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In January 2017, the USA Men’s Rafting Team set their sights on making history by attempting to break a legendary speed record down 277 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Their goal was 34 hours. 34 hours…straight. Throughout 2016, we sporadically followed these scrappy, determined guys on their quest…training hard, designing their custom boat, and gaining perspective on what it means to attempt something extraordinary on one of the world’s most breathtaking stages. The film is a collaboration with Forest Woodward and Brendan Leonard....and would not have been possible without their important contributions of images, words, guidance, energy, feedback, and Yelp-worthy restaurant knowledge. The film was supported by Chacos Footwear in association with REI + YETI + NRS + Jack's Plastic Welding + Cataract Oars. edit + motion graphics + sound design // jordan ingram ...*insert emoji praise hands here...actually, I guess I can do it.... 🙌...haha, thanks for following the bubble line through many rapids…into the witching hour and beyond. your patience + skill took this film to the next level. camera + audio // shawn tyler *thanks for the hustle + muddy magic timelapse // andrew geraci (district 7 media) *chaser of shadow stallions - thanks for everything. local footage + additional timelapse // robert prechtl *the mortar between the bricks. that vacuum/guitar shot was a tiny miracle. production assistance + additional audio // kyle king additional footage // harlan taney, jordan ingram, doug woodward additional audio mixing // dave swanson (legend studios) aerials // tommy + elizabeth wessel (above view images) permitting + consulting + river support // 4 corner films - Hualapai Tribe - Grand Canyon Resort Corporation - The Navajo Nation - BLM - Dept. of the Interior - National Parks Service - Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands...oh yeah, and Officer D. Gagna of the Arizona Highway Patrol *thanks for not giving us a speeding ticket :) music // (see credits for tracklist) camera support // support from // OMEAL - Honey Stinger - Big Agnes - Black Diamond - Sawyer - Smartwool - Suunto - Goat Training - Ripple Effect - Lakota Guides - Grayl special thanks // backbone media - andy baxter - brian dierker - kevin fedarko - josh weichhand - lindsay kurt-mason special thanks and HUGE RESPECT to the USA MEN'S RAFTING TEAM + their families // Seth Mason - John Mark Seelig - Kurt Kincel - Ian Anderson - Matt Norfleet - Robert Prechtl - Jeremiah Williams - Marty Borges
In times like these, in which man dominates nature so heavily, untouchedness, wilderness and loneliness are more and more rare. Thus the true values of freeriding also vanish. In times like these, real adventures threaten to be replaced by virtual experiences in front of computer- and TV-displays. But they still exist - the magical places. Winter landscapes of such extraordinary beauty and seclusion, which seemed to be lost. Places that show us what we have lost in the presence of civilization and consumption. A place with this extraordinary charm is the village of Bakhmaro in Georgia. Well hidden at 2,000 meters altitude in the small Caucasus. A village, which due to its inaccessibility rests every year in the deepest winter sleep. Due to a 15 kilometer long pass road and the lack of heavy machinery and snowblowers, this road can not be cleared of snow from October to May. And that in the midst of a region blessed by snowfalls of incredible proportions. A treeskiing dream and powder therapy at the same time for every real freeride addict. Backcountry-skiing without any competitors. Lonely lines and runs, which you can enjoy stress-free and which are snowed nearly daily by new snowfalls. Basis for this experience are the following things: a pistenbully or motors sleds with which climbing the pass road is possible, a rustic wooden hut, which can be inhabited in the seclusion of the village, a few tons of wood, to keep fires in the cast-iron stoves in the house burning, the help of local people, with which you get food, water and diesel from the valley to the remote mountain village and a big portion of adventure spirit. If you cross the gate to this winter paradise in the Lesser Caucasus, you return to originality, simplicity, freedom and true beauty. Our plan was to stay one week, finally it ended in four weeks. Thank you Bakhmaro. You have awakened us and reduced us to the roots of Freeride. Sleep on now. Many thanks for the great music to "Moderat" from Berlin and their song "Intruder"