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Directed, produced and photographed by Macgregor Shot on a modified Sony F35 to achieve optimum lightness and speed through the Saharan landscapes, without sacrificing on image quality. The Mauritania Railway: Backbone of the Sahara is a documentary film directed by MacGregor. Concepted and produced in partnership with Antonio Aguilar, Tim Hyten, and Aaron Mckenzie, the film also features a score by award-winning composer Rhian Sheehan. Built to transport Mauritania’s vast iron ore reserves, the Mauritania Railway is a 704-kilometer line that cuts through the Sahara Desert on its way from the mining center of Zouerat to the port city of Nouadhibou on Africa’s Atlantic coast. At 3-kilometers in length, trains on this line are among the longest and heaviest in the world. Passenger cars are sometimes attached to the train, but more often men opt to stow away atop the hopper cars, where daytime temperatures exceed 40°C. Death from falls is common. The Mauritania Railway: Backbone of the Sahara follows the journey of Malick, a 27 year-old merchant who relies on the train for his livelihood, even as he risks death each time he climbs aboard. Despite the danger, the train is a lifeline for Malick and the families that live along the railway’s path. Over a two year period, the crew behind The Mauritania Railway: Backbone of the Sahara embedded themselves in the community of men and women who depend on the train for their livelihood. The result is a cinematic yet immersive glimpse into a way of life that exists nowhere else in the world. Macgregor and his team shot this film entirely on a Sony F35 camera, which they modified with a Nikon mount in the pursuit of lightness and a wider array of available lenses. A 25-pound camera setup is far from ideal when shooting atop a moving train, but the resulting filmic quality gives audiences a view of Western Saharan landscapes that they’ve never seen before. In addition to his career as a commercial director and cinematographer, Macgregor has also garnered praise for his narrative films. Coming on the heels of his award-winning films Similo (2014) and Los Angeles 1991 (2015), The Mauritania Railway: Backbone of the Sahara expands upon MacGregor’s ability to make a landscape, as much as any human, a character in the unfolding drama. The Mauritania Railway: Backbone of the Sahara represents the proposed first installment of “Colliding Worlds,” a new series which explores some of the world’s most remote, harsh, and breathtaking environments, where traditional lifestyles collide with the modern world. These regions, too easily dismissed by travelers, are in fact backdrops for beautiful human pageants that play out every day. In the back of our minds, we know these places exist but we never stop to think that human life goes on there everyday – and it goes on in fascinating ways. The Mauritania Railway: Backbone of the Sahara is earning early praise, including the top prize for cinematography at the XVI International Film Festival of Almeria, and the jury prize for stylistic achievement and best cinematography at the Social Impact Media Awards 2018. The film is currently being shown in festivals around the world, including the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, the Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer, the 41th Grenzland-Filmtage in Germany, and Cortoespaña, among others.
Donate to the Prima Relief Fund PRIMAFUND.ORG Prima is a collective dedicated to sustaining Puerto Rico's Independent Music Community following Hurricane Maria. ATO Records Song by Alynda Mariposa Segarra Directed by Kristian Mercado Figueroa Aka Kris Merc Starring Mela Murder as Milagros Kareem Savinon as Manuel Amethyst as Baby Linda Introducing Kylie B as Maria Director of Photography Rudolf Costin Editor Michael Reuter EDITBAR Story by Kristian Mercado Figueroa Director Rep Reprobates - Doug Klinger Production BabyPanther EP Andrew Nisinson EP Avtar Khalsa Producer Yanira Figueroa Velázquez Producer Matthew Glueckert Producer Luis E Mendez Assistant Director Tiffany Stephens Story Supervisor Tiffany Stephens Locations Luis Mendez Casting Director Christina Morales Driver Daniel Maldonado Event Organizer Nora Cruz Additional Locations Balois Cora, Emily Iraola, Francheska Figueroa, Maria Justiniano Puerto Rico Prep Felipe Figueroa Jr. DIT Peter Roman Additional Housing Tony Colon Hispanic Federation Jose Chamorro El Nuevo Caribe Democratic Club Raul Reyes Post EDITBAR The Mill Sound Lounge Colorist Josh Bohoskey The Mill NY Art Director Ramona Todoca Type Design Ionut Radulescu Hair and Make Up Paige Campbell PA Alex Mercado Jabreel Shakir Street Casting Dennis Febo Additional Locations Ali, Abel Rentals Kristine Guzman Flug Aerial Images Drone Dogs Drone Operator Su-Jeng Sang Drone Gimbal Operator Gilberto Cruz Thanks to Comunidad La Perla Case De Poeta Luis Pales Matos, Guayama Gaby’s Restaurant, Arroyo Residencial Las Margaritas Municipio De Arroyo, Barrio Yaurel Municipio De Maunabo Municipio De Patillas Municipio De San Juan Special Thanks to Jose Enrique Segarra The Community of Spanish Harlem El Barrio NY The City of Newark NJ The Young Lords Party The Figueroa Family Ineabell Figueroa Yanira Figueroa Velázquez Eveny Padilla Juanita Velázquez Jennifer R. Colón Yolanda Figueroa The Sand and Sea Restaurant In Cayey Rey and Irelsa La Perla y su bella gente Yashira en Impactó la Perla con Coco y la comunidad. Don Benny el Frutero Milk Burger & Erik Mayor Filmed on Location, New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico To my Fellow Puerto Rican Directors: Angel Manuel Soto Benoît Gabriel Joel Perez Irizarry Dedicated to Kristian's grandfather Felipe Figueroa who died in the aftermath of the hurricane but will not be forgotten. And to all the Puerto Ricans struggling after Maria. Pa’lante Siempre.
Set late one evening in a Westminster bar, journalist Will Hewitt meets no-nonsense Deputy Finance Minister Pippa Thomas for what begins as a simple interview. Early exchanges, however, spark fireworks as both begin to reveal their dangerous hidden intentions — proving that once the truth is uncovered, there’s no going back. Go behind-the-scenes on the blog: Learn more about the film: License footage: --- Cast: Will Hewitt JAMES FLOYD Pippa Thomas FIONA GILLIES Michael CHRISTOPHER ETTRIDGE --- Writer / Director: Patrick Walsh Director of Photography: Phil Arntz Producers: James Northcote, Elisabeth Hopper, Hatty Hodgson Executive Producers: Ryan Avery, Ben Mitchell Associate Producers: Harriet Creelman, Louise Walker, Yvonne Hopper Music: The Clear Night Sky Production Designer: Aimee Meek Costume Designer: Jovana Gospavic Make-up Designer: Lily Gregory Casting: Vicki Thomson First Assistant Director: Pratyusha Gupta Second Assistant Director: Harriet Creelman Production Manager: Praghav Pasricha Gaffer: Chris Georgas Lighting Technician: George Stock B-Cam Operator: Lorenzo Levrini 1st Assistant Camera (A-CAM): Michael Hannided 1st Assistant Camera (B-CAM): Jack Peagam Loader: Becky Lee Camera Trainee: Deano Southan Movi Operator: James Davis Script Supervisor: Connie Fyans Costume Supervisor: Harumi Hirata Production Sound Mixer: Jordan Tewkesbury Boom Operator: James Spurrier DIT: Dave Robinson Production Assistants: Henry Walker, Charlie Dalton Driver: Andy McCormick Colourist: Matt Watson Sound Designers: Will Thomas, Dan Bodsworth Editorial and Online: The Quarry Stills Photographers: Niklas Mulzer, Dave Davis Behind the Scenes: Adam Plowden Second Unit Camera Assistant: Julian Wakefield
A restrained and mysterious film about a disenchanted Peruvian family man who drives a taxi for a living. His perspective on life is transformed by a prophet, a dark road, and a passenger with a secret — all over the course of one shift. Aspen Film Jury: "With clear focus and direction, this tense and minimalist story never yields momentum. Unlike the audience, the director clearly sees the road ahead and deftly drives the narrative to its satisfying cinematic destination." WINNER: Aspen Shortfest 2017: Jury Special Recognition Lima Film Festival 2017 (Filmocorto): Best Short Film Lima Film Festival 2017 (Filmocorto): Best First Film Lima Film Festival 2017 (Filmocorto): Audience Award DAFO - Ministerio de Cultura del Perú - Concurso de Cortometrajes 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2017 Palm Springs International Shortsfest 2017 Encounters Film Festival 2017 Tripoli International Film Festival 2017 Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival 2017 Berlin Interfilm Festival 2017 Nancy-Lorraine Film Festvial 2017 Figari Film Festival 2017 Boulder Short Film Festival 2017 Director: Alejandro Roca Rey Cast: Gonzalo Molina, Sandro Calderón, Alain Salinas, William Gómez, Ana María Jordán, Federico Abrill and André Moyo. Written by: Alejandro Roca Rey and Federico Abrill Producer: Marylin Vergel Executive Producer: Alejandro Roca Rey Cinematographer: Roberto Maceda Kohatsu DFP Editor: Alejandro Roca Rey and Miguel Gonzalez Sound designer: Rosa María Oliart Composer: Eduardo Kirschbaum Production designer: Gisella Ramirez Make-up: Flor Gomez Colorist: Daniel Carcelén Production Company: Turbo Media Made with support from: Guarango, EPIC, Fade Out, Atomica, G&G