Samsui Chicken - 三水姜蓉鸡
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*take not not heat the oil overly high as it will burn the ginger and cause bitterness in the sauce
Samsui chicken is a popular dish found in local Soup Restaurant chain in Singapore. It used to be a luxurious dish in the past. Eaten by the samsui women usually only once a year. The use of sesame oil and ginger sauce is believed to be able to rid the body of excess wind.
Some may ask, what’s the difference between this dish and Hainanese chicken. Let us tell you. This time round, the emphasis is not on the chicken but the To-DIE-For ginger sauce! You might have guessed. The secret to making a KILLER ginger sauce to add chicken fat to it!
The best way to devour this delicacy is to serve it with a slice of lettuce. The contrast of the refreshing and crispy lettuce cuts through the heavy ginger sauce making it light and delectable.
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