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The earthquake of M5.8, the largest on the Korean Peninsula, occurred in Korea, which was called the "Earthquake Safety Zone," in 2016. Gyeongju City suffered a great deal of damage due to the ineffectiveness of the Korean government and the insecurity of safety. By the year 2017, there have been about 500 aftershocks, and Koreans are living in fear of an earthquake that will happen anytime soon. Magnitude Rituals is an image of praying that no earthquake will happen in Korea. The former Korean peninsula country, which was a farming country, had a ritual to pray for rain in the sky every drought season. In this regard, this work expresses a ritual to wish an earthquake not to happen. The image consists of two frames. The image on the left represents the progress of the ritual, and the image on the right represents the earthquake/progression of the earthquake where the value of the graph representing the earthquake converges to zero and the process of the earthquake is reversed. What I wanted to pursue in my work was the communication of messages using the contrast of Korean traditional and shamanic images and sophisticated mathematical graphics. On the surface, it appears to be unrelated images, but as the ritual process progresses, it expresses that the figure indicating the earthquake in the graph subsides, and the audience will be able to gradually understand and appreciate the images. ‘지진안전지대’라고 불리던 한국에 2016년 경주에서 한반도 최대 규모 M5.8의 지진이 발생하였다. 한국 정부의 미숙한 대처와 안전불감증의 분위기 속에 경주시는 큰 피해를 보았다. 2017년 현재까지 500여 차례의 여진이 발생하면서, 한국 국민은 언제 일어날지 모르는 지진을 두려워하며 살고 있다. 지진영제(地震禜祭)는 대한민국에서 더는 지진이 일어나지 않길 기원하는 제사를 그린 영상이다. 농본 국가였던 대한민국 이전 한반도 국가는 가뭄 시기마다 하늘에 비를 기원하는 제사를 지냈다. 이에 착안하여 이 작업은 지진이 일어나지 않기를 기원하는 제사를 표현하였다. 영상은 두 개의 프레임으로 구성된다. 왼쪽 영상은 제사의 진행 과정을 표현하고, 오른쪽 영상은 지진을 나타내는 그래프의 값이 0으로 수렴하는 모습과 지진이 발생하는 과정이 거꾸로 진행되는 모습을 표현했다. 작업하면서 가장 추구하고 싶었던 것은 한국 전통과 무속 이미지와 정교한 수학적 그래픽 간의 대조 속에서의 메시지 전달이었다. 겉으로 보기에는 서로 간에 연관성이 없어 보이는 이미지이지만, 제사가 진행되면서 그래프 속의 지진을 나타내는 수치가 멎어 들고 있음을 표현하여 관객이 영상을 감상하면서 천천히 이해할 수 있기를 바랐다. Music | So Ra Kim - Ul Lim Gut Director | Dong Hyun Lee Advisor | Daryn Wakasa · Carsten Becker · William Salas
We are excited to announce Jonathan Rentschler’s photo book “LOVE” now available for pre-order through Paradigm Publishing and a short film to promote the book documenting the last days of LOVE Park and the destruction of the plaza. About the book: LOVE, follows the last generation of LOVE Park inhabitants, showing life as it was within this notorious urban plaza. Over a 3 year span, the images tell a story of a deep rooted community, existing in the shadow of a police state manipulated by a biased local city government. Ultimately becoming victim of urban revitalization, the park closed in February 2016 for a projected $16 million complete renovation. The diehard locals never leave, and continue to skate the plaza as it turns to rubble. In the end, LOVE is about loss. About LOVE Park: LOVE Park (1965-2016), also known as John F. Kennedy Plaza, was located in the center of Philadelphia. Architect Vincent Kling drafted the mid-century urban design, which was then implemented by city planner Edmund Bacon. Although it was not designed for skateboarding, the plaza was host to a wave of skateboarders who first discovered its granite expanses as early as the 1980s. It was raised to global renown in the late ’90s with a surge of media coverage. Today, LOVE Park is remembered as one of the foremost landmarks of street skateboarding. Pre-Order the Book: Paradigm Publishing: Film & Photography: Jonathan Rentschler @eurojon Edited by: Nick Wnorowski @nickwnorowski Artwork: Zach Panebianco Music: The Soft Moon - When It's Over © 2017 Paradigm Publishing