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*影像工作邀約來信請至 (Outerspace studio) Any work invitations please mail us: Singer Zhang Liangying, portrays the role of an office lady and was presented at the beginning of the story. This unlucky lady was blamed by her boss over the phone when she visited the Art Institute of Chicago. Suddenly, she enters a world of famous paintings, and was on her way to a fantastic adventure. In this MV, we try to connect 12 world-known paintings through interesting and smooth transitions. The original values of those paintings are re-defined. For example, Van Gogh’s ear is bitten by Mike Tyson; when the girl in the Gleaners looks up, she becomes the Girl with A Pearl Earring; the two men in black at the end of the bridge in the Scream by Edvard Munch are actually MIB, and they scream because they see the big monster in the painting of Dali; and the man in suit sitting with his back to us in the lonely café of the last painting Nighthawks, is Dali, and so on. The 3D effect of those famous paintings is the largest challenge in this MV. We invited excellent artists to contribute their ideas and skills on all the scenes, costumes, actors and the singer. The innovative shooting methods are extremely experimental, which seems crazy! Although the concept of the script is radical, weird and wild, the revival of paintings, the integration of the new and the old, the copy of painting lines and the texture presentation in the production process are all challenges. The traditional arts and aesthetics are supported by creativity, and innovative story line and the overwhelming CG are integrated. The MV was made possible through the efforts of experts in various fields. We hope you enjoy it! The list of paintings and artists used in the MV: 1. Edward Hopper – Nighthawks 2. Vincent Willem van Gogh 3. Jean-François Millet- Des glaneuses 4. Johannes Vermeer-Het meisje met de parel 5.Andrew Nowell Wyeth-Christina's World 6.Georges-Pierre Seurat-Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte 7. Edvard Munch-Skrik 8.alvador Dali-A Tentação de Santo Antônio 9. The marches of summer 10. Maurits Cornelis Escher-Ascending and descending 11. Maurits Cornelis Escher- Gallery 12. Magritte Rene-The Son of Man 13. Salvador Dali * As for the 13th painting, the explosion at 1:35 of the MV adopts the style of Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama. 故事的開始,從歌手張靚穎所扮演的OL上班族拉開序幕,電話那頭傳來老闆的責駡,正在逛芝加哥美術館( Art Institute of Chicago)的倒楣OL,莫名闖入名畫的世界,展開一連串不可思議的奇幻冒險。 此MV我們嘗試以有趣流暢的轉場,貫穿12幅世界名畫,並且顛覆改寫原先名畫的世界觀,做出了全新的定義,例如:梵谷的耳朵原來是被拳王泰森給咬下來的、拾穗中間彎著腰的女性抬起頭來,原來是戴珍珠耳環的少女、孟克吶喊那座橋後方的兩個黑衣人原來是MIB,而吶喊的原因是看到了達利畫中的巨大神獸所以尖叫吶喊、而最後名畫Nighthawks寂寞咖啡廳裡背對西裝男,竟然是達利的背影……等等。 為了讓平面經典以3D重現,將名畫"立體化"是此次MV最大的挑戰,我們找來了優秀的藝術畫家們,將所有看的到的搭景、服裝、甚至演員與歌手全都畫上了"筆觸","極不正常"的MV拍攝手法,極度實驗性的拍攝現場,只有瘋狂! 雖然劇本創意不按牌理出牌,也可以說非常"前衛另類&狂野",但回歸現實製作層面,如何呈現畫作本質並賦予新的生命,新舊衝突的融合、筆觸的臨摹、質感呈現更是實際我們要克服的一大挑戰。以正統藝術與美感為基底,創意為輔,融入超展開的惡搞劇情,加上目不暇給的CG動畫特效,這是各方專業跨界努力後的成果,請開心享用! 此外,值得一提的是歌手張靚穎的勇氣與野心,沒有底線、不給創作者任何框架的創作空間,就算是被顏料畫得面目全非也盡力配合,求得只是一個創意的完整,這是身為一個主流歌手非常難能可貴的,你去看看那些主流的CD封面或MV就可充分瞭解這其中的突破了,華語歌手總是被要求臉要清楚、要大、要美、舞蹈要好記.....創意總是被放在很後面,而這MV最令人振奮的是,我們終於可以把創意放在第一位了!!! --------------------------------------------------- 深度解密!!! 翻玩名畫與藝術家一覽: *事發地點-芝加哥美術館( The Art Institute of Chicago ) 名畫1.愛德華•霍普-夜遊者(Edward Hopper – Nighthawks) 名畫2.梵谷-自畫像(Vincent Willem Van Gogh Museum) VAN GOGH Van Gogh Museum La Oreja de Van Gogh - Oficial *亂入彩蛋-拳王泰森 名畫3.米勒-拾穗( Jean-François Millet- Des glaneuses) 名畫4.楊•維梅爾-戴珍珠耳環的少女( Johannes Vermeer -Het meisje met de parel) 名畫5.安德魯•魏斯-克莉絲蒂娜的世界 ( @Andrew Nowell Wyeth -Christina's World) 名畫6.喬治•秀拉-大碗島的星期天下午 ( Georges -Pierre Seurat-Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte) 名畫7.孟克-吶喊(Edvard Munch -Skrik) *亂入彩蛋-MIB Men In Black 名畫8.達利-聖安東尼的誘惑(Salvador Dali-A Tentação de Santo Antônio) Salvador Dalí 名畫9.瑪格利特-馬奇的夏天( Magritte Rene-The marches of summer ) 名畫10.艾雪-上下階梯(Maurits Cornelis Escher-Ascending and descending) 莫里茲·柯尼利斯·艾雪 名畫11.艾雪-畫廊(Maurits Cornelis Escher- Gallery) 名畫12.瑪格利特-人子(Magritte Rene-The Son of Man) *偉大藝術家-達利像(Salvador Dali) *關於隱藏的第13幅藝術品: 在MV的1:35秒處點描派的爆炸瞬間,也展示了日本知名藝術家-草間彌生擅長的表現方式與符號
A 10-year-old boy sets off on a long-promised adventure with his father to discover Europe’s biggest dam. But as they progress, harbored feelings surface and their relationship is put to a test. The dam they eventually face is not the one initially dreamed of. A film by Samuel Grandchamp -- *Winner Golden Leopard for Best Short Film at the 2015 Locarno International Film Festival* *Winner Best Screenplay at the 2016 First Run Festival* *Winner Best Film Swiss Made at Shnit International Short Film Festival* *Winner 3rd Place Luzern Prize at Upcoming Filmmakers* *Winner Best Directing at Upcoming Filmmakers* *Oscar-Qualified for Live Action Short Film 2016* Hong Kong International Film Festival, International Competition Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, International Competition Palm Springs ShortFest, Official Selection Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Children and Youth Competition Seattle International Film Festival, Official Selection Sarasota Film Festival, Official Selection Madrid International Film Festiva, International Competition Belo Horizonte Film Festival, Official Selection Leuven International Short Film Festival, European Competition Solothurn Film Festival, Upcoming Talents Competition Belgrade Film Festival, New Cinematic Voices Huesca International Film Festival, International Competition Bamberger Kurzfilmtage, International Competition Moscow "2morrow" International Film Festival, International Competition Film Festival della Lessinia, International Competition -- With Alessio Balossi, Pascal Gravat and Natacha Koutchoumov Written and directed by Samuel Grandchamp Produced by Reinaldo Marcus Green Cinematography by Federico Cesca A ViceVersal Productions film With the participation of NYU Tisch School of the Arts and Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne (ECAL)
"Big whirls have little whirls that feed on their velocity, and little whirls have lesser whirls, and so on to viscosity." - Meteorologist Lewis Fry Richardson ("Weather Prediction by Numerical Process." Cambrige University Press, 1922) This quote sums up perfectly what I've come to realize about weather and storms over the past 10 years of studying, forecasting and chasing them, and the part that I find most fascinating. On each scale level from synoptic-scale, which covers areas the size of multiple states, all the way down to micro-scale, which could be an area as small as your backyard, the fluid which we call air abides by the same universal physical laws of nature and thus acts in a very similar manner and patterns. A cold front, for example, is a phenomenon which is widely understood to mean a large scale line of advancing cold air, hundreds of miles long, along which supercell thunderstorms sometimes form. Within these smaller storm-scale environments, something called a rear-flank gust front forms on the southern end of the low pressure area of the mesocyclone, where the rain cooled air wraps around. This is effectively a storm's cold front. The cool air is more dense than the warm air, and because of this, advances into the region of lower density, just like the larger cold front on which the storm formed. The stunning supercell storm structure we see is along these relatively small, storm-scale cold fronts. This is what forms the "hook" on radar. Here, just as with the larger scale weather systems, the wedge of denser cool air at the surface meets the warm, moist, buoyant air in front of a storm, forcing it aloft and through the cap where the potential energy is realized. Given the right conditions, this development can be explosive. The ingredient based explanation for supercells includes moisture, wind shear, instability and lift. I prefer to focus on the big picture. Supercell thunderstorms are a manifestation of nature's attempt to correct an extreme imbalance. The ever ongoing effort to reach equilibrium, or viscosity, is what drives all of our weather. The force with which the atmosphere tries to correct this imbalance is proportional to the gradient. In other words, the more extreme the imbalance, the more extreme the storm. While Richardson's quote is more regarding turbulence than thermodynamics, his theory from nearly 100 years ago that our atmosphere behaves as a fractal has turned out to be spot on. A "top down" transfer of energy and behavior occurs, resulting in a Russian nesting doll of smaller scale systems that bear a striking resemblance to the larger. I would like to offer a special thanks to my good friend Kevin X Barth who helped me edit this together, and found some semblance of a story arc in many disparate pieces. Kevin is an amazingly talented and creative artist in his own right, having won an Emmy as the editor of the ESPN 30 for 30 film WHEN THE GARDEN WAS EDEN. Check out his website if you're looking for an excellent editor or director for your project: A big thanks to Tom Lowe as well, without whom I would probably still be trying to figure out what an intervelometer is. Tom is the mastermind behind Timescapes, the revolutionary timelapse film from a few years ago. He was kind enough to share his wealth of knowledge​, as well as some camera gear.
Une société d'humains se comportant comme des animaux se trouve bouleversée par l'arrivée d'un nouveau protagoniste. A society of humans acting like animals is upset by the arrival of a new member. MOPA 2015 Like us on Facebook --> Learn more on our website --> Réalisation : Julie Artigny Lisa Bouët Florent Bossoutrot Claire Courrier Camille Savary - Prix - Prix du Meilleur Film d’Animation du Festival International du film Fantastique d’Audincourt / Bloody Week-end - Sélections - Festival International du Court Métrage de Lille - Lille - Compétition officielle Panam Anim - Paris - Compétition officielle Melbourne International Animation Festival - Melbourne - Student Competition Leiden International Short Film Experience - Leiden - Official program Festival international d'art vidéo - Casablanca - Compétition officielle Festival international du cinéma et de l'éducation - Fès - Compétition officielle Golden kuker-Sofia / International Animation Film Festival - Sofia - Official program Les Intergalactiques / Festival de science-fiction - Lyon - Projections courts métrages Bloody Week-end / Festival International du film Fantastique d'Audincourt - Audincourt - Compétition internationale Festival du Film Subversif - Metz - Compétition "Les juniors" Festival de l'Acharnière - Lille - Compétition officielle Projecion courte - Meaux - Compétition officielle Animanima Festival - Cercak - World Panorama BuSho -Budapest - Official competition Cartón - Buenos Aires - Selección Oficial Animasyros 9.0 / International Animation Festival + Agora - Syros - Student competition Anima Mundi - Sao Paolo / Rio - Short film program Animest / International animation film festival - Bucharest - Creepy Animation Night program Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie - Grand Moncton - Compétition officielle SPASM Festival - Montréal - Compétition officielle Nuit blanche à Montréal - Montréal - Best-of OderKurz-Filmspektakel - Oderaue - Official program
Däwit (Daewit) animated short film 15min A wood cut animation short film about a wolf child, an angel and a cat. WEBSITE: WINNER Grand Prix Animation (national) / Filmfest Dresden, Germany WINNER ARTE Film Prize / Filmfest Dresden, Germany WINNER First Prize Animation / River Film Festival, Italy WINNER Best Animation / New Jersey Film Festival (Fall Edition), USA WINNER Best Animation / Marbella International Film Festival, Spain WINNER Best 2D Animation / Banjaluka - The May Festival of Animated Film, Bosnia & Herzegovina WINNER Non-Genre Award / Creator’s Factory at Kyoto International Film, Japan WINNER Jury Award / Young Creation Bremen, Germany WINNER Audience Award / Young Creation Bremen, Germany WINNER Special Mention / Arlington International Film Festival, USA WINNER Honorable Mention / Ojai Film Festival, USA WINNER Best Animation / Weyauwega International Film Festival, USA WINNER Best Animated Short Feature / Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, USA WINNER Best Animation / In The Place International Short Film Festival, Bulgaria WINNER Best Animation / Arizona International Film Festival WINNER Platinum Reel Award / Nevada International Film Festival WINNER Best Animation / Eindhoven Film Festival Selection of Festivals: OFFICIAL SELECTION Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying) OFFICIAL SELECTION Hongkong International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Athens International Film Festival, Ohio (Oscar Qualifying) OFFICIAL SELECTION Filmfest Dresden OFFICIAL SELECTION Oberhausen Short Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying) OFFICIAL SELECTION Stuttgart International Animation Festival (Oscar Qualifying) OFFICIAL SELECTION Hamburg International Short Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Melbourne International Animation Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Animation Block Party OFFICIAL SELECTION Flickers: Rhode Island Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying) OFFICIAL SELECTION DokuFest Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Holly Shorts Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying) OFFICIAL SELECTION Expotoons Buenos Aires OFFICIAL SELECTION Animanima International Animation Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION DC Short Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION New Jersey Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Oldenburg International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION flEXiff - Experimental International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION 2ANNAS - Riga International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Ars Independent Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Athens International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION AnimaSyros OFFICIAL SELECTION IndieCork World Shorts OFFICIAL SELECTION Cinemagic International Film Festival Young People OFFICIAL SELECTION Chicago International Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying) OFFICIAL SELECTION Naoussa International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Aesthetica Short Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Interfilm Short Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Ojai Film Festival, USA OFFICIAL SELECTION Weyauwega International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION SICAF - Seoul Best of the Best Animation OFFICIAL SELECTION Angers First Film Festival d'Angers OFFICIAL SELECTION Ann Arbor International Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying) OFFICIAL SELECTION Mill Valley Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION RICA Wissembourg OFFICIAL SELECTION Traverse Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Fajr International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Ashland Independent Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Tallgrass Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Arpa International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Istanbul International Short Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Akbank International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Roshd International Film Festival, Teheran OFFICIAL SELECTION VOID Animation Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche OFFICIAL SELECTION Tehran Animation Festival FINALIST Japan Prize 2016 FINALIST NFMLA Awards - New Filmmakers L.A. 2017 SPECIAL SCREENING Nordic Film Days Lubeck SPECIAL SCREENING Gijon International Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying) SPECIAL SCREENING Carthage Film Festival SPECIAL SCREENING Shorts Mexico BEST OF THE WORLD Hiroshima Animation Festival (Oscar Qualifying) Director: David Jansen Producer: Fabian Driehorst Animation, Script: David Jansen, Sophie Biesenbach Sound Music: Marcus Zilz Production Company: Fabian&Fred Funding: Film- & Medienstiftung NRW © 2015 Fabian&Fred