Building upon Fairview's successful holiday campaign which introduced us to the Tufties last year, Emmanuelle & Julien and Montreal's Bleublancrouge create this season's film. This year we are transported to the Tufties homeland as it is threatened by a pair of gruff woodsmen and their novice companion. Through a simple story that focuses on the magic of giving, E&J's adept craftsmanship shines with original and stylized design and allows space for subtle nuanced animation. The theme of the film is familiar, but the rich environments and fine-tuned characters offer a novel twist. Production Co: Hornet Director: Emmanuelle & Julien Executive Producer: Hana Shimizu Head of Production: Greg Bedard Producer: Desirée Stavracos, Marty Geren Development Producer: Kristin Labriola Supervising Technical Director: Sang Bae-Jin Storyboard Artist: Mark Pecoraro Editor: Stephanie Andreou Lead Designer: Emmanuelle Leleu Lead CG & Fur TD: Aaron Baker Designer: Emmanuelle Leleu, Trisan Ménard Modelers: Djordje Nagulov, Vladimir Jankovic, Momcilo Mitrovic, Predrag Sanader Texturer: Vlada Jurisic, Aleksandar Kostic Character & Prop Modeling/Rigging Lead: Bogdan Mihajlovic Rigger: Kostadin Martic,Milos Jovanovic, Borna Berc, Michael Altman Pre-viz: Bill Burg, Roman Kobryn, Anthony Travieso, Michael Altman CG Layout Artist: Ylli Orana Animators: Roman Kobryn, Bill Burg, Amael Isnard, Ben Girmann Lighting & Rendering: Michael Marsek, Julia Bueno, Aaron Baker, Ylli Orana Compositors: Shane Csontos-Popko, Coddie Chen, Herculano Fernandes Matte Painter: Trisan Ménard, Dupp Du Snow FX/Modeling: Gabe Askew Colorist: Evan Kultangwatana Agency: Bleu Blanc Rouge Agency Writer: Dominique Bulmer Agency Creative Director: Dominique Bulmer Agency Creatives: Dominique Bulmer & Julien Hérisson Agency Account Director: Sarah Gagnon Marin Agency Account Manager: Christiane Rochon Agency Producer: Charles Ouellet Client: Cadillac Fairview Music & Sound Design: Apollo Studios