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A young boy discovers the stone head of an ancient black English king buried in the Dartmoor countryside. Throughout his childhood he idolises the king, the discovery comes to define his whole identity. But as an adult he comes to realise that his recollection of the head and the king are false memories. Directed by Zhang + Knight Producer - Martha McGuirk Executive Producer - Luke Tierney Production Manager - Alex Jefferson Production Co-Ordinator - Hayder Hoozeer Production Assistant - Natalie Steiner Casting - Charlotte Lowdell 1st Assistant Director - Tom Lancaster 2nd Assistant Director - Darren Baba Cinematographer - Ruben Woodin-Dechamps Steadicam Operator - James Chesterton 1st Assistant Camera - Rich Savage 2nd Assistant Camera - Francesca Zucchini Camera Trainee - Christopher J Orr 1st Assistant Camera (pickup) - Cristina Cretu Gaffer - Peter Bishop Art Director - Zoë Klinck King Eke’s Head - Rod Vass King Eke’s Head - Lois Vass Historical Tablet Designer - Kate Klinck Historical Tablet Printer - Ge Feng Prop Delivery - Frank Luscott Costume Designer - Taff Williamson Styling Assistant - Sara Mtimet Editor - Ellie Johnson (tenthree) Colourist - Daniel De Vue (glassworks) Post House - Glassworks Post Producer - Victoria Taylor 3d VFX Artist - Julian Johnson 2d VFX Artist - Leanne Pletersky Additional VFX - Ling Ling Sound Design - Robert Ashton Catering - Dawn Vooght (delicious dartmoor) Runner - Billy Langdown Runner - Chantal Miles Runner - Drew Graver Runner - Ben Cohen Young Ato - Charlie Cunningham King Eke - Cornell John Grandma - Karole Bilas Queen Eke - Shereen Russell King's Advisor - Trevor Lewis King's Advisor - Daniel Childs King's Child - Memphis Dixon King's Child - Joshua JL King's Child - Kyal Madiba King's Child - Johnathan King's Child - Leon Bus Passenger - Darrell Bilas Bus Passenger - Andrew Bilas Bus Passenger - Stephen Shephead Bus Passenger - Mike Howdle Bus Passenger - Elizabeth Low Special Thanks Luke Jacobs Aleks Ugarow Craig Game George Rumsey Matt Suddaby Brenda + Joe Cunningham John Dracup + Dracup Family Kelly Amundsen Shaylah Duncan Stijni Mulder (Headland Warren Farm) Jean Avery Seraphine Tumbridge Jonathon Ng Dartmoor Annex Panavision Panalux Wavend Produced by FRIEND London
TEMPLE is a conceptual monochrome short film, following skateboarder Sammy Montano on a journey through the Balkans and its fallen monuments. It was essential to transcribe them with respect according to our vision, to spiritualize the expression of their magnificent forms, timeless aesthetics and monumental dimensions. Confronting them with skateboarding allowed us to animate this notion of freedom and exploration. Sammy Montano places himself as a central witness, being both the representation of this quest but also its outcome. It represents the doubt that animates each of us in the face of the unknown and this constantly renewed desire to take step in search of the answers to our deepest beliefs. This film is a personal art project, a pure reverence and tribute to these monuments, better known as « Spomeniks » and their legacy. Learn more about these beautiful structures and the history of the people who built them via the Spomenik Database: Written and Directed by Pierre David & Douglas Guillot Starring Sammy Montano Produced by Cavalerie Director of Photography Douglas Guillot & Pierre David 16mm Camera operator Yentl Touboul Music Composer & Sound Designer Paul Sabin Voice Over by Douglas Rand @ Studio 31dB Sound Mixing by Francesco Porcellana @ Studio 31dB Art Direction Michal Sukup Technical Support by Vantage Paris Thanks to Josh Barrow • Anton Myhrvold • Stéphane Quester • Marina Jego • Arsene Lefrancois • Kodak Film London Shot on RED EPIC W w/ Hawk Anamorphic V-lite Vintage '74 x1.3 • Bolex Rex5 Super 16 MUSIC : All rights included @Paul Sabin @Flower duet "Audio Network Limited" @ritual production "Drug Cult" @@31Db Studio - Nilla Pizzi Buy it here :
Original Track Produced by Brodinski & Joan Mael Peneau @ Saint Gohard Studio Written & Performed by Peewee Longway Mixed by Eric Najar Mastered by Sam John @ Precise Cast: Simon Kotyk, Pierreck Destrebeck, Edward Jackson, Bo Hope, Peter Dach Director: Pavel Brenner Cinematographer: Christopher Ripley Executive Producers: Salim El Arja, Jordan Cardoso Producer: Julia Kostenevich Associate Producer: Jean Kim Production Company: Couscous Saumon Production Designer: Pierre Pell Set Decorator: Eloise Ayalla Costume Designer: Penelope Strintz Storyboard Artist: Joy Sun Poster Layout Artist: Joy Sun Poster Color/Lighting Artist: Aleksandr Brodsky Poster Illustrator: Maxim Kozhevnikov Editor: Flora Volpeliere Makeup Department Head: Amy Mary Wilson Stunt Coordinator: Tim Mikulecky 1st AD: Siddarth Prakhash 1st AC: Jacob Perry Steadicam Operator: Parker Brooks Gaffer: Genevieve Evans Best Boy: Sebastian Love Key Grip: John Nguyen Visual Effects Supervisor: Max Colt Visual Effects Editor: Gloria FX Visual Effects Producer: Dmytro Nekrasov Visual Effects Art Director: Tomysh Kuzmytskyi Post Production Supervisor: Salim El Arja Sound Mixer: Gabe Stewart Sound Design: Smider Re-recording Mixer: Nicolas Petitfrere Sound Effects Editor: Daniele Del Virgilo Production Assistant: Maria Aus Catering: Naima Genitempo Accountant: Franck Roy Special thanks to Brodinski, Will Hoopes, Kim Chapiron, Cooper Vacheron, Kodak, Metropolis Post, Deck of Aces, Smider and Gloria FX
Working late is a killer! Stuck at the office working overtime, Ralph must race home before nightfall... or his terrible secret will be let loose. * * * * * Awards/Accolades: SPECIAL MENTION: Celluloid Screams - 2016 AWGIE NOMINEE: Australian Writers Guild - 2016 SPECIAL MENTION: Fantastic Fest - 2016 OPENING NIGHT FILM: St Kilda Film Festival - 2016 Official Selection: Vimeo Staff Pick: Online - 2018 Film Shortage: Online - 2018 Film Front: Novi Sad, Serbia - 2017 Shnit: Worldwide - 2017 SPASM: Montreal, Canada - 2017 Létrange: Paris, France - 2017 Popcorn Frights: Miami, USA - 2017 Scare LA: Los Angeles, USA - 2017 Grossman: Ljutomer, Slovenia - 2017 Imagine: Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2017 Florida Film Festival: South Orlando, USA - 2017 Film Fest Petaluma: Petaluma, USA - 2017 Landshut Short Film Festival: Landshut, Germany - 2017 Portland International Film Festival: Portland, USA - 2017 Flickerfest: Sydney, Australia - 2017 Ithaca Fantastik: Ithaca, USA - 2016 Another Hole in the Head: San Francisco, USA - 2016 Celluloid Screams: Sheffield, UK - 2016 Horror Show Hot Dog: Twin Cities, USA 2016 ScreamFest LA: Los Angeles, USA - 2016 Telluride Horror Show: Colorado, USA - 2016 Fantastic Fest: Texas, USA - 2016 Manhattan Short: Worldwide - 2016 Cinefest Oz: Perth, Australia - 2016 Fantasia: Montreal, Canada - 2016 Palm Springs: Palm Springs, USA - 2016 St Kilda Film Festival: Melbourne, Australia - 2016