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I'm really excited about this video project, after the first live show it was the part that everyone was asking about - It is a beautiful humanised exploration of life and emergence, by Maxime Causeret. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! The idea for this part of the story started on a day when there was really heavy rain hitting the roof window at my old flat. I got out my binaural mics and put my head right up by the window with the big raindrops hitting all around. They made nice individual percussive noises, with great spatial positioning, so I decided to use them to seed a piece of music. This track is the most explicit representation of the idea of emergence in the album, because the rhythm of the track is created by the raindrops in an emergent manner - I took the audio samples, mapped the transients for the raindrop hits, and then forced the mapped points towards the nearest drumming grid positions. This meant that the random raindrops were pushed into a quantised grid, and the result was that a percussive rhythm emerged, one that I hadn't created myself, but was the closest rhythm to that particular section of rain. I then played the sansula over this rain rhythm, and added lots of pads and saturation layers, finally with some vocal snippets from Kathrin deBoer to complete the track. Maxime Causeret selected this track to work with, under the brief to map the emergent rhythm to an exploration of emergence in living form. His video shows the raindrops initially, then going into simple cellular forms and then showing the important idea of cooperation between simple cells to form more robust colonies of life. This develops into a visualisation of the idea of endosymbiosis, where simpler smaller organisms can live inside larger cells, each providing a benefit to the other, and eventually forming parts of the same organism as they evolve to be entirely dependent on each other. The video also shows competition between organisms for resources, which spurs on their evolutionary development, as each species tries to keep up with the innovations of the others. He also visualises the emergent ideas of flocking behaviour, where groups of individuals form beautiful dancing-like patterns. Maxime also shows us a section of animated reaction-diffusion patterns, where simple chemical feedback mechanisms can yield complex flowing bands of colour - these forms of system were originally thought up by Alan Turing, and were part of the early seeds of the field of systems biology, which seeks to simulate life with computers, in order to better understand the systems producing the complexity we see in the living world. They were also the starting point of my main research area many years ago before I got lost in music! (where I began with the question of what patterns could be produced via reaction-diffusion forms of system as opposed to gene-regulatory network controlled patterning). So it's a rich visual treat from Maxime on many levels, I can see why so many people were asking about it after the first live show. Lots more amazing video content to come over the next few weeks. And you can listen to the full album here: Subscribe for more here: And more stuff at:
Featured on National Geographic. A lone freediver escapes to another world underwater where his impossible dreams become reality. "The Superman" is a labour of love project for directors Jack Pirie and Alex Hylands-White, made in collaboration with Freediver Francisco Del Rosario and Bamford Watch Department. The short film follows Del Rosario, who lives on the remote island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands. Directed by Jack Pirie & Alex Hylands-White Featuring Francisco Del Rosario (director of "The Ocean Brothers" Produced by Nick Ogden Francisco once dived competitively, striving to see how deep he could go underwater. But he soon realized that isn't why he started diving. Now he does it for the clarity of mind, the inexplicable sensations, and to visit another world beneath the waves. We filmed for five days in the Canary Islands, on a shoestring budget and a team of three - not without incident. First a dislocated shoulder that happened while diving, then our main camera broke when the underwater casing flooded the camera... Given the remote location another one had to be delivered by plane the next morning - the only replacement within 500 miles, Thanks for watching - Jack & Alex. Made in collaboration with Bamford Watch Department DOP - Will Billany Underwater Photography - Francisco Del Rosario & Karsten Mohr @ Freediving El Hierro Edited by Gabriel Britz @ Stitch LA Sound Design & Mix - Jeff Malen @ Lime Studios Colourist - Derek Hansen @ The Mill Translation - Leyre Bastyr Original Music composed by Alan Myson Thanks to: Sitch LA The Mill LA Lime Studios Camera Rental Canarias George Bamford Prod Co. halcyon & High Six
A former couple meet one more time to take one last magic trip to the unknown. Shot on 16 mm and Ultra Prime Starring Alba Ribas Alex Maruny Writen and Directed Dani Fortuny Director Of Photography Alberto Bañares Executive Producers Victor Mata Ana Laura Solis Producer Xavi Vara Head of Content Pandora Merli Freixa Art Director Cristina Ramos 1st AD Dani Velazquez Prod. Coordinator Cristina Martin Production Assistant Martina Faro Production Clara Pi Miquel Michavila 1st Assistant Camera Xènia Pintó 2nd Assistant Camera Javier Requena Camera Transport Vicenç Tinoco Gaffer Fara Suárez Spark Victoria Gagigas Helena Gonzalez Sound Recording Roc Montoriol Manuel Gabriel Herrera Art Assistant Marina Perez Alba Aldan Marina Morató Stylist Verónica Febrero Hair & Make-Up Núria Ribera Still Photo Irene Moray Casting Director Blanca Javaloy Editor Carlos Font Clos Soundesign Fran Paredes Marc Solà Fran Montoriol Sound Mix Marc Solà Music Dani Trujillo Color Grading Marc Morató (metropolitana) VFX (LastCrit) Viky Polls Aleix Fàbregas Richi Pérez Sergio Gallegos VFX Supervisor Edu F. Arruga Dream Identity & Web Desing FOLCH Poster Desing Cecilia Martinez Special Thanks Nur Casadevall Victor Mata Ana Laura Solis Montserrat Urniza Adria Paituvi Ramon Arteman Alba Rihe Edu Sola FGC Metropolitana Lastcrit Llibreria Taifa Il Giardinetto Ajuntament d'Igualada Nasty Garage Siria Supermercats Keisy Ricard Hidalgo Zeferino Zig Zag Rental Powered by Pandora and Story
This film was shot between June and September 2016, after the Kumamoto earthquake. Japan has a long history of Buddhism and religious Mythology, where many have derived from other Asian cultures. One popular belief is that there is a God in everything. Until the 20th century, Kyushu was seen as Japan's gate to the world and a centre for trade. It has historically been the first stop for foreign traders and travelers in Japan and a place from which the outside influences would spread to the rest of the country. Time has moved on, but the landscapes and legends remain to this day. The Kumamoto earthquake has caused serious damage to the region. Many people have suffered physical and mental injuries and tourism has fallen drastically. The aim of this film is to disseminate the new appeal of the Kyushu region from a different perspective and to lift those affected by the earthquake. With this, we invite you to come on a journey with us to discover the real Kyushu where Gods, myths, and legends were created. #lettersfromthegods ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Director / Cameraman / Editor : Christoph Gelep Production Assistants : Ryuta Taniwaki, Haruka Akasaka, Yoshiyuki Sakuragi, Masami Miyai Production Coordinators : Masanori Inoue, Masaki Miyai, Rika Sato, Jinny Dhanasobhon Colorist : Masato Indo Drone Operators: Michito Tanaka, Kazuyoshi Yokoyama Music: Eve by Emancipator Sound Designer: Yasuhiro Nakashima Producer : Hidetaka Ino Production : augment5 Inc. For more info: #lettersfromthegods Project for METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan)
"Whale Valley" is this week's Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere. Read a Q&A with director Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson here: 2013 | 15′ | short fiction | HD | 1:1.85 | Icelandic | color Written & Directed by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson Whale Valley world premiered in the Official Competition of the 66th Cannes Film Festival 2013 were it won a Special Mention. Since then it has won over 50 international awards and received numerous nominations. SYNOPSIS The film shows a strong bond between two brothers that live in a remote fjord with their parents. We look into their world through the eyes of the younger brother and follow him on a journey that marks a turning point in the lives of the brothers. CAST & CREW Ívar: Ágúst Örn B. Wigum Arnar: Einar Jóhann Valsson Father: Valdimar Örn Flygenring Mother: Unnur Ösp Stefánsdóttir Farmer: Júlíus Sigmar Konráðsson Producers: Anton Máni Svansson, Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson Co-Producers: Darin Mailand-Mercado, Jacob Oliver Krarup, Rúnar Rúnarsson Executive Producers: Kristinn Þórðarson, Magnús Viðar Sigurðsson, Kjartan Þór Þórðarson Director of Photography: Gunnar Auðunn Jóhannsson Editor: Anders Skov Sound Designer: Gunnar Óskarsson Art Director: Júlía Embla Katrínardóttir Set Decorater: Freyja Vals Sesseljudóttir Costume Designer: Helga Rós V. Hannam Costumer: Arndís Ey Eiríksdóttir Make-up Artist: Alma Ösp Arnórsdóttir Assistant Director: Valgeir Gunnlaugsson Script Supervisor: Jesper Vidkjær Rasmussen Assistant Camera: Goði Már Guðbjörnsson 2nd Assistant Camera: Atli Kristófer Pétursson Key Gaffer: Geir Magnússon Gaffer: Sigurður "Bahama" Magnússon Key Grip: Viktor Davíð Jóhannsson Grip: Anton Smári Gunnarsson Sound Re-Recording & ADR Mixer: Huldar Freyr Arnarson Sound Recordist: Björn Viktorsson Best Boy: Erlendur Sveinsson Art Department Assistants: Ottó Gunnarsson, Sonja Björk Ragnarsdóttir, John Ingi Matta Catering: Daði Jónsson, Álfrún Gísladóttir VFX: Gunnar Karlsson with GunHil, Þorvaldur S. Gunnarsson SFX: Haukur Karlsson Colorist: Hannibal Lang Music in film - "Bein leið" - Written by Kristján Kristjánsson and Performed by KK Band in 1992 Produced by Join Motion Pictures in co-production with Sagafilm & Fourhands Film Supported by The Danish Film Institute / Filmworkshop, The Youth in Action Programme in Denmark, The Culture Council of West Iceland and The Icelandic Film Centre. Follow the film --> Follow the company --> Follow the 1st feature film from director --> Contact: