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Full screen with good speakers or headphone for best experience. A 4K version is available. Hand : " The terminal part of the human arm located below the forearm, used for grasping and holding and consisting of the wrist, palm, four fingers, and an opposable thumb ". My purpose was to not cover the entire subject of hands. I think that the possibilities are way too wide. I was motsly interested on how hands inspire me. This work could not have been possible without the help, the support and the participation of the following people. Thanks to all of you for your patience, your time and your precious hands . Keep them Safe ! Lorenzo Naccarato, Marion Verhellen, Nicolas Gruber, Camille Martin, Jérôme Cynéfro, Tomomi Hirano, Veks Van Hillik, Hélène Hiquily, Violaine Perrot, Sylvie Guilleminot, Luc Pétronille, Laetitia Sioen, Philippe Beau, Christine Grévin, Fabrizio Granier, Christophe Sovran, Audrey Le Mée, Emma Pétronille, Brice Coyere, Dominique Tobio, Marie-France Gélard, Alma, Marie-Hélène Martin, Marc Pétronille, Alice Buret, Marcel, Annick Gualino, Bernard Barrailh, Laurence Ichard-Maury, Marie Maillos, Leila Ernest, Iris Ernest, Ugo Bagnarosa, Gilles Larroze, Léa German, Sarah Violaine, Raphaël Pezet, Mélanie Daoulas, Julie Pouléna, , Noir Films, Nicolas Chantal, FabLab, Sébastien Ichard-Maury, Jacquie Marty, Serges Martin, Victor Trifilieff, Guilhem Machenaud, Tristan Barathe, Call Mar, Lucile Dandelot, Grégoire Coulombel, Thibaut Mesmin, Lauriane Marcelo, Christophe Durand, & John Coktez. Special Thanks to Léo & Ja Gualino. Music : various versions of "In the Hall of the Mountain King" composed by Edvard Grieg and re-edited for this work. First assistant director and Make up : Camille Martin. Directed, shot and edited by Gioacchino Petronicce. 4K, STEREO, 4:12. 2016
Humans use technology to improve their lives, to forge connections, to create time that doesn’t exist, to replace real interactions. When we devise a second version of ourselves on social media, do we lose a piece of our true selves in the process? Do our digital connections threaten our real life relationships? What happens if the filtered characters we’ve imagined take on a life of their own? For many years Free People has told love stories -- we wanted to explore what our world could look like in the near future.... Director: Lauren Cohan Screenplay: Lauren Cohan, Alex Holcomb, Alexander Dipersia Producer: Emily Bonner Producer: Arielle Davis Producer: Priya Satiani 1st Assistant Director: Charlie Hicks Director of Content Development (FP): Abby Morgan Assistant to Director/Creative Director: Kamaryn Potter Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff 1st AC: Ezra Bassin-Hill 2nd AC: Ryan Grzelak Steadicam: Aaron Gantt DIT: Margaret Parus Gaffer: Lee Narby Best Boy Electric: Ryan Figueroa Electric: Adam Leene Key Grip: Stephan Carrillo Best Boy Grip: Stephan Ji Grip: Jesse Stratton Sound Mixer: Kevin Bazell Boom: Kevin Terrado Boom: Greg Ellis Production Designer: Tom castronovo Set Dresser: Francesca Palombo Art Department Assistant: Travis Witkowski Art Department Assistant: Alex Farkas Vanities: Sunny Brooks Vanities Assistant: Vanessa Gomez Vanities Assistant: Amanda Ortiz Wardrobe Stylist: Amanda Greyson Wardrobe Assistant: Mackenzie Grandquist Wardrobe Assistant: Kale Teter Key Production Assistant: Mark Belko PA-Production: Andy Cowell PA-G/E: Tanner Lyon PA-Crafty: Ray Schmeig PA-Crafty: Jonathan Brock PA-Camera: Giles O’Kane Script Supervisor: Jillian Terwedo Post Production: The Mill Editor: Ryan McKenna Post Production Producer: Carl Walters Colorist: Michael Rossiter Mixer: Dan Flosdorf / Heard City VFX: Deluxe VFX Supervisor: Zachary Cole Location Rep (SCI-ARC): Andrew Werner Casting: Priya Satiani Special thanks: Ben Younger, Jacques Naude, Colin Moneymaker, Zu-Al-Kadiri, Blake Whitman TALENT: Alex: Alexander Dipersia Nora: Margaret Qualley Ryan: Eric Murdoch Jessica: Madeline Zima Jack: Sterling Sulieman Abby: Davida Williams Cleo: Hannah Sorensen Theo: Josh Upshaw Lena: Meredith Hagner
Headphones and 1080p recommended. Novae is a movie about an astronomical event that occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star's life, whose dramatic and catastrophic death is marked by one final titanic explosion called supernova. By only using an aquarium, ink and water, this film is also an attempt to represent the giant with the small without any computed generated imagery. As a tribute to Kubrick or Nolan's filmography, Novae is a cosmic poem that want to introduce the viewer to the nebulae's infinite beauty. - Novae est un film qui conte l’histoire d’une supernova, à savoir la mort d’une étoile géante dans une explosion cataclysmique. En s’aidant uniquement d’encres et d’un aquarium, ce film se veut aussi une tentative de représentation du monde infiniment grand avec des phénomènes du quotidien, en s’interdisant d’utiliser des images de synthèse. Comme un hommage aux films du genre de Kubrick ou de Nolan, Novae est une ode et une introduction à la beauté infinie du monde des nébuleuses. Made by Thomas Vanz : Find the movie on Facebook with publications, screens and more informations : @novaethemovie - You can also watch the process and the breakdowns of the project : Making of Part I : Making of Part II : -Also Published by- The Creatorsproject - RTS - Ubergizmo - Artthescience - Designfaves - Laboiteverte - Jazjaz - Motioncollector - Dailygeekshow - The Presurfer - Sanatkaravani - Lacienciaesbella.blogspot - Boreme - Neatorama - Viralnova - Wykop - Designiskinky - Gizmodo - Totravelistolive - Ifokus - Shockmansion - hardocp - Popmech - Geekweek - CNN Greece - Digitalrev - Imagenesdeluniverso - Sputnik - Dasfilter HD Poster -
Directed by Ryan Staake Production Company: Pomp&Clout Executive Producers: Ryen Bartlett & Ryan Staake Producers: Ryan Huffman & Kevin Staake Director of Photography: Kristian Zuniga 1st Assistant Camera: Mario Mascetti Gaffer: Chris Gould Production Designer NYC: Zebah Pinkman Production Designer LA: Clayton Beisner Post Production Producer: Aaron Vinton 3D Artist: Mark Rubbo VFX Touchups: Aaron Vinton, Pete Puskas & Ryan Staake Editor: Ryosuke Tanzawa Colorist: David Torcivia - NY Crew - Key Grip: Brian Stansfield DIT: Pete Puskas Stylist: Jessica Galvan HMU: Maya Rene Production Assistant: Diana Seldin Production Assistant: Christian Torres - Humboldt County Crew - HMU: Juloni Euan Assistant HMU: Katrina Arnold - LA Crew - Production Manager: David Ledwith Key Grip: David Stacey Swing: Matt Wiborg Stylist: Cherokee Neas HMU: Mila Grass Prop Assistant: Sam King Production Assistant: Chris Madrigal Production Assistant: Sam King - NY Cast - Buyer: Sira P Kante Dealer: Jonathan Gordon - Humboldt County Cast - Trimmer Girls: Brittney Goodman, Matalie Church-Nyberg, Juloni Euan & Katrina Arnold. - LA Cast - Dealer: Royal Martin Thief: Michael Kelly Henchman: Rube Lacrete Girls: Char Edwards, Cree Johnson & Amy Jackson DEA Agents: Kenneth Beck, Jim Jepson & Michael Mello Cop: Frank Mercuri Transporter: Sara Malakui Lane Buyers: Kenneth Apel, Jordon Dion & E-Maginne Grant Label: Top Dawg Entertainment & Interscope Records Special thanks to 4th Gen Farms, Sunboldt, FulSol Farm & Our Wicked Lady.