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OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Facebook: (News, Bonus, Making of ... ) ------------------- DIRECTED BY ------------------- Florian Brauch - Matthieu Pujol - Kim Tailhades - Yohan Thireau - Romain Thirion - ------------------- MUSIC BY ------------------- Vincent Govindin - ------------------- DONE AT ------------------- MoPA, ------------------- SYNOPSIS ------------------- When marine wildlife suffer the pollution surrounding it, the rules of survival change... ------------------- AWARDS ------------------- Best In Show, Siggraph, 2018 Anima’t Best Animated Short Film, Sitges, Spain, 2017 Award for the Outstanding effect in a student project, VES, US, 2018 Amazon Prime Award, International TrickFilm Stuttgart, Germany, 2018 Grand Jury’s Prize, Utopiales Nantes, France, 2017 Best Animated Short, Colcoa French Festival, US, 2018 Best Animated Short, Underexposed Film Festival, US, 2018 Best Animated Short, Filmchella, US, 2017 Best Animated Short, Sklap’it, France, 2017 Best Animated Short, Unrestricted View Film Festival, UK, 2018 Best Animated Short, NanoCon Internatonal SciFi Festival, US, 2018 Best School Project, Festival de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada, Brazil, 2017 So French Award from an Highschool Jury, Poitiers Film Festival, France, 2017 So French Award from the Audience, Poitiers Film Festival, France, 2017 Audience Award, Festival du Film Court de Maison Laffitte, France, 2018 Audience Award, Cineclass, France, 2018 Audience Award for a Fantastic Film, Les Nuits Magiques, France, 2017 Award form a School Jury, Rencontres Cinema-Nature, France, 2018 Best Art Direction, Multivision, Russia, 2017 Special Mention, Academia Film Olomuc, Czech Republic, 2018 Special Mention, Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne, France, 2017 Honorable Mention, Nashville Film Festival, US, may 2018 ------------------- SELECTIONS ------------------- 7 Petits Cailloux, France, may 2018 Academia Film Olomuc, Czech Republic, 2018 Anima, Belgium, 2018 Animages, Brazil, 2017 Animakom, Spain, 2018 Animateka, Slovenia, 2017 Annecy International Animated Film Festival, France, june 2018 ANNY (Animation Nights in New-York), US, 2018 Artfutura, Spain, 2018 Aspen ShortFest, US, 2018 Athens Film Festival, US, 2018 Athens Digital Arts festival, Greece, 2018 Cardiff Night, Ireland, 2018 Cineclass, France, 2018 CinemAmbiente, Italia, jun 2018 Cinequest, US, 2018 Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2018 Cleveland, US, 2018 Colcoa French Festival, US, 2018 Cortoons Festival Grandia, Spain, 2018 Courts Bouillon, France, 2018 DC Independent Film Festival, US, 2018 Ecozine, Spain,2018 Eye Candy (Shelley Page), World, 2017-2018 Festival de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada, Brazil, 2017 Festival du ciné court animé de Roanne, France, 2018 Festival du Film Court de Maison Laffitte, France, 2018 Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne, France, 2017 Festival du Rocher, France, 2017 Filmchella, US, 2017 International Animation Festival Chilemonos, Chile, 2018 International Children Film Festival of Galicia, Spain, 2018 International New York Festival, US, june 2018 International TrickFilm Stuttgart, Germany, 2018 Japan Media Arts Festival, Japan, 2018 KDIAF Kuandu International Animation Festival, Taiwan, 2017 Les Nuits Magiques, France, 2017 Manchester Animation Festival, UK, 2017 Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia, june 2018 Même Pas Peur, France, 2018 Multivision, Russia, 2017 NanoCon Internatonal SciFi Festival, US, 2018 Nashville Film Festival, US, may 2018 New Horizon Film Festival, Russia, 2018 Octobre Numérique, France, 2017 Odense Film Festival, Denmark, august 2018 Paris Court Devant, France, 2017 Poitiers Film Festival, France, 2017 Posidonia Green Festival, Spain, 2018 PSIAF (Palm Springs International Animation Festival), US, 2017 Rencontres Cinema-Nature, France, 2018 SBIFF Santa Barbara, US, 2018 SF Film, US, 2018 Short Shorts Festival & Asia, Japan, june 2018 Sitges, Spain, 2017 Sklap’it, France, 2017 Smaragdni Eco Film Festival, Croatia, june 2018 Trois Jours Trop Courts, France, 2018 Siggraph, Canada, 2018 Umbria Film Festival, Italy, july 2018 Underexposed Film Festival, US, 2018 Unrestricted View Film Festival, UK, 2018 Utopiales Nantes, France, 2017 VES, US, 2018 WOIS, Dubai, 2018 Zlin Film Festival, Czech Republic, jun 2018
Listen to the new album 'One Hundred Billion Sparks': Max Cooper Things got pretty mad on this one after I set the task of trying to visualise the Platonic realm of form underlying reality. And Páraic Mc Gloughlin has come up with something of a masterpiece I think, using a single day-long shot, whose time-based processing is linked to the more than 100 layers of audio I used to create the music…it’s fairly intense on the audio and visual as a result, but all so precisely carried out by Páraic. A huge amount of work has gone into this on all fronts, I hope you enjoy it. This all links into my new album project, ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’, about our hundred billion firing neurons which create who we are, all we know and experience ( As a sub-topic for one of the music/video projects, I’ve always found it fascinating how mathematicians and scientists talk about “discovering” laws of nature, never “creating” them, even when they’re working in entirely abstract realms with little or no link to the real world. The laws and structure are usually assumed to exist independently of us in a sense very much linked to Plato’s ancient idea of the realm of ideals, with only our minds giving us access to this realm. I came across this idea delivered in stark form in the case of the “amplituhedron”, an entity whose structure encodes fundamental particle interactions, and whose creators claim it to yield space and time in an emergent manner, so that it can’t possibly exist out there in the real world that we’re familiar with. If it does exist, it is outside of time and space, whatever that means! All this might sound like I’m falling off the cliff a little in terms of anything to do with making music videos, but, as I often find to be the case with this sort of investigation of nature, it’s rich with beautiful visual forms and many ideas which are ripe for musical representation on emotive and structural grounds. The general musical theme to attempt was that of a world of all (or at least as many as I could cram in) precise structures, with particular attention to the jagged complex form of the amplituhedron. Páraic also employed the same approach visually. It demanded a barrage of exact forms. Musically this was a lot of fun, and very much in fitting with what I like to attempt anyway, just requiring a greater devotion of time and more attention to detail than my norm. Most of the 100-120 layers of different sounds were synthesised, each layer comprising a specific aesthetic musically, but with little repetition, so that I could have something like a world of independent forms, related, but each its own distinct entity, all mixed together to push the overall complexity in line with the concept. This included many layers of synth processing - I tried to take each part and force it into new, but related forms. I enforced strict quantisation, trying to keep everything rhythmically stuck to grid, to give that feeling of sharpness and precision despite the mess of many layers. Páraic Mc Gloughlin The idea for the Platonic video came from the thought of just how much is going on in one single day. In the brief, Max wrote "Underneath all of this mess however, it needed a simple core, the constant chord progression." So I thought it was fitting to have a simple core running through the entire video and it being made from one location shot over the space of one day, keeping up with the music’s "messy" energy as the track developed. Aesthetically I love the mix of abstraction and realism and this was a great place for me to explore this. Using a fundamental image (a time lapse) to mask and cut into, I tried to show the variable possibilities within a limited time span, maintaining the integrity of each individual photograph while dissecting and rearranging the overall image. In order to get as close a relationship from audio to visual as possible I tried to allocate a certain time of day or shape to each individual sound in the track , experimenting with animated sequences using platonic shapes, and referencing images based on the amplituhedron, later using mats and directly masking over many layers of photographs. I tried to incorporate and inject a feeling of possibility, the unknown, hidden truths, and what might be. I wanted the main focus of the video to be on time and space but I also I wanted to have an underlying human element. Choosing a motorway with two way traffic fit nicely, and didn't over populate the scene. Nineteen hours sitting on a bridge in Sligo town, and a good stint behind the computer and we're done.
Directed by Ryan Staake & Charli XCX Production Company: Pomp&Clout Creative Direction: WP&A Executive Producer: Ryen Bartlett Head of Production: Kevin Staake Producer: Rich Salamone Prod Manager: Wojtek Stypko Associate Producer: Eric Margulies Prod Coordinator: Sam Skolnik 1st AD: Jesse Hays 2nd AD: Bryon Dormandy Director of Photography: Santiago Gonzalez 1st AC: Nick Fischer 2nd AC: Nolan Berbano Gaffer: Alberto Alonso BBE: Greg Ladwig Electric: Joey Brown Key Grip: Wadsworth Peters BBG: Aaron Burton Dolly Grip: Adam Shambour Grip: Ivan Garcia Production Designer: Miles Ford Mullin Art Director: Jena Serbu Lead Man: Eligh Macias Set Dresser: Kevin Lopez Set Dresser: Daniel Oregel Editor: Ryan Staake Online Editor: Ryosuke Tanzawa VFX by Pomp&Clout VFX Artists: Pete Puskas, Aaron Vinton & Ryan Staake Machine Learning: Andrew Pouliot Colorist: David Torcivia Makeup Artist: Danielle Kahlani Makeup Assistant: Trina White Hair Stylist: Nicole Kahlani Hair/Makeup (Troye and Extras): Carla Rosso and Steph Ruiz de Chávez Hair/Makeup Asst. (Troye and Extras): Gina Banic Wardrobe Stylist: Rebecca Grice Wardrobe Assistant: Sonja Desai Seamstress: Aneta Velizar Casting: Alex Chapman Choreographer: Erin Murray Security: Sergio Orellana Trailer Driver: John Koenig Catering: Spartan Catering (Abel) Production Assistant: Jacob Outsen Production Assistant: Katie Conboy Production Assistant: Nick Callas Production Assistant: Jose Ramos Production Assistant: Ray Fuentes Production Assistant: Fred Porras Casting: Alex Chapman Choreographer: Erin Murray Security: Sergio Orellana Trailer Driver: John Koenig Catering: Spartan Catering (Abel) Dancers: Engelstad, Megan Gibson, Myranda Jessen, Belle Reese, Katie Clay, Shane Dell, Luke Munson, Hunter Friedman, Joseph Havard, Cody Kline, Rex Reed, Joseph Guy, Kelsey McCarty, Bria Nesis, Tessa
Train dreams with Loyle Carner. All trickery achieved in-camera with carefully aligned printed images... much love to steady hands, huge depth-of-field and massive printers. Director: Oscar Hudson Prod. Company: Pulse FIlms Executive Producer: Rik Green Producer: Callum Harrison Director Of Photography: Ruben Woodin-Dechamps Production Designer: Luke Moran-Morris Commisioner: Connie Meade Artist Management: Tommo Greer Production Manager: Tom O’Driscoll Production Assistant: Will Gore 1st Assistant Director: Daniel Precious 2nd Assistant Director: Tom Rawsthorn Runner: Amy Madden, Katie Beard, Noah Jude Focus Puller: Jack Exton B Cam: Josh Loftin Gaffer: Peter Bishop Spark: Will Pope, Tom La Motte, Harry Buck, Sam Baker, Jake Buckly Set Decorator: Sakara Dawson Marsh Prop Master: Alex Tyler Art Dept Assistant: Dexter Turner-Ramsay Art Dept Runner: Ellen Pearson Backdrop Maker: Ben Romain Back Drop Assistant: Carlo Milillo Back Drop Assistant: William Rowlandson Digi Op: Greg Holland Costume Designer: Taff Williamson Hair And Make Up Artist: Ezana Ove Hair And Make Up Assistant: Nyssa Addison Construction: Hal Gillilan, Joe Mulcrone @ Create 180 Editor: Oscar Hudson Colourist: Toby Tomkins @ Cheat Cast: Loyle Carner, Jordan Rakei, Yotam Ottolenghi Speech Man: David Rawlins Ticket Inspector: Mark Garfield Mum: Shola Smith Daughter: Natalia Velasquez Smith Businessman: James Biddlecomb Commuter: Joshua Ajibade Commuter: Jamie Lee Hill Commuter: Mark Grindrod Commuter: Louise Thomas Commuter: Jennifer Tuth-Adam Commuter: Chiara D Anna Goth Couple: Liam Gardner Goth Couple: Lucy Chappel
A man finds a dying squirrel in a park and has a comedic existential crisis. Starring Robert Longstreet Written/Directed/Edited by Bobby Miller Produced by Jordan Michaud-Scorza Co-Produced by Dain August OFFICIAL SELECTION OF: Fantastic Fest Fantasia Maryland Florida Nashville North Bend La Shorts For complete list, visit: HONORS: Vimeo Staff Pick Best Short Film - Boston Underground Opening Night Gala - Maryland Film Fest FILM SITE: CONTACT: CAST: (Order of appearance) Robert Longstreet Vince Washington Erik Gratton Deb Snyder Lynddi Scott Kari De La Penha Sage Smith Robert Chester Smith PJ Evans Shirley McDonnell Joe Abdo CREW: Writer/Director/Editor - Bobby Miller Cinematography - Christopher Hamilton Production Designer - Callie Andreadis Producer - Jordan Michaud-Scorza Co-Producer - Dain August Executive Producer - Louis Messina Executive Producer - Linda Walker 1st AD - Dain August 1st AC - Jason Wittenberg 2nd AC - Mitch Espinoza Gaffer - Jonathan Shrader Art Director - Kevin Burzynski Key Makeup & Hair - Ruth Baldwin Costume Designer - Jorday Scheinberg Key Grip - Casey Slade Key Set PA - David Barkley Art Dept Assistant - Xinran Peng Set PA - Mike Blankier Set PA - Michael Pottle Squirrel FX - Bischoff’s Animal FX Practical FX Supervisor - PJ Evans Visual Effects - Clean Plate FX - Juan Cardarelli Sound Recordist - Dana Kopetsky Casting by - Becca Greene and Michael Pottle Sound Mixer - David Esparza Color - Headquarters Post - Richard Garibaldi Special Thanks: Liza Manashil Adam Hendricks Daron Nefcy BankRobber Music Kickstarter Backers! © New Field Pictures 2018
Filmed during an actual solar eclipse and starring Emmy award-winner Tatiana Maslany and Tom Cullen, SOULS OF TOTALITY is a love story about the intensity of a looming moment that can change everything. Making of featurette: 2018 AWARDS: Winner - Best Short of the Festival | Raindance Film Festival Winner - Best Grand Jury Prize | Hollyshorts Film Festival Winner - Most Popular Film | Rhode Island International Film Festival Winner - Special Mention | Edinburgh International Film Festival Winner - Maverick Spirit Award | Cinequest Film Festival Winner - Special Jury Award for Best Cinematography | Bend Film Festival Qualified - Academy Awards (2019) 2018 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Tribeca Film Festival Palm Springs International Shortfest Edinburgh International Film Festival Raindance Film Festival Rhode Island Film Festival Mill Valley Film Festival Hollyshorts Film Festival Calgary Film Festival Atlanta Film Festival Cork Film Festival Cinequest Film Festival Santa Barbara International Film Festival St. Louis International Film Festival 24FPS International Short Film Festival San Jose International Short Film Festival Hiroshima International Film Festival Coronado Island Film Festival Milwaukee Film Festival Bend Film Festival Directed by Richard Raymond Written by Kate Trefry, Ben Bolea Produced by John Trefry, James Mitchell, Richard Raymond, Nousha Raymond Director of Photography Jarin Blaschke Edited by David Pergolini Music Composed by Michael Dean Parsons Production Design by Kate Trefry Lead cast: Tatiana Maslany Tom Cullen Mike Tague Helen Shaver Souls of Totality: Addison Tague Bailey Corneal Ben Bolea Fritz Ross James Mitchell John Trefry Joseph Ollman Kate Trefry Kevin Schofield Kohana Nakato Kym Anderson Lara Ross Lachlan Mantell Louisa Mignone Makena Tague Nousha Raymond Sebastian Ross Todd Ross Tom Royce-Hampton Socials: Contact: Richard Raymond Email: Twitter: @richieraymond John Trefry Email: Twitter: @johntrefry
Suffering from consumer’s fever, a young man starts a journey to the end of the world. Paint on glass and collage. SCREENINGS - Cinéfondation Selection 2016 – 69th Festival de Cannes (France), May 2016 - Carrefour de l'animation, programme Coups de coeurs (France), December 2015 - 7ème Festival Cinémator de Carros (France), March 2016 - Festival Libres Courts, Montpellier (France), March 2016 - 19ème Festival Coupé Court 2016, Bordeaux (France), March 2016 - Finaliste Prix Court Cocy (France), March 2016 - 5ème Week-end du cinéma, Vaux-sur-Seine (France), May 2016 - FFDL – 22nd Film Festival della Lessinia (Italia), August 2016 - Campulung Film Festival (Romania), August 2016 - FerFilm – 4th International Film Festival (Kosovo), September 2016 - Split Film Festival – 21st International Festival of New Film (Croatia), September 2016 - First Step Film Fest – 3rd International Student Film Festival (Albania), September 2016 - LINOLEUM – 11th International Festival of Contemporary Animation & Media-Art (Ukraine), September 2016 - Festival International du film sur le handicap, Cannes (France), September 2016 - ANIMASIVO 2016 – 9th International Competition for Animated Short Film, (Mexico), September 2016 - Festival Cinema d'Arte – 14th Festival Internazionale del Cinema d'Arte, (Italia), October 2016 - Puppet Is the Human too – 11th International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults (Poland), October 2016 - Push! Film Festival (US), October 2016 - Banjaluka – 9th International Animated Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina), October 2016 - BIAF – 18th Bucheon International Animation Festival (South Korea), October 2016 - Primanima – World Festival of First Animations (Hungary), October 2016 - On the Road Film Festival IV, Roma (Italia), October 2016 - ARTE Video Night 2016 - JCC – 27th Edition Carthage Film Festival (Tunisia), October-November 2016 - ReAnimania YIAFF – 8th International Animation Film&comics Art Festival of Yerevan (Armenia), Oct-November 2016 - Stockholm Film Festival – 27th Stockholm International Film Festival (Sweden), November 2016 - French Film Festival UK 2016 – 24th Fête du Cinéma (UK), November 2016 - FIFB – 2nd Festival International du Film de Bruxelles, Ciné-jeunes, (Belgium), November 2016 - YOUKI – 18th International Youth Media Festival YOUKI (Austria), November 2016 - CutOut Fest – 8th Festival Internacional de Animacion y Arte digital, (Mexico), November 2016 - XVI Bansko Mountain Film Festival, (Bulgaria), November 2016 - FIFMA – 33ème Festival International du Film de Montagne d'Autrans (France), Nov-December 2016 - Grand OFF – 10th World Independent Short Film Arwards, (Poland), Nov-December 2016 - Passagi d'Autore – 12th Festival del Cortometraggio Mediterraneo, (Italia), December 2016 - Cortex – 7th Festival de curtas metragens de sintra, (Portugal), February 2017 - Anim! Arte – 13th International Student Animation Festival of Brazil, March 2017 - MEDIAWAVE – 27th International Film and Music Gothering (Hungary), April-May 2017 - Animafest – World Festival of Animated Film, World Panorama, Zagreb (Croatia), June 2017 - MIAF – Melbourne International Film Festival, Installation Animation, (Australia), June 2017 - Picurt – 11th edition of PICURT, Mostra 2017 (Spain), June 2017 CREDITS Direction, animation / Mélody Boulissière Screenplay / Mélody Boulissière, Bogdan Stamatin Sound Designer / Grégoire Chauvot Original score /Clément Guillot Main character voice / Mattia Maggi Voices / Silvia Biehl, Maria Cadenas Sanchez, Mattia Maggi, Nina Mihaila, Mina Perrichon, Jinkyeu Shin, Georges Sifianos Foley artist / Agathe Courtin Sound recorder / Valentin Sampietro Audio mixing / Geoffrey Perrier Colour correction / Frédéric Mocellin Mentor / François Darrasse, Pascal Lemaire, Benjamin Delmotte Technique coordinator / François Colou, Frédéric Mocellin Produced by ENSAD École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. TRAILER PORTFOLIO Mélody Boulissière ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Somewhere (Ailleurs) | 2016 | 06 min | France | without dialogue | ENSAD