SYNOPSIS Nail, the last surviving warrior of the Siamese clan, breaks into enemy territory with only one goal on his mind: avenge his father’s death. Alleycats is an action thriller produced by Blow Studio and directed by Alejandro Jiménez & Bernardo González. A dramatic story of revenge full action and violence. CREDITS Direction: Alejandro Jiménez & Bernardo González Screenplay: Alejandro Jiménez & Jorge Laplace Executive producers: Bernardo González Production manager: Reyes Corpas Art direction: Alejandro Jiménez Character designer: Rafa Cano & Alejandro Jiménez Character modeling: Luis Arizaga & Alejandro Jiménez Set designer: Javier Salvador Set modeling Antonio Álvarez Character rigging: Carlos Contreras Blendshapes modeling: Joan Berenguer Animation direction: Alejandro Jiménez Character animation: David Rubio/ Francisco Calvache/ Víctor Pesquera Colaborating animators: Kike Florido/ Ernesto Cabeza/ Daniela Avilés/ David Cordero/ Eduardo Valero/ Raúl Ibarra/ Laura Sirvent/ Fede Romero/ Javier Vázquez/ Manuel Pedreño/ Nacho Ripoll/ Paula Quiroga/ Talia Hay/ Sara Riobo/ Carlos A. García/ Lucas Riess/ Alex Fernández/ Juan Ramón Pou/ Pablo Iglesias/ Alex Álvarez/ Raúl Aguilar Lighting & shading: Antonio Álvarez & Antonio Enriquez Hair & fur artist: Gustavo Labrador Render & Postproduction Supervisor: Bernardo González Music & sound composer: Juan Cantón VFX simulations: Bernardo González/ Jordi Solís/ Mauro Gimferrer Compositing: Bernardo González/ Alejandro Jiménez/ Antonio Álvarez Editor: Fátima de los Santos Flashback design & animation: Renato Roldán Voices: Andrea Haro/ Alejandro Jiménez/ Juan Cantón
Presentation video for the SXSW "Excellence in Title Design" competition screening. Editor: Ian Albinson ( Initial concept: David Horridge ( Special thanks: M. Keegan Uhl (, Bill Simmon ( Website: Twitter: Facebook: Music: RJD2 "Ghostwriter" ++++++++++ 07/16/12 update - includes more HD-sourced materials, slight edit tweaks, font change, and adds Repo Man, Twelve Monkeys and Panic Room to the mix. ++++++++++ Full film and television listing: Intolerance Phantom of the Opera King Kong Modern Times My Man Godfrey Make Way For Tomorrow Citizen Kane The Maltese Falcon Gun Crazy The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Lady in the Lake Fallen Angel The Thing Singing in the Rain The Man with the Golden Arm Anatomy of a Murder Psycho North by Northwest Vertigo Grand Prix To Kill A Mockingbird Dr. No The Pink Panther Goldfinger Dr. Strangelove Bullitt Barbarella Soylent Green Mean Streets Star Wars Saturday Night Fever Superman Alien Raging Bull The Terminator Repo Man Brazil The Untouchables Do The Right Thing Forrest Gump The Naked Gun Cape Fear Reservoir Dogs Delicatessen Natural Born Killers Twelve Monkeys Freaked Se7en The Island of Dr. Moreau Mimic Donnie Brasco Mission Impossible Dawn of the Dead Fight Club Catch Me If You Can Panic Room Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events The Fall Casino Royale Six Feet Under Carnivale Dexter Mad Men Iron Man Juno The Kingdom Wall•E Sherlock Holmes Up In The Air Zombieland Scott Pilgrim vs the World Buried Robin Hood Machete The Social Network Enter The Void
Bengal, 19th century. At the edges of the Kali temple, the British India's army led by the implacable W.H.Sleeman is about to wash against the last representants of the ancient stranglers assassin's brotherhood, the Thugs. Kali Mata is a graduation short film made at Georges Méliès school by Pierre Le Couviour, Kévin Roualland, Amine El Ouarti and Privat Fontaine. Pierre Le Couviour : Writing, Story Board, Animation, Kévin Roualland : Art direction, Character Design, Animation, Amine El Ouarti : Color direction, Color background, Compositing, Privat Fontaine : background design, 2D Layout , Compositing, Music: Clément Peres Mixing: Olivier Michelot © Ecole Georges Méliès - 2017 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bengale, XIXe siècle. Aux abords du temple de la déesse Kali, l'armée des Indes britanniques menée par l'implacable W.H.Sleeman, s'apprête à déferler sur les derniers représentants de l'ancestrale confrérie des assassins étrangleurs, les Thugs. Kali Mata est un film de fin d'études réalisé à l'école Georges Méliès par Pierre Le Couviour, Kévin Roualland, Amine El Ouarti et Privat Fontaine. Pierre Le Couviour : Ecriture, Story Board, Animation, Kévin Roualland : Direction artistique, Character Design, Animation, Amine El Ouarti : Direction couleur, Décors couleur, Compositing, Privat Fontaine : Design décors, Layout trait, Compositing, Musique: Clément Peres Mixage: Olivier Michelot © Ecole Georges Méliès - 2017
Sexy yetis, scientists and neon colours collide in Better Humans: a kaleidoscopic romp through the possibilities of gene editing and body augmentation. As part of a 7-part series commissioned by Massive Science on the lasting impact of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. We designed the film entirely with Posca pens on plastic cels, head to our website for some insight on the making of this project: Produced, Directed and Designed by Moth Studio Animation: Maria Morris, Keziah Philipps, Knifeson Yu and Moth Studio Compositing: Daniele Baiardini, Keziah Philipps, Ross Plaskow and Moth Studio Featuring Braden Allenby, environmental ethicist and environmental attorney Conor Walsh, biomedical engineer Sound + Music by Skillbard A Co-Production of Massive + Plympton + Producer Harriet Bailey Senior Producer Nadja Oertelt Executive Producers Ed Finn + Bob Beard + Produced for the Frankenstein Bicentennial Project at Arizona State University In partnership with the MIT Press and the MIT Media Lab Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Subscribe to Massive Full series can be found here: