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« Pujottelua » (Official Music Video) from the album SIIPI EMPII released April 6th 2018 on Leaving Records Inspired by an excerpt of a text by Jan Anderzen: « Once I zoomed infinitely into a single pixel and felt a path open, leading to the source of an unnamed nutriment. » Full Text bellow BANDCAMP: VINYL: On a lovely flower I land to catch my breath. I rest my wings and enjoy a few drops of nutritional gruel. I'm observing the nature fooling around with cryptic coloration, the effects of color and light. A bird's coloring is made up of singular plumes and feathers... like a mosaic. I'm contemplating the masquerade of a hunter dressed up in camouflage and screaming bright orange. Once I saw a seagull and thought it was an angel. Once I zoomed infinitely into a single pixel and felt a path open, leading to the source of an unnamed nutriment. The sun has inspired tons of art, like the tanning bed for example. It is all nature! Bless the whole world!  I flew over a wall separating the city and the woods. On it some naked witches were rehearsing their balance beam routines. I flew over a monastery and saw people gathering to form amplifiers for prayer. I flew over a lawn marking the spot where there's no need to grow food. On the silk road I saw a truck carrying the cotton fabrics printed for Jan Anderzén.  I'm on a true meadow. I'm aware that love gives you wings and that any flap of my wings may cause a tornado in some faraway land. Shattered bridges flying through the air, flocks of cars swiped into the ocean. My wings are closed, rubbing against each other in a circular motion – producing some small blithe rattle pitched too high for the human ear to catch. Jan Anderzen
Making-of and outtakes / o Making of e cenas extras: Behind a green screen, a foreigner finds his way in an enchanting - and yet turbulent - Brazil. Where the streets are a stage for politics, art and affection, a gringo can only watch. The result is a mixtape-portrait of modern day Brazil seen through the eyes of the visitor. Atrás de uma tela verde, o estrangeiro percorre os labirintos de um turbulento - porém encantador - Brasil. Quando as ruas são palcos de política, arte e afetos, cabe a um gringo apenas observar. Distributed by / Distribuído por: SomeShorts Contact / Contato: Wouter Jansen - Directed, filmed and edited by / Dirigido filmado e editado por: Douwe Dijkstra Audio mix and sounddesign / Design de som e mixagem: Rob Peters Title design / Design de título: Bas Koopmans & Nuno Beijinho Color grading / Gradação de cores: Wieger Steenhuis Music / Música: Pedrowl, Lia Clark, Stefanini and O Terno Made with the support of / Realizado com o apoio de: IMPAKT Festival Utrecht, São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound and the Government of São Paulo Awards / Prêmios: Prix in Labo Competition – Clermont Ferrand Int Short Film Festival 2017 Bill Douglas award for international short film – Glasgow Short Film Festival 2017 Best Documentary – Vilnius Int Short Film Festival 2017 Best Sound Design and Music – Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam 2017 Best Glocal Propose Award - Seoul Int New Media Festival 2017 Special Jury Prize - Concorto Short Film Festival 2017 Best Experimental Short Film - Bolton Film Festival 2017 Best Contemporary Experimental Short - Sapporo Int Short Film Festival 2017 Green S.O.S. Award - Kaohsiung Film Festival 2017 Third Prize in European Competition – Alcine Festival Int de Cine 2017 Mathieu Hoche Prize for Best Documentary - Festival Int du Film d'Aubagne 2018 Special Mention for Best Experimental Film - Lago Film Fest 2017 Special Jury Mention - Timishort Film Festival 2017 Festivals / Festivais:
Directors : Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Romain Segaud Production : Tapioca Films Based on « Chanson des escargots qui vont à l’enterrement » poem by Jacques Prévert, Gallimard Editions Script : Jean-Pierre Jeunet Dialogue : Jacques Prévert Animation : Romain Segaud Creatures: Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Inspired by Jephan de Villiers work of art Music : Raphaël Beau Line Producer : Emmanuelle Sterpin, Marjorie Orth Photographer : Elske Koelstra Head Film Editor : Julien Lecat Sound Recordist : Julien Lecat Sound Effects Editor : Sélim Azazi Re recording Mixer : Vincent Arnardi Colorist : Didier Lefouest English Translation: Victoria Britten Cast : Sarah Bauer, Jean-Pierre Becker, Dominique Bettenfeld, Urbain Cancelier, Clovis Cornillac, Lorànt Deutsch, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Albert Dupontel, Marina Fois, Youssef Hajdi, Irène Jacob, Mathieu Kassovitz, Jérôme Kircher, Nicolas Marié, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Laure Marsac, Serge Merlin, Yolande Moreau, Chantal Neuwirth, Patrick Paroux, Claude Perron, Ludovic Pinette, Dominique Pinon, Audrey Tautou, Florence Thomassin, Juliette Wiatr Distributor : La maison du Film Court English Translation : For a dead leaf's funeral Two snails set off They've blacked up their shells Put black bands on their horns They set off in the evening A lovely autumn eve Alas, when they arrive Spring has already come The leaves, which were dead Have all come back to life And the two snails Are very downhearted But out comes the sun And the sun says to them Take, take the trouble The trouble to sit down Take a glass of beer If that's what you fancy Take, if you'd like to The coach up to Paris It's leaving tonight You'll see the world But don't wear mourning You mark my words It makes you look ugly And blacks out your eyes All this coffin business Is grim and not nice Take back your colours The colours of life And then all the animals Trees and plants too Break out into song And sing loud and true They sing the song of life The song of summer And they all have a drink And their glasses they clink It's a beautiful evening A lovely summer's eve And so our two snails Back for home they leave They leave full of emotion They leave full of joy And they leave full of beer So they stumble and swoon But up in the sky Looking down is the moon
Imbued with mystery, soul-searching and sly humour, Atelier tells the story of a woman seeking peace and quiet at a modern studio utopia. Her stay is jarringly interrupted by a sound artist while mysterious sheep close in on the house. Written and directed by Elsa María Jakobsdóttir Starring Her - Rosalinde Mynster Woman in basement - Anna Rothlin Driver - Oscar Töringe Woman on telephone - Marijana Jankovic Producer - Anna Malmkjær Willumsen Editor - Mark Bukdahl Sound Designer - Toke Gelardi Rønsholdt Cinematographer - Annika Aschberg Production Designer - Josefine Else Larsen Costumes & Make up - Ellen Loftsdottir Featuring music by Hildur Guðnadóttir, Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto Original music by Johan Carøe The film was shot at Kuben on Furillen in Gotland, Sweden in October 2016. The project was supported by Mikael Blomqvist, Johan Hellström and Film på Gotland. Atelier is a graduation film from The National Film School of Denmark. AWARDS: Edda Award for Best Icelandic Short Film 2018. The Icelandic Film and TV Academy. Angers Student Award at 30th Angers Premiers Plans, Angers, France 2018. Student award for Best Directing and Best Sound Design at 31st Amandus Internasjonale Studentfilmfestival, Lillehammer, 2018. Best Icelandic Short Film at Reykjavík International Film Festival, Iceland 2017. OFFICIAL SELECTION: 52nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Czech Republic. Selected by the European Film Promotion for Future Frames: Ten New Filmmakers to Follow. 27th Aspen Shortsfest, USA The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund, Norway. Next Nordic Generation. 30th Helsinki International Film Festival - Love and Anarchy, Finland Northern Wave Film Festival, Iceland Super8000 Film Festival Århus, Denmark Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival, Norway 28th Stockholm International Film Festival 47th Alcine Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid Black Canvas Festival de Cine Contemporaneo, Mexico Minimalen Short Film Festival, Throndheim, Norway Aswan International Women Film Festival, Egypt North Atlantic Film Days, Copenhagen, Denmark FEATURED ON: VARIETY CINEUROPA LE MONDE NISIMAZINE FB