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Once Upon an Artist is a documentary series that narrates the experiences of the artists from a philosophical and poetic view. Each chapter is an interpretation of their work from a different approach. We use the tool of visual metaphor to redraw what our artists tell about their work. All during their work’s process. In Chapter One, the sculptor Rubén Fuentes tells us how hard was to create a 1’5 meter sculpture made of compact quartz. We follow him throughout his inspirational journey. ************************************************************************** "For a sculptor the material is anything that can be used to generate an object. It may be light, vacuum… Every idea needs a material and each material is a path with different landscapes. I start working at 7… until I drop. Working alone is hard, if you don’t enjoy what you do, you may look for another job Experience is circular, what you learn at first always comes back, and once you complete the circle, you fill the bag of new techniques. When an idea is born inside my head, it is in darkness, nobody can see it. Then I transfer it to a paper, I bring it to light, what lets me show it and see other’s reactions. Materials are the thread where ideas are created. All materials are noble but some of them give different sensations. Some colors are chosen for an emotional affinity. This piece has been designed to be touched. For me, sculpture today can be a way of communicating, a passion, and my way of life to create is to live, in an intense way. Maybe we’re all creators… Even unconsciously" ************************************************************************** Concept & Direction by Marc Guardiola and Pepe Ábalos Cinematography by Marc Guardiola Production Design by Nadia Montero Music by Papu Sebastián Sound Design by Pepe Ábalos Visual Effects by Marc Guardiola Shot on Sony FS700 + Odyssey 7Q Plus + Zeiss Lenses
About the Work WOW has produced a 4K battle movie that personifies 3D animation software, “Max Man & Maya Man.” The special movie in conjunction with the announcement of the release of new versions of 3D animation software packages “Autodesk 3ds Max®” and “Autodesk Maya®.” This film features a battle scene between robots that personify the unique features of each software package, “Max Man” and “Maya Man.” WOW was in charge of planning, character design, and movie creation. Autodesk’s special site, the 3D model data for the two characters in the film, “Max Man” and “Maya Man” are made available free of charge for use within the software applications. Also, by providing free trial versions of the software packages and an environment that makes it easily accessible, they hope to spark an interest in VFX among new users and the younger generation. They plan to release 3D print data for Max Man and Maya Man, so it will be easy to make 3D prints of the characters. 作品について 3Dアニメーションソフトウェア「Autodesk 3ds Max®」および「Autodesk Maya®」の最新バージョンの発表に合わせ、4Kのスペシャルムービーを制作。各ソフトの特徴を擬人化したロボット「Max Man」と「Maya Man」に見立て、二体のバトルシーンを描いた。WOWは、企画、キャラクターデザイン、ムービー制作を担当。 オートデスクのスペシャルサイトでは、ムービー内で登場する二体のキャラクター「Max Man」と「Maya Man」の3Dモデルデータを無料で提供。同ソフトウェア上でキャラクターを使用した制作体験が可能。また、ソフトウェアの体験版も提供しており、若い世代や新規ユーザーが、よりアクセスしやすい環境、VFXへの興味喚起を狙いとしている。3Dプリント用のデータも公開予定となっており、「Max man」「Maya man」を気軽に3Dプリントすることも可能。 Staff Director / Designer:Tomoya Kimpara Music:Tokuro Oka Producer:Hiroshi Takahashi, Shinichi Saeki
I work as the filmmaker for Found Sound Nation, a Brooklyn based collective of musicians and artists who use music as a tool to help build strong, just, healthy communities. This is a short film about one of our projects; OneBeat Istanbul. In the spring of 2016 we worked with a group of Kurdish, Syrian and Turkish musicians in the city of Istanbul. Based out of a decommissioned energy plant in the centre of the city and over the course of 2 weeks, we organised public street studios, music workshops with youth groups, we worked with institutions helping blind children and those fleeing conflict, and recorded new music in a variety of spaces around the city; all culminating in a final showcase. This film is a short document of the work that we did, the music we shared; the sounds of the city and of those involved in the program. OneBeat grew out of a notion that musical collaboration is a uniquely powerful way to connect people across political and cultural barriers, which can in turn cultivate an international network of sound makers who can make a powerful impact on their local and global communities. For more information about OneBeat Istanbul, please visit For more information about FSN, please visit A huge thank you to our program partners: Istanbul Bilgi University Istanbul Bilgi U Dept of Music Small Projects Istanbul Young Guru Academy Project Lift Sulukule Genclik Orchestrasi To find out more about how the organisation Small Projects Istanbul helps families from Syria living in Istanbul, please visit Project Lift is a volunteer organisation that offers creative arts therapy to refugee children from war-torn Syria. For more information please visit
希望所有被奴役的心, 都能得到釋放, 你看見了嗎? ————————————————————————— 林瑪黛首支以手繪逐格動畫結合3D背景的MV 由導演小油與動畫監製陳佑誠 兩個實踐媒體傳設計學系的同班同學首度聯手合作 陳佑誠參與許多業界動畫製作 包括電視廣告、MV、劇情片、遊戲 剛由海外菁英計畫的法國動畫學校Supinfocom歸國 即加入這次動畫MV的製作行列 由小油擅長的插畫風格進行動畫的美術設計 結合陳佑誠的出色逐格動畫專長 歷經三個月嘔心瀝血的密集製作 在陳佑誠帶領的動畫團隊 以及和優秀的動畫公司豐饒之海合作之下 終於完成了馬戲團這首現實與奇幻交錯的作品 ————————————————————————— 林瑪黛Ma-te Lin【馬戲團】Circus | official music video 馬戲團 詞:林意倩 曲:林意倩 淚水在轉圈圈呀 傷口在重複奔馳那 一圈一圈的火焰 我離開地面 飛躍在黑白的空間 數不盡的歡呼 聽覺卻模糊 表情看似有點那麼痛苦 我穿著小丑衣服 背著超載的束縛 表演著高難度 被奴役的技術 被奴役 被奴役 哎呀呀呀 哎呀阿 NO FREEDOM LIKE A PRISON MAGIC CIRCUS COMES FROM A SIMPLE PURPOSE 被鋼索鍊住的腿 扭曲成你的臉 撕下了這張臉 紅色的面具消失不見 你看見了嗎 你看見了嗎 OHOHOH 哎呀 哎呀 哎呀 哎呀 MAGIC CIRCUS MAGIC CIRCUS NO FREEDOM ————————————————————————— 音樂: 製作人 Producer: 黃少雍 Shao Yong Huang 錄音師 Recording Engineer: 陳以霖 Yi Lin Chen 混音 Mix Engineer: Kevin Paul 母帶後期處理工程師 Mastering Engineer: Kevin Paul 發行公司 Published By: 派樂黛唱片有限公司 Dark Paradise Records Music Video: 導演 Director:小油 Little Oil 動畫監製 Animation Supervisor :陳佑誠 Bei Chen 美術監製 Art Directo:小油 Little Oil 動畫 Animation: 陳佑誠 Bei Chen 黃鈞毅 Peter Huang/豐饒之海OCEAN TADS 劉子千 Zi-Qian/豐饒之海OCEAN TADS 朱俊昇 Chun-Sheng Ju 李華馨 Hua-Hsin Lee 袁巧芙 Choph Yuan 楊惠勻 Aboo Yang 范睿婷 Juiting Fan 黃靖媛 Mavis Huang 3D layout:朱俊昇 Chun-Sheng Ju 合成Compositing:朱俊昇 Chun-Sheng Ju 後製Post-production:朱俊昇 Chun-Sheng Ju/施昭羽 小油 Little Oil 標題字幕設計Title Designer&Graphic Motion:小油 Little Oil ————————————————————————— 作者群連結: 小油Little Oil: 豐饒之海OCEAN TADS: 朱俊昇: 李華馨: Aboo Yang: 范睿婷: 黃靖媛: ————————————————————————— 林瑪黛 2015 首張專輯《房間裡的動物》6月全面發行 ————————————————————————— 實體購買:博客來 ————————————————————————— 專輯數位發行收聽: iTunes KKBOX Spotify Amazon myMusic Omusic 首波動畫MV【滿奇】: 偶動畫MV【我的地盤】: 跑酷MV【HOPE POPO】: 歌詞版MV【北極星】: ————————————————————————— 林瑪黛 Ma-Te Lin 官方Facebook: 林瑪黛官方網站: ————————————————————————— 本片獲文化部影視及流行音樂產業局105年補助