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This video is part of the Emergence audio/visual project, where I explored the idea of natural laws and their creation of the world around us. The early chapters of the story focus on the fundamentals of natural laws themselves, the basic principles of nature which needed to be in place before the physical universe could come into being. Luckily for me, working on an AV project, these basic building blocks of nature tended to yield beautiful results visually - symmetries, the distribution of the primes, dimensionality and hyper-dimensional forms, and here, waves. Perhaps this is because we have some subconscious appreciation for their importance, or maybe it’s just through social conditioning and the fact that they are usually common forms because of their irreducibility. The idea seemed like a simple one visually, so I wanted to create a simple classic synth approach musically, and find a strong retro aesthetic visually to match. Tom Hodge added some Fender Rhodes noodling for extra retro feel, and Kevin McGloughlin nailed the visual approach with a great technique for presenting waves as the product of strong moving lines in a simple colour scheme. Some of the video work reminds me of 60’s or 70’s modernist imagery, which fit right in musically. I chose the concept of waves for part of the Emergence story, because they are a very important idea in much of our understanding of the world around us, and within us. They form the basis of light and wireless communications, and our source of energy from the sun which creates almost all plant and animal life. Our best understanding of the fundamental nature of reality at the smallest scales is purely waves, apparently. And even the process of neuronal action that produces our awareness relies on waves of charge flow created by forces which are supposedly themselves mediated by waves - the virtual photon, a massless wave (i.e. light), being the force carrier of the electromagnetic charge which shunts particles around inside your neurones to make you think. And then there’s the more familiar waves that can dump you under and make you swallow some rank sea water. In addition to all of that, waves are also the basis of music - waves in the air, that is, sound, structured with symmetries. Much the same as with thinking about symmetry for that chapter of the Emergence story, it turns out that music shares a lot in common with our visual aesthetic preferences, and both are deeply rooted in principles of nature illuminated by science. There are different ways in which waves can operate, and what constitutes a wave at all, with or without a medium for example. But they all seem to involve energy transfer without needing the transfer of physical mass - like you can see in the video, the mass (each particle, or a charge) moves up and down on a single axis, and the wave, and energy, is propagated through the medium by these point oscillations. - Max Some words from Kevin McGloughlin on the project "I had been toying with ideas of emerging patterns from minimal configurations when Max Cooper contacted me to be involved in a video project. I initially pitched these ideas for a different track on 'Emergence'. Max swiftly seen intertwined concepts within our work and suggested using the ideas for the track 'Waves'. On hearing the concept for the track, 'Waves' seemed the perfect fit. My approach was to remain minimal and fluid with inspiration from the great Norman McLaren. I used only one element of animation for the entire clip (the initial line, in three colours). I gradually used multiples of this element and offset the times. Every form in the video was built from this initial line animation in a flat 2D space. I decided to limit the piece to three bold colours in a 2D environment in an effort to convey the idea that even in this limited space with limited material, these forms still have a capacity to create a wide variety of patterns and complexities, in part taking on the appearance of 3D depth. I felt these attributes demonstrated aesthetically and conceptually the core ideas within Waves." Waves out now on Mesh / Emergence LP preorder:
In May 1988, girlfriends Claudia Brenner and Rebecca Wight were attacked while hiking the Appalachian Trail by a 'mountain man' named Stephen Roy Carr. IN THE HOLLOW tells the story of the shooting, Wight's death, and Brenner's desperate survival (and later transformation into an advocate for hate crime legislation in the U.S.) as she returns to the trail for the first time since the shooting. The film combines documentary and narrative film elements, using the actual locations on the trail and dramatizations written by Claudia Brenner and director/screenwriter Austin Bunn based on her testimony. The film follows Brenner as she hikes the Appalachian Trail in search of the site of the shooting and path of her survival. Director/Co-Writer/Editor - Austin Bunn Producers: Austin Bunn, Robert Hazen, Spencer Gillis, Chris Cocco Director of Photography: Spencer Gillis *SHORT OF THE WEEK* Screenings Inside Out (Premiere) (Toronto, CA), 2015 (Audience Award – Best Short Documentary) Honolulu Rainbow LGBT Film Festival (HI), 2015 Out East, Halifax (NS), 2015 Frameline 39, San Francisco (CA), 2015 Provincetown International Film Festival (MA) 2015 Sidewalk/Shout Film Festival, Birmingham (AL), 2015 DocUTAH, St. George, Utah, 2015 Milwaukee International Film Festival (WI), 2015 Atlanta Out On Film Festival (GA), 2015. (Jury Award - Best Short Film) IRIS Prize Festival, Wales, UK, 2015 (Runner Up – Best Short Film) ImageOut Rochester LGBT Film Festival, 2015 Top Drawer – Dayton LGBT Film Festival (OH), 2015 (Audience Award – Best Short Film) Sacramento International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (CA), 2015 ReelQ Film Festival, Pittsburgh (PA) 2015 MiFo LGBT Film Festival - 7th Annual Fort Lauderdale Edition, 2015 (Audience Award – Best Short Film, Jury Award – Best Short Film Runner Up) NewFest: The NYC LGBT Film Festival (NY), 2015 (Audience Award – Best Documentary Short) Queer Film Festival MEZIPATRA, Prague and Brno, Czech Republic, 2015 Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Huntington (NY), 2015 USN|expo 2015 - Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival (Italy) (Jury Prize – Best Documentary Short) San Francisco Indie Fest (CA), 2016 Mardi Gras Film Festival - Sydney, Australia, 2016 Roze Filmdagen; Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival, 2016 Queens World Film Festival (NY), 2016 (Best Short Documentary) Queer Vision Bristol Pride (Bristol, UK), 2016 London LGBT Film Festival (CA), 2016 Dyke Drama Film Festival (Perth, Australia), 2016 Rio Gender & Sexuality Film Festival, Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) 2016 GAZE International LGBT Film Festival Dublin (Ireland), 2016 North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Durham, NC) (Jury Award:  Best Documentary Short Subject) QUEERSICHT Film Festival (Bern, Switzerland), 2016 Indiana Cares Campaign (PA), 2016
A Film by Richard Valk & Freek Zonderland Festivals Spain VI FEC. Villamayor de Cine! Prices: Best Foreign Film - Audience Award IKUSKA 2013 Price: Best Script FICHA CORTOS DE LA SOLANA ALCORTO USA Hamptons International Film Festival Richmond International Film Festival Mid-Atlantic Film Fest in Norfolk Mexico Festival Internacional Cinematográfico de Toluca 2013 UK UK Film Festival Short Film Official Selection Nomination for Best Director The Netherlands Dutch Film Festival Cast Bart Klever José Kuijpers Loek Beernink Joost Buitenweg Tijl Beckand Mikael Martin Odette van der Molen Composer Iris Hond Sound Design Michiel Eilbracht About Rode Gordijnen (Red Curtains) 'Rode Gordijnen' is a film about a man who tries to breathe new life into his out of touch relationship with his wife. Both characters seem to have reconciled themselves to their extinguished marriage: they have simply stopped communicating. But along the way their attitude towards each other, and towards their surroundings, changes substantially. One thing however remains the same: they still don’t talk. ABOUT US Rode Gordijnen (Red Curtains) is a short film by two enthusiastic initiators: director and producer Richard Valk and cameraman Feek Zonderland. This project is realised with the support of the experienced film producer Margot Nicolaes. In 1992 Richard started his company Valk producties. Initially as director but later also as a producer. He started out with television programmes as Lolapaloeza, Jules Unlimited, 2 Meter Sessions and various short and longer fiction films and documentaries. He is now director and producer of fiction, nonfiction, animation and music production. In 2010 Freek started his film production company FreekFilms, and he is attracting much attention ever since. He operates in very different fields, and works, among other things, for the VPRO, a Dutch national station. Shooting fiction is his real passion. Richard and Freek worked together on a film already once before. This collaboration worked out so well that they decided to gather together the same enthusiastic crew in order to make the short film Rode Gordijnen (Red Curtains)