx Goby Narrated by Tony Fish Original music Mathieu Alvado Composed and recorded with the support of the SACEM in association with ALCIMÉ (Aubagne International Film Festival) Performed by Members of the LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Conductor Mathieu Alvado Orchestra manager Sue Mallet Recorded at AIR Studios Sound engineer Geoff Foster Pro Tools Assistant Tom Bailey Preparation Pro Tools session David Menke Copyist Norbert Vergonjanne Music mixing Samy Cheboub Sound post-production FONIC Sound supervisors Jake Roberts Barnaby Templer Sound design and mix Barnaby Templer Sound effects editing and recording Chris Swaine Foley artist Sue Harding Sound engineer voice JM Finch Editor voice Marty O’Brien Colour grading Jack McGinity / Time Based Arts Administration ACC Caroline Garmirian Christophe Sanlaville Communication Benoît Berthe Élodie Moïsa Emmanuelle Rodeghiero Marine Wong Kwok Chuen Community Manager Alexander Lawrence Genevieve Stow Interns Chloé Mazzani Robin Soulisse Camille Jacques Acknowledgements to all the backers of our Indiegogo corwdfunding and in particular: James Allen et Mike Skrgatic, Charlotte Bavasso, Paolo Polesello, Hélène Béjat, Benoît Berthe, Celyn Brazier, Patricia Claire, Xavier Egurbide, Angela Kaper, Brendan McCann, Scott Dresden, Sébastien Fournier, Philippe François-Steininger, Emilie et Jean-Sébastien Michelet, Nathalie François, Miguel Sanz, Renaud Futterer, Dominique Goby, Julien Goby, Vincent Guy, Paulette Hawkins, Jean-Marie Keene, Hélène Leroux, Tristan Ménard, Chris O’Reilly, Paolo Polesello, Janet Smith, Paul Tempelman, François Turquety, James Tomkinson, Samuel Colin, Emmanuel Tenenbaum, Nathan Goldenberg, Etienne Semelet Acknowledgements to our sponsors Light My Fire® – Christian Ludwig Katadyn® – Steven Le Guellec Leatherman® – Roger Bjorklund & Julie Knapp A.R.T. SURVIE & Théo The director wishes to thank the artists involved in this film, their artistic contributions, the time and energy they spent on this project, from several hours to several months, has been both fundamental and remarkable. Christophe Taudière Arts university Bournemouth Paul, Ward & Peter Symons Natalie Busutil, Jo Bierton, Julia Parfitt, Luke Youngman Pôle Pixel et Rhône Alpes Cinéma Marie Le Gac, Grégory Faes, Emmanuel Bernard, Sébastien Thomas, Lauriane Mégny Lumières Numériques Pierre-Loic Précausta, Camille Geoffray Les Gobelins Moira Marguin & Aida Del solar, Sophie Lascoux, Valentine, Julien & Dominique Goby Hélène & Jean-Louis Rodeghiero Catherine & François Corberand, Cécile Nédélec, Claire Ageneau Saul Nash With the participation of France Télévisions Head of Acquisitions – Short Film Programming Christophe Taudière International distribution France Télévisions Distribution
This inspiring documentary follows the heroic efforts of the Rescate Ambar volunteer Paramedics, a group that sacrifices sleep and safety to provide medical attention to the thousands of motor vehicle accidents that plague the Dominican Republic. Filmmaker Mark Bone embedded himself with the team for an honest look at people who face life and death every day. License the footage: Learn more about the film: Go behind-the-scenes on the blog: For more information on how you can help Rescate Ambar visit: Directed by: Mark Bone Cinematography by: Mark Bone, Matti Haapoja Edited by: Mark Bone Featuring: Rescate Ambar Paramedic & Emergency Response Team, Puerto Plata. Executive Producers: Franke Rodriguez, Jennifer Rodriguez, Richard Cureton, Luc Frappier Co-Producer: Jessica Gray, Jason Gray Story Editor: Matt Donne Post Production Supervisor: Brad Neweduk Post Production: Matrx Colorist: Clinton Humoth at Alter Ego Post Colour Producers: Jane Garrah, Cheyenne Bloomfield at Alter Ego Post Supervising Sound Editor and Mixer: Josh Brown Dialogue Editor: Matt Hearn Sound Editor: Nadya Hanlon Additional Editing: Matt Laughlin Trailer Editor: Mikaela Bodin Trailer Post Production Sound: Farm House Studios Drone Operators: Genesis Raye, Matti Haapoja Dominican Production Coordinator: Alejandro Gomez, Krissie Sullivan, Genesis Raye On-set Translators: Alejandro Gomez, Krissie Sullivan Post Production Translator: Alejandro Gomez. Val Mata, Rafael Estrella Production Company: Revolver Films Inc Nations are Fragile: Written & Composed by Tim Mann
The Bronx Freedom Fund pays the bail for people accused of misdemeanors who cannot afford their freedom. Who are these people? They are often the most vulnerable in our community and those with the least public voice. They are people like Ramel. Having Ramel share his story with us was transformative – to be innocent and have your liberty denied is a national shame. His story galvanized us to make this film because his voice not only deserves to be heard, but needs to be heard. His courage, resolve and compassion is an inspiration and it’s time to shine a light on this grave injustice being visited upon far too many of our fellow citizens. The Bronx Freedom Fund, and now the national Bail Project, is doing their part – Ramel’s story is a stirring reminder that it’s up to all of us to step up and do ours. The Bail Project is an unprecedented national effort to combat mass incarceration by keeping tens of thousands of low-income Americans out of pretrial detention. The organization grows out of The Bronx Freedom Fund and will expand to dozens of high-need jurisdictions with the goal of reducing the unacceptable human suffering caused by unaffordable cash bail and supporting community efforts to end the racial disparities endemic to this system. Join the cause at -- Featuring Ramel Edwards Client: The Bronx Freedom Fund Project Director: Ezra Ritchin Production Company: Variable Director: Kevan Funk Cinematographer: Peter Hadfield Producer: Alex Friedman Executive Producer: Tyler Ginter Production Supervisor: Paige Demarco Production Coordinator: Rocco Campanelli 1st AC: Oliver Lanzenberg DIT: Jeff Levine Gaffer: Brad Burke Key Grip: Seth Dean Sound: Corey Poindexter Production Designer: Curtis Oliveira Art PA: Syd Richardson Art PA: Jack De Sousa PA: Johnny Guevara PA: Julius Moreno Editorial: Cartel Editor: Chris Catanach Post Producer: Greer Bratschie Post Executive Producer: Lauren Bleiweiss Color: Company 3 Colorist: Jaime O’Bradovich Color Producer: Kate Aspell Sound Design/Mix: Matt Drake @ White Hart Post Original Score: Ben Fox Casting: Nina Day Casting Supporting Cast: Young Ramel: Taj Blain Ramel's Aunt: Donna Glaesner Neighborhood Kid #1 Ariana Bantoe Neighborhood Kid #2 Da'jour Jones Neighborhood Kid #3 Jacquel Gilmore --