Point Point - Life in Grey

The song and title inspired me to create a narrative about the Y generation, about how people can become desperate about creating the perfect piece of work, the ultimate fulfillment in the eyes of others. The obsession of a promised, expected, fulfilling life. I like to think that this video is about how this generation has been told repeatedly by their parents how special of a person they are. I wanted to create a ridiculous, sadly desperate and manipulative character that would push this obsession to the limits, which is using death as an art performance in order to ultimately be respected in the eyes of others.

Written and directed by Jodeb
Cinematography by Kristof Brandl

Victoria: Victoria Diamond
Amy: Amy Gardner
Dancers: Jasmina Parent, Brittany Fine, Laurie-Ann Lauzon, Miranda Chan, Saskya Pauze-Begin, Sarah Steban, Catherine Dagenais-Savard, Shanie Blais

Producer: Vlad Cojocaru
Production manager: Max Walker
Executive producers at Vision: Stacy Vaughan, Geoff Mclean
Executive producer at Antler: Sach Baylin-Stern
Video commissioner: Kevin Kloecker
Choreographer: Amy Gardner
Stylist: AJ Helie
Steadicam operator: Hugo Longtin
1st AC: Anthony Hunneault
Art director: Greg Nowak
Art directors assistants: Patrick Binette, Christian Beaudoin
Make-up/Hair: Jessica La Blanche, Catherine Lemay
Production assistants: Stefan Petrisor, Alex Negru
Sound design, additional music: Nicolas Petitfrere
Editing, colors, VFX: Jodeb
Additional VFX, digital cleanup: Paul Laberge

Point Point management: Jordan Cardoso
Label: OWSLA + Record Record
Produced by Antler Films and Vision Films