Machotaildrop is an adventure comedy, which subtly delves in to the world of mythology and cultism. Although the subject matter is universal and the themes very close to real life, the story takes place in an overtly surreal world where situations are satirically enhanced to emphasize the fickle nature of our cultures obsession with celebrity, image, icons, money and media orientated behaviour. The film follows the story of central character, Walter Rhum, as his life takes an unexpected turn away from the small town existence he has grown up around, working for the families livestock business. With skateboarding being his one true passion, Walter is given the opportunity of a lifetime after winning a video competition by elite skateboard company, Machotaildrop, becoming their newest rider. After travelling to the Machotaildrop head offices, where he is to reside, Walter is swiftly propelled in to a life of sports celebrity and big business, as he is transformed into a top professional skateboarder and poster boy for one of the world’s most prestigious organisations. He quickly rises through the ranks within the team and earns himself the enviable position of the company’s number one rider, replacing his friend and childhood hero, John J Mackie, who’s physical condition is starting to falter. Alongside this new position, Walter finds himself the latest muse of Machotaildrop owner and crippled, former stunt man, The Baron. Within the Barons lavish self-made empire exist a variety of off beat employees that help mould Walter and the team in to perfect icons for Machotaildrop. These include Doctor Manfred, who is obsessed with pioneering surgical practices, Mr Hungan, an occultist photographer and Perkins, a personal voyeur for the Baron, who’s duty it is to look after the companies most important assets, it’s riders. Among his new responsibilities, Walter is given the task of presenting an episode of the infamous TV programme ‘‘Finding the Spot’’ where the company riders are sent out to find mythical skate spots and claim them in the name of the Machotaildrop. During Walter’s episode he finds and skates an old amusement park inhabited by an underground gang of purist skateboarders called the Manwolfs. Upon seeing this footage the Baron decides to buy the park and embark on a project that he believes will change the face of the amusement industry forever, much to the annoyance of the Manwolfs who retaliate by carrying out vigilante attacks against the company. Not until Walter makes friends with the Barons stepdaughter, who works in the company archives, does he begin to question Machotaildrop’s suspect practices. What started out as a childhood fantasy quickly escalates in to a nightmarish vision of what he is to become, as he begins to fully understand the mechanisms that lie beneath Machotaildrop’s carefully manufactured image.