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I have recently returned from two trips to the Nordland region of Norway, specifically Lofoten. This time of the year is influenced by the Midnight Sun or Midnattsol. The days don't end with the sun never disappearing below the horizon. I always wondered what it would be like to fly around and film these mountains when I first visited this place and on this trip I finally got the opportunity to do so. Along with fellow drone pilot Alan Mathieson from Outback Drones I have put together a short compilation of some of the scenes we were able to capture using the incredible DJI Phantom 4. This is the fourth generation Phantom I have owned and the advances from my very first Phantom 1 are staggering. Terrain avoidance, return to home, point of interest, no fly zones, and other features make this the easiest and safest drone yet. It is also the easiest drone to travel with. It's small form factor and light weight make it a dream to carry onto a plane and the batteries are small enough in power output to not alarm security offices at airports all over the world. Lofoten is incredible. A beautiful landscape made on a hollywood set. Surely it cant be real? The conditions we encountered made flying a dream. Light winds and low cloud everywhere. A scale to a suitable vantage point and we were in the box seat. This is just a taste of some of the most incredible footage I have ever shot with a drone and the reason for posting this clip purely with drone footage. My very first all drone video in fact. And whats even cooler is I'm posting this clip on the fourth anniversary of getting my very first drone. Thanks to good friend Alan Mathieson from Outback Drones for shooting this piece with me and keeping all our flight ops controlled and safe. It's a pleasure to operate with a professional drone operator. Also special mention to my music score partner in crime Jo Quail who as always allowed me to use her incredible music in another one of my projects of passion. I'm hooked on flying drones after this trip and cant wait to get back in February next year to fly these amazing alps totally covered in snow. Enjoy. Alan Mathieson "Outback Drones" Jo Quail Extract from "Between Two Waves" from the album "Five Incantations" Buy the album here
Five of independent film's most adventurous filmmakers join forces to adapt each other's dreams for the screen. The results are, "like nothing you've ever seen with your eyes open." (Rolling Stone). DOWNLOAD THE DELUXE VERSION FOR FREE:, featuring the dreams each film was based on, liner notes, deleted scenes, a 41-song mixtape, a remix of the entire film meant to fall asleep to, and much more. 00:04:31 Black Soil, Green Grass (Directed by Daniel Patrick Carbone // Dreamt by Lauren Wolkstein) 00:23:22 First Day Out (Directed by Josephine Decker // Dreamt by Lily Baldwin) 00:33:45 Beemus, It'll End in Tears (Directed by Lauren Wolkstein // Dreamt by Frances Bodomo) 00:45:36 Everybody Dies! (Directed by Frances Bodomo // Dreamt by Josephine Decker) 00:55:41 Swallowed (Directed by Lily Baldwin // Dreamt by Daniel Patrick Carbone) Official Selections: SXSW, Maryland Film Festival, BAMcinemaFest, Cleveland International Film Festival, IFP Screen Forward, Atlanta Film Festival, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Dallas International Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Independent Film Festival Boston, Montclair Film Festival, Galway Film Fleadh Find Out Why We Decided To Give Our Film Away for Free: “Like nothing you’ve ever seen with your eyes open” -Rolling Stone “The American indie scene has rarely looked so creative.” -Brooklyn Magazine “The most ambitious and unnerving horror films to be released so far this year.” -Slant “Envelops you in five different dream worlds, each with distinct style and bracing originality.” -Screen Slate "Among the most potent and original of recent political films." -Richard Brody “The most complex and cohesive anthology film since Fantasia 2000.” -The Austin Chronicle “This kind of ambition and willingness to play and experiment gives me hope for the future of indie film in America.” -Screen Anarchy
Memento Mori A film by - FB:
 - _____________________ In my childhood I often could´t sleep. I was scared of going to sleep and never waking up again. I imagined I´d be buried in a place of darkness, forever and ever, being awake until the end of all days. _____________________ For the film of Memento Mori I went together with my wife Sophia to visit Giuseppe Spagnuolo in South Italy. He lives there as the last resident in his hometown Roscigno Vecchia which is one of the many lost villages in italy. We had a great day with him hanging out in the sun, feeding cats and dogs and filming awesome shots with him, never getting tired. More to come in the Making of... Press fotos: _______________________ Actor GIUSEPPE SPAGNUOLO Narration Alan Watts Assistance Sophia Linda Grading Steffen Krones Sounddesign Bony Stoev Music Ryan Taubert - Anamog We wish it was never light Waterfall Shot by MunechMax Shot on the FS5 NTSC Settings All cranked down to 25fps. Slog 2 20mm Sigma 1,4 24mm Canon 1,4 50mm Canon 1,4 100mm Canon 2,8 Macro Phantom 4 provided by Globe Flight Transcript: I have often puzzled and puzzled, about what it must be like, to go to sleep and never wake up to be, simply not there, forever and ever. But we are inclined to have in our mind, a picture of this of being shut up in the dark for always and always, to be kind of buried alive in the blackness And we think Ooh this is it This is the end And so at death we withdraw no no no, not that Not yet Please! And you accepted it. And suddenly something changed There was a strange feeling that everything is absolutely clear. You suddenly see that there isn´t a grain of dust in the whole universe that´s in the wrong place. The reason we die is to give us the opportunity to understand what live is all about. Just think When you opened your eyes on the world, for the first time as a child How brilliant colors were What a jewel the sun was. What marvel the stars. Memento Mori Be mindful of death. Alan Watts