Caravane - Club Palace

Club Palace is a short dream like voyage in which the viewer is the protagonist. As if in a dream, we are drawn through a series of surreal spaces where light, sound and gravity trick our senses. Through a progressive journey from confined spaces to an imaginary open world, Club Palace guides you on a course focused on exploration, curiosity and the unknown.

A film by : Caravane Studio, Camille Boyer, Nik Mirus

Production: l’Éloi (Éloi Beauchamp, Sébastien Hotte)
Directors: Caravane Studio : Jean-Constant Guigue & Francis Dakin-Côté (l’Éloi)
Art director: Camille Boyer (l’Éloi)
Director of photography: Nik Mirus (l’Éloi)

Music: Loïc Ouaret
Key grip: Pierre-Luc Bouchard
Electro: Amélie Douville, Jean-Martin Landry, Cédric Dupuis
Camera assistant: Gérardo Alcaine
Swing : Alexis Belhumeur
Assistant art director: Bastien Collard
Texture artist: Marc O’brien
Stop motion animation: Rodrigo Sergio Eguren Raez, Jean-Constant Guigue, Francis Dakin-Côté, Bastien Collard, Camille Boyer
Post-production : Caravane (Francis Dakin-Côté)
Title design : Olivier Charland

Special thanks to our art department volunteers : Rodrigo Sergio Eguren Raez, Ashley Olivieri, Marie Ebiner, Camille Bégin, Florine Pellachin, Guillaume Riopel, Vincent Malo, Marianne Stratis, Catherine Lévesque