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BluRay discs (new combo BluRay of Monsoon I-V) available here: Follow me: / / Music: Avalon and Legend by Ryan Taubert (through, sign-up for licensing here: ------------------------ My original plan this past summer was to collect as much footage as normal, but to not put out a "Monsoon V" until 2019 when I had two years worth of crazy haboobs and lightning to make it truly spectacular. But the monsoon had different plans and put on a pretty dang good show in 2018, starting off with a decent dust storm on July 5th, then the best haboob chase I've ever had on July 9th, an epic green hail core on July 11th and finally another fantastic dust storm day on August 2nd. Sprinkled in there...more dust storm, some at night, spectacular lightning, and tons of microbursts and stormy clouds, plus a few rotating supercells to put some icing on the cake. It was one of the best monsoon seasons I've chased, so I couldn't help but get to work on Monsoon V a few weeks ago. I love doing these films so much. So much hard work for months on end goes into capturing them. Almost 15,000 miles this summer across Arizona. 85,000+ frames with plenty more deleted. A total of 32 days out there chasing over three months. Sleep deprivation, tons of gas money, crappy food and yes, sometimes missing storms I wish I had been on. But the highs were amazing. Chasing with my kiddos...sharing the July 9th haboob bonanza with Lyla and Eli...or an all-night chase with my youngest, Asher. They were so awesome to have along. Two workshops with five fantastic people. Both were so fun and the storms we saw were just wonderful.  I feel so blessed to teach people and show the monsoon off to those who have never seen it before. Big, huge thanks to my buddy Jay Worsley for helping mix the songs on this film to extend them a bit and even blend two songs together. You're a life-saver my friend and your skills are unmatched! As always is the case...this year, including tornado season, I chased the most I ever have. Which means more time away from home. And incredible wife...she's so supportive of my passion and this business. Taking care of the kids and running everything at home during those months...I am forever amazed at how she always has my back, even during the times when it's too hard and she'd rather not. I can't thank her enough for allowing me to chase my dreams. I do want to thank all of you watching this...over the years, so many people have seen the films, left kind words, purchased DVDs, prints and even books. I don't know how many people asked me this year about when Monsoon V was coming out, and I have to was extremely motivating. So thank you for the support and kind words of encouragement and excitement about these storm movies...I can honestly say you are a huge reason why I keep making them! Technical Details: Everything shot with two Canon 5DSRs and various Canon lenses. Might be a couple lightning sequences with the Sony A7R3 Processed in Lightroom, LR Timelapse, After Effects and Premiere Pro.
A cult of women summon a demon, but one rogue member, Carol, gets in the way of their plans. Poster and production/bts stills: Starring: Anna Seregina & Davey Johnson. Also Starring: Nichole Bagby, Kate Freund, Lindsay Ames, Erni Walker, Chris Lee, Patrice Gibbs, and Jake Robinson. Writer/Director: David Mikalson Producers: David Mikalson & Jonah Vallez Cinematographer: Trevor Elliott Editor: James M. Vincent Original Music By: Jason Martin Castillo Make Up Department Head and Creature Crew Supervisor: Devin McDonagh Poster by: Kerbcrawlerghost & Untype Associate Producer: Xavier Green First Assistant Director: Jake Robinson Second Assistant Director: Cullan Bruce Key Makeup Artist: Alexa Coleman Creature Crew Key Painter / Makeup Artist: Sarah Gonzalez Creature Crew Mold Maker / Makeup Artist: Payton Perryman Property Master: Anthony Cafaro Sound Recordist: Paul Cornett Post Production Audio Supervisor: Jason Martin Castillo Sound Designer: Kyle Van Beek Post Audio Mixing: Wild Woods Visual Effects Artist: Sevan Najarian Colorist: Michael Halper Camera Operator: Matt Lopman First Assistant Camera: Nate Bayless Second Assistant Camera: Andre Radojcich Gaffer: Gordon Hale Electrician: Best Boy Electric: Kevin Shanmugam Best Boy Grip And Electric: Junfu Wei Key Grip: Micah Minor Dolly Grip: William Randall Best Boy Grip: Jared Berman Grip: Tristan Aghajanian OFFICIAL SELECTION: Fantastic Fest 2017 (world premiere) Toronto After Dark 2017 Telluride Horror Show 2017 Knoxville Horror 2017 FKM 2017 Cucalorus 2017 Twin Cities Horror 2017 PDX Extreme 2017 Buried Alive Horror 2017 Famous Monsters Presents Silver Scream Film and Comic Fest 2018 Filmquest 2018 Cinepocalypse 2018 Hexploitation 2018 Chattanooga 2018 Cinedelphia 2018 Little Terrors 2018 Landshut 2018 BIFFF 2018 Dispatches From The Underground 2018 Las Palmas De Gran Canaria 2018 CineKink 2018 Sydney Underground 2018 Calgary Underground 2018 Court Metrange 2018 Dances With Films 2018 The Halloween Horror Picture Show 2018 Phenomena 2018 The Dead Of Night 2018 Hollyshorts 2018 Tri-Cities International 2018 Sin City Horror 2018 Santiago Horror 2018 Fantasy Film Fest 2018 SENE 2018 WINNER: Best Short: Buried Alive Horror 2017 Best SFX Makeup: Famous Monsters Presents Silver Scream Film and Comic Fest 2018 Best Director: Cinepocalypse 2018
Awards: Best Horror Short - Hollyshorts Film Festival 2018 - Winner Best Short Form - Canneseries 2018 - Nominated Best Short - LA Shortsfest 2018 - Nominated Official Selection: London Film Festival 2018 Fantastic Fest 2018 LA Shortsfest 2018 Hollyshorts 2018 Frightfest 2018 Canneseries 2018 Mayhem Film Festival 2018 London Short Film Festival 2018 Twin Cities Horror Festival 2018 Brooklyn Horror Festival 2018 Ramaskrik Film Festival 2018 35mm Grindfest 2018 Directed by ROB SAVAGE Written by JED SHEPHERD & ROB SAVAGE Produced by DOUGLAS COX Starring ALICE LOWE BEAU GADSON JAMES SWANTON Cinematography SAM HEASMAN Production Designer JULIA GRUDNOWSKA Editor ROB SAVAGE Costume Designer ALEXI KOTKOWSKA Casting Director KHARMEL CHOCHRANE Casting Director HEATHER BASTEN Composer PATRICK JONSSON Sound Design CALUM SAMPLE Sound Recordist MICHAEL CHUBB 1st AD (Main Unit) LINA REMEIKAITE 1st AD STUART JONES 1st AD PEDRO RINÓ Production Manager IRENE MARCO Production Manager ALICE ROSSO Stunt Coordinator NATHANIEL MARTIN Annie Stunt Double LIANNE BOWLEY Creature Stunt Double JACK BRYDON Stunt Rigger RENARS LATZ Stunt Assistant DAVE NOLAN Hair & Makeup Supervisor ADDY FRAME Hair & Makeup Artist ELEANOR HART SFX Designer DAN MARTIN SFX Artist SAFF POWELL SFX Artist IMOGEN ROCKLEY Art Department Assistants ELEANOR ROSE MATILDA WILD KATIE BRODERICK EDIEJO PREECE Steadicam Operator JAMES POOLE 1st Assistant Camera KARL HUI 1st Assistant Camera STEVEN FAIRMAN 2nd Assistant Camera AMI BEVILACQUA 2nd Assistant Camera JEAN ASH Grip REECE HEARNSHAW Gaffer ANTON BADSTUBER Gaffer DAVID SEDGWICK Electricians CALLUM CRISSELL MIKEY DELANEY SHAUN WALDIE SAM GLAZIER Pyrotechnics MIKE KNIGHTS Directors PA ABEL RUBINSTEIN Production Assistant ALIX AUSTIN 3rd AD MILES DICKINSON Runners KATE TAYLOR-JAMES NAYONICA GHOSH JUSTYNA BOMBA ABDULLAH KAHN JASPER SPIRES THOMAS GOODYEAR WILLIAM HUGHS TARA JENNETT CAMERON KROGH-STONE Driver RICHY JONES VFX Supervisor STEVEN BRAY 2D VFX Compositors JOHN SELLINGS MATT HARRIS-FREETH HAYLEY RUMBOLD GILLIAN SIMPSON NIC DURBER GUY PEARSON KEITH LYNCH 3D VFX & Grade by Absolute Post Post Producers SALLY HEATH GERI KRASTEVA 2D Lead ZDRAVKO STOITCHKOV 2D Assistant ARION MEHMETI 3D Artist JAMES COORE 3D Artist AARON MASIH Colourist ADAM CLARKE Catering TERESA BENTINCK Title Design PETER RUDD Thanks GAVIN TIFFIN CARVALHO RONALDO KAITE BONHAM EDDIE DIAS SHAYLAH DUNCAN TODD LUOTO REED BAUMGARTEN GARY UNGAR JACK THOMAS OLLIE AZIS ROB WATSON KATE HERRON DAVE HERRON HELEN WEST IAIN BENTINCK KATHERINE BENTINCK NOEL GOODWIN IYARE IGIEHON BRIDGET MURTON NURU RIMINGTON-MKALI Behind the Scenes:
In June 2018, professional surfers Arthur Bourbon and Damien Castera travelled to Africa in order to make a documentary film about Liberia. They went there to witness the history of the first surfing community in this country, devastated by 15 years of civil war. Here is a short film introducing their journey. A feature-length documentary is currently being edited and will be available in early 2019. Choose subtitles by clicking on the CC button. Special thanks to BCUC for the music. We used the track "MOYA" from their album EMAKHOSINI. You can follow them and buy their music here: Surfers: Arthur Bourbon & Damien Castera Directors: Arthur Bourbon & Damien Castera Producer: Colourist: Brice Auger ///////////// ///////////// ///////////// En juin 2018, les surfeurs Arthur Bourbon et Damien Castera sont partis réaliser un film documentaire sur le Liberia. Pays méconnu, ravagé par 15 ans de guerre civile, ils sont venus retracer l’histoire de la première communauté de surfeurs du pays. Voici le clip de leur aventure. Un documentaire long métrage est actuellement en cours de montage et sera disponible début 2019. Remerciement spécial à BCUC pour la musique. Nous avons utlisé le morceau "MOYA" de leur album EMAKHOSINI. Vous pouvez les suivre et acheter leur musique ici: Surfeurs: Arthur Bourbon & Damien Castera Réalisateurs: Arthur Bourbon & Damien Castera Production: Étalonnage: Brice Auger