This film is to remind us to stand united and continue to strive for a better, more connected world where all are respected as equals. We might think or look differently but in the end we are all human beings. We hope this piece conjures up some inspiration to act with strength and compassion in all of our daily interactions. Let us stand together. Director and Composer - Michael Marantz Director of Photography - Tim Sessler Producers - Jake Paque and Tay McEvers Executive Producers - Noah Meisner and Michael Marantz Edit - Nicholas Davis Additional Edit by - Kim Pellnat Produced by Already Alive Spoken Word Written and Performed by - KAMAU This is not the dream. Divided and confused. We dreamt a dream dwindling, descending to where dreams die. Somewhere between doubt and its defense Lies a field of broken aspirations A sea of not seeing because seeing is believing And if we dare to truly believe, then we must commit. Wake up! We dreamt a dream a dream dwindling, an ember in the winter breeze, Simmering, Our precious fleeting freedom the present I, Present Now is not the time to wallow in the trenches of despair I said, wake up, wake up! Our presence defies hatred We must engage, we must build and protect self tenaciously, Regardless of its casing, regardless of its color of its gender, of its belief We must protect we are soft but not weak, We grow, learn, adapt, live Like grass through concrete, And Conquer Every fear of difference with study, understanding, and gratitude for The very breath that gives to any, gave to every Breath is Breath, and of Breath Love is… Good Morning. I said Good Morning! Our work has just begun. Production Coordinator - Ethan Lee Assistant Director - Luis Restrepo 2nd Assistant Director - Isabelle McKusick Marantz Assistant Camera - Filipp Penson 2nd Assistant Camera - Sandy SooHoo Gaffer - John Hayden Busch Best Boy - Vincent Davino Key Grip - Jake A. Kump Swings - Stefan Matwijec and Jose Bonilla Aerial Cinematography - Brooklyn Aerials Harlem School of the Arts Dance Team Movement Consultant - Aubrey Lynch II Dancers: Brittany Alvarez Eli Klotz Isabella Soto Nasrullah Abdur-Rahman Adam Hemenes Omarion Burke Aoi Furutate Post House - Joint Editorial VFX Artists - Robert Murdock and Noah Poole Audio Mixer - Natalie Huizenga Color by Apache Colorist - Taylor Black A Very Special Thanks to: Kaili Turner Harlem School of the Arts Dance Joint Editorial Apache Kori Darling Jennifer Soto Subha Ahmed Alasia Harris Cynthia Burke Midori Furutate
"Co-Directed" by Ryan Staake & Young Thug Production Companies: Pomp&Clout x Freenjoy EPs: Ryan Staake, Ryen Bartlett & Nathan Scherrer Producer: Jeff Kopchia Head of Production: Kevin Staake Director of Photography: Trevor Wineman Editors: Ryan Staake & Eric Degliomini VFX Supervisor: Aaron Vinton Lead VFX/3D: Pete Puskas VFX Touchups: Eric Degliomini & Ryan Staake Illustration: Carlos Ancalmo Colorist: David Torcivia Audio Edit: Aaron Vinton Voice on Recording: John Colombo Rotoscoping: 3D Services India Typeface: GT Sectra Production Manager: Nathaniel Dueber Production Coordinator: Jimmy Stannard 1st AD: Erik Mateo 2nd AD: Anthony Hayward Casting Director: Michael Stonewall Beaudry Production Designer: Clayton Beisner Art Director: Pele Kudren Set Dresser: Greg Shultz Set Dec Shopper: Philip Steiger 1st AC: Alicia Pharris 2nd AC: Erin Naifeh B CAM OP: Bret Watkins B CAM AC: Erick Aguilar DIT: Mike Halper VTR: Chris Warren Techno Dolly Tech: Adam Francis Techno Dolly Op: Paul Maples Gaffer: Mike Misslin Best Boy Electric: Garett Williams Electric: Joel Gill Key Grip: Nick Bodkin Best Boy Grip: Josh Smith Grip: Sean Burris Grip Driver: Randy Crisco Stylist: Bo Roses Hair: Priscilla Nguyen Makeup: Julie Dinh Pyro Tech: Erick Hicks Truck PA: Ted Keffer Set PA: Freddy Mendez Set PA: Patricia Ramirez Driver PA: Zac Grado Moho Driver: Rusty Kid Cops: Roman George Steven Thomas Corey Jackson Girls: Sharifa Bailey Alexis Paton Stephanie Chukwoucha Melissa Moore Jacqueline Cohen Emily Gruen Blaire Hampton Saiyda Bey Danica Cooper Jasmine Macken Shakina Greene Ella Moore Kathaleen Fisher Sylvia Kochinski Brandi Lawrence Meica Bradshaw Ermaline Ogbodo Jessica Harris Kaleila Jordan Nicole Ballantine Skylar Roberge Vanessa Stewart