-> https://grandpa-walrus.com (Official Website: Stills, Contacts, Informations ...) -> https://www.facebook.com/pepelemorse/ (FB page: News, Bonus, Making of ... ) « Grandpa Walrus » is an animated short film by Lucrèce Andreae. It was selected to compete for the Short Film Palme d’Or in the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. It won the Audience Award in the 2017 Annecy International Animation Film Festival and the César for Best Animated Short Film 2018. ------------------ SYNOPSIS ------------------ On the windy and cloudy beach, Granny is praying, Mum is shouting, the sisters don’t care, Lucas is alone. Grandpa was a weird guy, now he’s dead. ------------------- CREDIT --------------------- Director – Lucrèce Andreae Producers – Jérôme Barthélemy & Daniel Sauvage Background – Marjorie Caup, Amélie Fléchais, Vaiana Gauthier Animation – Ulysse Malassagne, Marion Roussel, Marcel Tigchelaar Interns – Léa Krawczyk, Joël Durand, Kevin Nguyen Van Phung, Fabien Corre, Lolita Cury, Cécile Guillard, Fanny Hagdahl Sörebo, Mathilde Laillet, Ariane Teillet Compositing – Jean Bouthors, Mathieu Brisebras Editing – Guillaume Lauras & Catherine Aladenise Sound – Flavien Van Haezevelde & Sébastien Pierre Music – Flavien Van Haezevelde Voices – Roman Garance (Lucas), Emilie Blon Metzinger (Olivia), Chann Aglal (Jade), Ilona Bachelier (Melissa), Charles Albol (Marius), Catherine Artigala (Granny) With the participation of: CNC, ARTE, Ciclic, Mairie de Paris, Région Rhône-Alpes, Procirep, Angoa On the windy and cloudy beach, Granny is praying, Mum is shouting, the sisters don’t care, Lucas is alone. Grandpa was a weird guy, now he’s dead. ------------------- AWARDS ------------------- IN FRENCH FESTIVALS: - César 2018 du Meilleur film d’Animation (court métrage) - Festival du Film d’animation, Annecy, France (12-17 juin) (Sélection Officielle) : Prix du Public - Festival du film court en plein air de Grenoble, France, (4-8 juillet) : Prix du scénario, Prix Unifrance - Festival de la Côte Bleu, Carry le Rouet : Prix du Jury - Festival de Villeurbanne Prix de la Liberté - Les Nuits magiques, Bègles, Prix Emotions décerné par le public - Festival Ciné Junior, Val-de-Marne, Prix du Public (11 ans et +) - Ciné en herbe, Montluçon, Prix de la ville de Montluçon IN INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALS: - Festival Golden Dragonfly, Saint-Dominique, République Dominicaine (21-26 août) : Best Foreign Language Animation Short Film - Krok Festival – Special Prize for the Best Debut - Spark Animation 2017 – Vancouver Canada – Best 2D Animation - Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF) – Corée – Prix du jury - Elche Fantastic Film Festival – Best International Short Film (Elche, Espagne) - XIII Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema, Honor Award (Brésil) - Princeton international film festival, Grand Director Award - Manchester Animation Film Festival, Audience Film Award - Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Invitational, Audience Choice Award (Baltimore) - Horror Film Festival of Valparaíso, Chili, Best direction - Animax Skopje Fest, First Prize (Golden Brick) - International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”, St-Petersbourg, Russie – Best Script - International Short Film Festival Oberhausen – Children’s and Youth Film Competition – Prize of the -Youth Jury -O!PLA – Oh! People Love Animation Festival, Pologne – Bronze Bundle Award
当你说你是个游泳运动员, 当你说的时候,你要被考验了。你要改变许多,忘记你疼痛的后背,带上泳镜变得色盲,你的手臂悲剧了,你的感觉像是由于漂白剂而变得不敏感,为了适应冷。在仲夏,你要容忍水灌进耳朵,你仍要继续。你一直是湿漉漉的,头发干枯,总是饿。你想退缩,与自己作战,像是和军队作战,你不停的旋转,不停的在水中蹦跳,不停的游泳,你是孤独的。 但是,一次又一次的,你在呼吸。 当你在游动中听到水的节奏,你意识到你是自由的, 你比赛时的力量来自指尖,(尽管像灌了铅一样沉重)。你的灵魂被波浪助力。 因为你为梦想而舞蹈,梦想在尖叫。你充满激情。 你不断地锻炼,在水中出入。 人类总是惧怕深处的水底,但你不怕,你在这里探索。 An ode to competitive swimming in 60 seconds. Arena Water Instinct ***Directors' Choice Award, FilmOneFest, 2015*** ***Honorable Mention, Exsport Movies & TV 2015 – 33rd Milano International FICTS Fest*** ***Official Selection*** AICP Awards, 2015 Barcelona Sports Film Festival, 2015 International Sports Film Festival Amsterdam, 2015 Kazan Worldwide Final of World FICTS Challenge, 2015 Swimmer: Lauren Morford The voice: Leya Topodas Writer/director/producer/editor: Chris Shimojima (chrisshimojima.com) Director of photography: Garrett Hardy Davis (garretthardydavis.com) Production coordinator: Holly Hursley Sound design and mixing: Michael Feuser Assistant camera: Richard Shu, Ben Fleming, Vivian Lin Special thanks to the Brooklyn Sports Club (brooklynsportsclub.com) and Michael Sabala, the coach © 2014 PROMETHIUM PICTURES, LLC
www.weliveunbound.com FB » facebook.com/LiveUnbound // IG » @weliveunbound // Subscribe » weliveunbound.com/subscribe This film is based on Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld’s book “Above All Else” which you can buy here » http://amzn.to/1QtmNPv. Also check out his site » http://danbrodsky-chenfeld.com For screening info or business inquires email » yalisharon@gmail.com At Live Unbound we believe in pushing yourself to be greater through what you love and doing whatever it takes to overcome mental and physical constraints. Once in awhile we come across a real life story that embodies this message. A story of falling madly in love with your dream. Then using that passion to overcome the massive obstacles that appear in the journey of realizing it. This is that story. This documentary was made possible by Frank Casares who believed in us and funded the project. We had a small crew of 5 people and shot on a RED epic, RED dragon, 5D Mark ii and the Inspire Copter. The biggest challenge was the slow motion skydiving scene which was filmed by Craig O’Brien. Those were shot on the RED dragon at 200 fps. Due to wind, we only had 4 jumps to make it happen but Craig and skydivers Brad Patterson and Dalten Kadow nailed it. Currently we’re searching for the next great story to tell. We encourage people to reach out to us if they have one or know somebody who does. Thanks for watching! Executive Producer Frank Casares Directed and Edited by Yali Sharon Director of Photography Eric Gillespie Aerial Cinematographer Craig O’Brien Camera Operators Norman Kent Richard Stuart John Leming Kylor Melton Geoffrey Boynton Producers Yali Sharon Harmon Clarke Grant Chen Narrator Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld Talent Dan skydiving: Brad Patterson James Skydiving: Dalten Kadow Dan’s Girlfriend: Adriana Zyskowski Dan Hospital: Jalil Houssain Doctor: Joe Galligan Music “Sun” by Nick Rice » https://soundcloud.com/nickrice “Observation Wheel” by Jacob Montague » http://jacobmontaguemusic.com/ “Unheard Parade” by Jacob Montague Special Thanks Estee & Shimon Sharon Live Unbounders Skydive Perris Dan Rice from People are Awesome Justin Pelkowski Claire Degenhardt Aica Vera Valdez