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A Taller Us, Foxtrott's debut album is a musical interpretation of life's monolithic challenges. Together we elaborated on that metaphor for the "Shaky Hands" video. Alongside VFX artist Martha Aguilar we created a vertical climb through various stages of inner turmoil that climaxes into a classic tale of "survival of the fittest". Set in a quarry 4 hours south of Montreal, Canada, the video further develops the visual language initially explored in the video for previous single Driven. Choreographer Wynn Holmes rejoins the team to aid in highlighting the songs musical structure through movement. A Street Parade Production Directed by Kevin Calero [STREET PARADE] Creative Director Marie-Hélène L. Delorme / FOXTROTT Producer - Nicolas Archambault [STREET PARADE] Choreographer - Wynn Holmes [STREET PARADE] DOP - Jessica Lee Gagné Assist. Choreo - Chad E Concepcion VFX - Martha Aguilar First Director Assistant / Production Coordinator - Guillaume Laflamme Second Director Assistant / Assistant Editor - Travis Komarnisky Costume Designer Avery Plewes Stylist - Pirates Ing Beauty - Jessica LaBlanche [FOLIO] Assist Cam - Charles-Antoine Auger Grips - William Fradette + Mathéo Lemay Colo - Julien Alix [ Post-Moderne ] Dancers - Edith Collin-Marcoux + Cassie Mainville + Chad Erik Concepcion + Samuel Bélanger + Rodrigo Alvarenga + Tommy Tremblay + Raphaël Gagnon [360 MPM] Camera - CineGround Footwear courtesy of Vans Canada + ALDO Shoes Concept based on photography series by Sabrina G. Jolicoeur
WATCH, SHARE & MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Please share this film on your social networks with the hashtag #LOVEisbeingEXECUTED. Add the name of your favorite human rights organization in honor of #HumanRightsDay to your post or tweet. At the end of December, the filmmakers will make donations to three of the organizations suggested by viewers. Every share makes a difference! Please like the film on Vimeo! Based on a 2005 Iranian photo that was taken of two men on the day they were executed for being gay, the award-winning 13-minute film ABAN + KHORSHID from writer/director Darwin Serink depicts the atrocious and inhumane executions still happening around the world today based purely on sexual orientation. Follow us at: ABAN + KHORSHID AWARDS: Cannes Emerging Filmmakers Showcase, American Pavillion: Best LGBT Short Casting Society of America : Best Casting of a Short Film (Nominated) Seattle International Film Festival: Short Film Competition Special Jury Award Seattle International Film Festival: Nominated, Golden Space Needle Award, 4th runner up. Cleveland International Film Festival: Jury Award for Best LGBT Short Film Palm Springs Short Fest : Best Of Fest Outfest: Best Of Fest Iris Prize Awards: Highly Commended - TOP 3 GAZE International Film Fest. Dublin, Ireland: Best International Short Film Edmonton International Film Festival: Best Cinematography Edmonton International Film Festival: Audience Award Image Out Rochester LGBT Film Festival: Jury Award, Best Short Film San Pedro International Film Festival: Best Short Film Meziprata: Best Short Film, Jury Prize Ft Lauderdale (FLGFF): Best Short Film Long Island LGBT Festival: Best Short Film Mix Film Festival Brasil: Best Short Film, Audience Award Durango Film Festival: Best Short Film Human Rights Arts Film Fest, Melbourne: Best Int’l Short Film
Stormscapes 3 is for those that enjoy the visual aspect of our beautifully unique Blue Marble's fascinating weather, or those wishing to experience elemental nature in some of its most surreal and chaotic forms. Particularly focusing on severe weather located in the northern high plains region (and adjacent ranges) of the USA. This video showcases a variety of supercells and other rotating storms, spooky night based mesoscale convective systems, atmospheric optics such as rainbows and crepuscular rays, various forms of lightning, and even a rare Shirley Basin, Wyoming tornado. I highly recommend a good set of speakers or headphones. There is a lot of deeper bass in the track, which adds to the overall feel I was going for. You'll miss out without it. Especially during the transition from day to night. If you suffer from any negative photosensitive reactions to strobing or flashing lights, it might be advisable to skip the night focused lightning sequences of Stormscapes 3. They are...intense...welcome to mother nature's dance party (it's even crazier in person). The last two minutes are almost nothing but lightning sequences. Stop watching immediately if it becomes too much for you. If you are interested in the progression of the Stormscapes series, please have a look at the first two. If you'd like to see more of the June 1, 2015 Rapid City supercell (only added 1 quick sequence here), I have a video dedicated to its awesomeness. Probably one of the most beautiful natural phenomena I've ever witnessed. - Stormscapes 1 - Stormscapes 2 - Rapid City Supercell Track title - Everything Band - Everyone Moves Away Intro material courtesy of the NOAA-NASA GOES Project. All video material (or any video stills of said material), omitting the GOES imagery, copyright Nicolaus Wegner 2015. Music copyright "Everyone Moves Away 2015". Licensed through Music Bed. This footage was shot in a 5K and 8K (in some cases) time lapse format. This video may not be uploaded anywhere else. Youtube and other website uploads will be taken down, so please save us both some time and don't do it. Unaltered embeds (via Vimeo's player and links) are ok unless you are trying to sell something; be it for personal profit, religious, or political reasons. Other than that, please feel free to share as you wish. Hope it inspires some to get out and witness such amazing events in person.
A wealthy and powerful man is betrayed by those closest to him, and under the guidance of his trusted confidant, devises a fiery requital. With a nod to the proscenium, this darkly comedic chamber piece stars Oscar Isaac, Tim Rock, Erika Rankin, Helen Rogers, and Julian Shatkin. Written and directed by Brian Petsos. TICKY TACKY — Official Selection 2014 Palm Springs International ShortFest, 2014 Denver Film Festival, 2015 Florida Film Festival, 2015 Newport Beach Film Festival, 2015 Independent Film Festival Boston, a Special Presentation of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2015 in association with the Tokyo International Film Festival, and featured Short of the Week ( 2015. TICKY TACKY WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Brian Petsos PRODUCED BY Dan Berk Brian Petsos Ryan Farhoudi EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Tim Rock EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Bryan Gaynor Chadd Harbold Robert Olsen STARRING Oscar Isaac Tim Rock Erika Rankin Helen Rogers and Julian Shatkin DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Daniel Katz PRODUCTION DESIGNER Annie Simeone EDITOR Bryan Gaynor COSTUME DESIGNER Stacey Berman ORIGNAL MUSIC BY Justin Hori CASTING DIRECTOR Jennifer Euston, CSA ASSISTANT DIRECTOR — Alexander Mager 1ST ASSISTANT CAMERA — Adrien Bertolle 2ND ASSISTANT CAMERA — Timothé Arene CAMERA OPERATOR — David Isern CAMERA INTERN — Lauren Perrin ASSISTANT TO MR. KATZ — Yasmina Chambenoit GAFFER — Andrew Hubbard BEST BOY ELECTRIC — Jason Duffet KEY GRIP — Drew Verderame BEST BOY GRIP — Joachim Glaser DOLLY GRIP — Yves Lamigeon PRODUCTION SOUND — Brennan McVicar HAIR & MAKEUP — Stephanie Wise LOCATION MANAGER — Henry Winnik CASTING ASSISTANT — Emer O’Callaghan CATERING — Director’s Catering WEAPONS — The Specialists, LTD EFFECTS COORDINATOR — Bohdan Bushell KEY PRODUCTION ASSISTANT — Ryan Brown PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS — Meesha Meksin, Nephretitti Schenk, Porsche Jackson VISUAL EFFECTS SUPERVISOR — Cary Flaum FLAME ARTIST — Nic Seresin DESIGN & ANIMATION — Andre Vandenburg COLORIST — Ron Sudul of Nice Shoes POST-PRODUCTION AUDIO — Cory Choy of Silver Sound A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO Rusty Mutt Shilo and Hayden 5 SPECIAL THANKS Adam Brody Alec Bates Alex Orlovsky Andrew Carlberg Artjail Felipe Dieppa Gabriel Nadig Greg Gordon Hand Held Films Jay Alaimo Justin Simpson Kurt Enger Max Nichols Michael Dimmit Ryan McKone SAG-AFTRA FEATURING THE MUSIC OF Ludwig van Beethoven Johann Sebastian Bach Johann Strauss II and Mutilation Rites “Broken Axis” is available on the album EMPYREAN FILMED ON LOCATION IN NEW YORK CITY This motion picture is protected pursuant to the provisions of the laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution and/or exhibition of this motion picture may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. Characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to the name, characters or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional. © 2014 Last Pictures & A Saboteur. All rights reserved. (Significant inquiries may be directed to and will be responded to accordingly.)
What do astronauts dream of? In 1991, Helen Sharman became the first Briton in space; in this animation she shares a dream she has about returning to space, and talks about what it’s like to gaze down on the earth from above. This is the first instalment in the 2015 Ri advent calendar, ‘A Place Called Space’. Check it out at Sign up to receive each instalment by daily email: What do astronauts dream of? How do they feel while they float above the clouds? In 1991 Helen Sharman became the first Briton in space; in this animation, hand-drawn by Ri animator-in-residence Andrew Khosravani, Sharman shares a dream she often has about returning to space, and talks about what it’s like to gaze down on the earth from above. ‘A Place Called Space’ is the 2015 Royal Institution advent calendar. Every day in the run up to Christmas we'll be releasing an original piece of content exploring the human experience and cultural significance of space travel. With hand-drawn animations, experiments in zero gravity, interviews with astronauts and creative data visualisations, the calendar will fire you into space every morning. 'A Place Called Space' channels the voices of seasoned astronauts and expert scientists through the eyes of a team of talented animators, film-makers and artists, bringing you a thought-provoking gem to kick-start each day. Check it out at With special thanks to our lead supporter, Wellcome Trust