Photographer Joshua Holko: "The product of more than two years of planning Ghosts of the Arctic was filmed exclusively in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard in the depths of Winter. It is my hope that the film will impart some of the haunting beauty of this incredibly precious and endangered polar wilderness; as well as give you some insight into my life as a Polar photographer. I hope you will take six minutes out of your day, set your display to full screen, turn off the lights, crank up the volume, and allow Ghosts of the Arctic to transport you away to one of the world's most spectacular polar regions; in it's rarely seen winter veil. Please Enjoy. My most sincere thanks to both Abraham Joffe and Dom West from Untitled Film Works who worked tirelessly for a week straight putting in eighteen hour days in freezing temperatures to shoot and produce this film. My thanks and gratitude also to my friend Frede Lamo who likewise worked tirelessly with good humour and whose assistance with expedition logistics simply made the impossible, possible. Without the dedication of this team this film would simply not have been possible. It would be remiss of me not to also provide a little insight into what it was like to make this short film. During the shoot we experienced temperatures that were never warmer than -20ºC and frequently plummeted down as low as -30ºC + wind chill factor. We were exposed to the cold and elements for up to sixteen straight hours a day. Many days we drove over two hundred kilometres on our snow mobiles in very difficult terrain and conditions as we searched for wildlife. The bumpy terrain left us battered, bruised and sore. We experienced three cases of first and second degree frostbite during the filming as well as a lot of failed equipment and equipment difficulties as a result of the extreme cold. We had batteries that would loose their charge in mere minutes, drones that wouldn't power up and fly, cameras that wouldn't turn on, steady-cams that would not remain steady, HDMI cables that became brittle and snapped in the cold, frozen audio equipment, broken LCD mounts, broken down snow mobiles and more. We existed on a diet of freeze dried cod and pasta washed down with tepid coffee and the occasional frozen mars bar. It is hard to put the experience into words, but just the simple act of removing ones gloves to change a memory card in these sort of temperatures when you are exhausted comes with a serious risk of frostbite. In my own case, I removed my face covering for one three minute take and suffered frostbite (from which I have not fully recovered) across the entire right hand side of my face. And whilst not all of this will come across in the film, I think I can safely say it was without any shadow of a doubt the toughest film shoot any of us have done. For the technically inclined: Ghosts of the Arctic was shot in the 2.35:1 cinema ratio in 6K+4K resolution. Absolutely no wildlife was interfered with in any way shape or form during the filming and everything you see is totally natural behaviour.
Poetic documentary about the people of MacArthur Park (Los Angeles). Made by Anatoli Ulyanov. *ENGLISH AND RUSSIAN SUBTITLES ARE AVAILABLE UNDER THE CC (CHOOSE CAPTIONS) BUTTON* Los Angeles MacArthur Park has a notorious reputation. Located right on a cross of different gangs territories, it became associated with drugs, violence and its diverse homeless population: undocumented immigrants, abandoned veterans, transgenders, people who lost their job, people with mental disabilities who can’t afford healthcare. For a course of 3 month I visited MacArthur Park filming those who live there. Many of those people came to the US with a dream to find heaven. And LA indeed looks like one. My goal was to show this dramatic contrast between heaven and its tragedy. While filming it, I discovered not only a crowd of unforgettable personalities, – multi-dimensional souls shaped by the rollercoaster of their lives, – but the fact that despite all the struggles these people are still full of dreams. They filled with light. And that’s what impressed me the most as a manifestation of unbreakable human spirit. So I followed the light through these people. And the result is this poetic film. *** FILM BY:
 Anatoli Ulyanov ( MUSIC BY: Marry Lattimore ( Sephirot ( Joakin Jenkins PRODUCTION OF:
 VVHY Visual Lab ( *** Анатолий Ульянов: "Данный фильм является результатом череды воскресений, в которые я, вооружившись киноаппаратом, посещал МакАртур парк (LA) – место, где принято выяснять отношения между бандами, покупать паспорта, отсасывать члены и добывать дозу. Чем больше я в нём находился, тем более явным становился для меня контраст между американской мечтой и её реальностью, райскими пейзажами Южной Калифорнии и судьбами людей, которые в них оказались. Во всём этом меня увлекла не столько социальность такой острой для Лос Анджелеса темы, как бездомные (их тут 60 тысяч), сколько волшебный свет и существующие в нём люди с изгибами, надломами, завихрениями. Я невольно провалился в золотистый пузырь их мира, в это его странное лето, – тёплое и меланхоличное одновременно. В виде такого пузыря мне и хотелось его сохранить..."
Made with the assistance of MuchFACT. featuring Maria Doyle Kennedy & Jarvis Cocker directed and edited by Scott Cudmore produced by Nicole Powell & Katy Maravala executive producer: Richard Cureton executive producer: Luc Frappier photography by Peter Hadfield camera operator: Alan Kelly 1st AC: Rico Moran 2nd AC/DMT: Nick Petrie choreography by Noemie Lafrance assist to choreographer: Ayelen Liberona casting by Addy Chan styling by Sarah Millman wardrobe set supervisor: Amanda Wood assist wardrobe: Aneesa S assist wardrobe: Sarah May colour by Clinton Homuth at Alter Ego key hair & make up by Claudine Baltazar hair & make up: Allison Sharpe 1st assistant director: Jason Bourke 2nd assistant director: Scott Weatherall 3rd assistant director: Edward Hernandez key grip: Cait Lusk best boy grip: Vicky Low grip: Mike Rodrigues gaffer: Mike Armstrong best boy electric: Benjamin Kelly key production assistant: Kelly Steinhoff pa: Blake Prendergast pa: Shady Hanna pa: David Williamson pa: Nicholas Kleban pa: Serena Hiro pa: Jennifer Tam pa: Nicole Castle pa: Chelsea Morgan pa: Haykey Keenan pa: Jonathan Matta pa: Alex Tse catering: Blazing Kitchens lighting & grip: William F. White trailers & RVs: Cine Support production support: LES trucking: Budget DANCERS Senyo Akakpo Kaelin Isserlin Christy Stoeten Sammy Vassell Claudi P Evan Webb Alayna Molotkow Amanda Eves Cesar Ginocchio Beatrice Kwan Jennifer Pullon Laura Katherine Hayes Martin Huss Matthew Morales Kennedy Elder Roderic Chan Linda Wong Sydney Levitt Judy Luo Zahara Mair Cassie White Liana Bellissimo Daniella Zappala Paige Foskett Zach Parsons Axel-Roman Allioux Jacob Brien Adrian Tam Lauren Runions Miriam Franz Tanya Pavlenko Matt Mailandt Jaden Hong Chris Tsrantoulas Lou Beckett David Young Production Company: Revolver Films Management: Robbie Lackritz Commissioner: Jannie McInnes