Months of craft, ideas and styling have gone into our latest self-initiated project, developed and hand made at Trizz, the creative animation studio out of Barcelona known for its artful directing, design and animation on commercials. “Save Me” is a new music video that touches the soul and essence of a young boys inner creative battles and is scored with heart felt music (soon to be independently released out of Portland). The boy protagonist, Rafa, lives in the world of a sensitive, young country kid who is overloaded with imagination and confronted with the possibilities of self-expression and technology. Intentionally the core story is shaped with a naïve simplicity and hints at the places where inspiration evolves. “Save Me” started off as a 5 seconds test project. Trizz director and co-founder Oriol Puig was drawn to the musician's song, called him up for a chat which ended up triggering a 4 minute original film to the music. The design concept of mixed media, with an emphasis on photo realistic rendering, was integral to deepening the story mood. Starting with the boy character Rafa, who was modelled and animated in 3d to look like an older technique of hand made claymation, our team then built the miniature house out of wood and mini tiles and lots of glue and nestled it all within a real forest - little plants from the local garden centre that provided the set for capturing real filmed backgrounds. With the 3d animation completed, our illustrator then drew and animated the 2d “interactive sky” effects and finally everything was rendered together and composed into the master film. Visually and musically, this story speaks of the creative process in all of us - and shows that sometimes during the discovery for implementing an idea, that there are waves of inspiration, frustration, anger and surprise. In the end there is a very positive outcome, scaling a personal edge we also learn something new about ourselves. CREDITS Music by: Fernando Viciconte Track: Save Me Original Idea / Script: Trizz Director: Oriol Puig and the Trizz team Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi 3D Supervisor: Oriol Mayolas Animation Director: Hugo García 2D design and animation: Javier Vaquero Art Direction: Oriol Puig / Oriol Mayolas Set Design: Albert García Vila Set Construction: Albert García Vila / Laura Ibañez Animators: Hugo García / David Llopis Modeling: Oriol Mayolas Modeling ( hair ): Kepa Casado Additional Modeling: Ariadna Ollé / Luis Guzmán Compositing: Oriol Puig Rigging: Joan Buhigas Cloth Animation: Joan Buhigas / Ariadna Ollé Additional 2D animation: Bojan Pantelic 3D scanning: Oriol Mayolas / Ariadna Ollé Editing: Oriol Puig / Oriol Vives Making Of: Ariadna Ollé
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We're excited to launch a ground-breaking campaign for domestic violence charity Refuge with award winning directors Le Cube and BBH London. The film, co-funded by all parties, takes form as the official music video to Frances’s ‘Grow’ and seeks to raise awareness of domestic violence and let young women know they are not alone. The film utilises a fascinating production technique in both 2D and stop-frame animation, helmed by Creative Director Ralph Karam. The backgrounds and background characters were printed out and tracked past camera in cycles over a 10 day shoot at Le Cube's Buenos Aires studio while the main characters of Melanie, Refuge and Frances were animated 2D at both Not To Scale and Le Cube. Credits: Client: Refuge BBH Creative Team: Joe Seller and Lance Boreham BBH Creative Directors: Jack Smedley and George Hackforth-Jones BBH Executive Producers: Natalie Parish, George Hackforth-Jones Creative Consultant: Clay Kaytis BBH Producer: Sarah Finnigan-Walsh Music: Frances “Grow” Production Company: Not To Scale Director: Ralph Karam – Le Cube EP: Dan O’Rourke, Gustavo Karam, Juan Manuel Freire Producers: Francesca Di Muro, Mechi Serrano, Fernanda Soma Animation Director: Sergio Slepczuk Stop motion animation director: Pablo Kondratas Art director: Ralph Karam Backgrounds design: Franco Vecchi, Juan Barabani, Martin Lara, Vanina Sáez Character design: Franco Vecchi, Martin Vinograd, Matheus Muniz Layouts: Sergio Slepczuk 2D Animation: Maki Yoshikura, Geoff McDowall, Robert Milne, Stephen Vuillemin, Kehinde Omisore, Cintia Czeszczewik, Martin Lara, Sergio Slepczuk, Pablo Rago, Guadalupe Vyleta, Adriano Nízzoli Clean up: Julieta Culaciati, Juliana Gorgati, Julieta Soloaga, Yas Hanna, Eugenia Casal, Patricio Rey, Valentina Candia 3D Animation: Christian Rey Willis Construction chief: Marilina Martignone Constructors: Carolina Mena, Carolina Stefanini Stop motion animators: Pablo Kondratas, Gabino Calónico DoP: Juan Maglione Electrician: Geronimo Gassmann Post production: Sergio Pickelny
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「未知星球」(「PLANET UNKNOWN」)是中国传媒大学动画与数字艺术学院 2016 毕业设计展上的压轴作品,其画面之精美、效果之复杂、完成度之高,很难让我们相信这部作品竟然是由一个人完成的! 截至目前,该作品以及荣国国内外重要影像节奖项近 10 项以及 Vimeo Staff Picks。 At the end of 21st century, mankind were facing global resource depletion. Space Rovers were sent out to find potential inhabitable planets. Credits: Written & Directed by - Shawn Wang Modelling, Texturing, Animation, Compositing & Editing - Shawn Wang Music & Sound Design by - Echoic Audio Composer - Sam Foster Sound Design by - Tom Gilbert & David Johnston Special Thanks to - Evolutions Re-recording Mixer - Will Norie Faculty Producer - Xinyuan Huang Faculty Adviser - Yucheng Huang Special Thanks to System Advisers - Horizon Bian / Sicong Wang / Jiawei Cao Festivals: 01. Burbank International Film Festival - Best Animated Short 02. Korea Independent Animation Festival - Official Selection 03. Imaginaria Film Festival - Official Selection 04. LA Shorts Fest - Official Selection 05. Oaxaca Film Festival - Official Selection 06, Los Angeles CineFest - Official Selection 07. Lisbon International Film Festival - Official Selection 08. China Animation & Comic Competition Golden Dragon Award - Official Selection Links: Official Website: PlanetUnknownFilm.com Facebook Page: facebook.com/PlanetUnknownFilm IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt5850826 Echoic Audio: echoicaudio.com /* I had been working full time on Planet Unknown from July 2015 to June 2016. It was a passion project as well as my graduation thesis film at Communication University of China. This 11-month journey was very challenging, but it was a perfect learning opportunity as well. The idea started back in 2014 when Interstellar was released. I was deeply impressed by the movie and was inspired by the two robots TARS and CASE. The idea of intellectual robots exploring space developed from there. Other inspirations include Pixar movies like WALL-E and Toy Story, as well as CHAPPiE, NASA documentaries about Mars Rover Curiosity, and short films by individuals like Alex Roman’s The Third & The Seventh, Richard Mans’ Abiogenesis, Erik Wernquist’s Wanderers, Alf Lovvold’s Dawn of the Stuff, and so many more. Echoic Audio, one of the UK's leading music & sound design studios, joined this adventure with epic cinematic score and detailed sound design which catapulted the film to a new level that I had never imagined. This project pushed me to do what I never thought I could do. However, it also keeps punching me in the face and shows me how limited my skills are. There are still tons of problems in the making that I can't figure out even now. Thanks to everyone for the support along the way. The new adventure begins... */
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APEC全球创新者大会开场视频 当场景放大到原来的几十倍的时候,那也就意味着我们的灯光,也就是最重要的道具就要变得更大更多。于是我们开始前期创意的策划,那个时间刚好赶上北京最热的时候,而且公司空调坏了,我们一行人只能到附近咖啡馆避难,边想创意边睡觉...哈哈,是真的...我们花了大概一周的时间把创意定下来,并和客户讲解。这里插一句,客户兼职是甲方典范,沟通非常顺畅毫无阻力,能让我们团队在非常自由的创作环境下完成创意。 创意敲定之后接下来就是购买灯了,说句实话,这部分是我最不想进行,因为是最头痛的部分,其实论创意,我们的并不会输给国外的光绘团队,很大一部分是差在灯光上,因为他们可以自己制作光源,而我们没有这个预算和条件。后来在多次的实地取景之后,以及跟客户沟通,我们决定用三维辅助光影涂鸦的方式进行制作,比如角色还有一些道具我们用三维制作,剩下的都用光影涂鸦来表现。首先我承认这在很大的程度上会降低制作的难度,但是这毕竟是个商业项目,我们必须赶在大会的开幕式前仅有的一个月内完成。 这些前期准备进行了一个多月,紧接着就是开始拍摄了,拍摄的场地是在北京将台路附近的一个上世纪废弃粮仓,走进去马上就感受到五六十年代的气息。这次我们也是动员非常多的人来帮忙,在此感谢大家。拍摄是非常艰苦的过程,每天我们三四点左右到场馆,一直忙到第二天五六点,然后回家睡觉,醒了继续。不过过程还是很开心的,我们还专门为这次制作剪了一段十几分钟的花絮,感兴趣的朋友可以看看,花絮记录了我们从前期到大会开幕的全过程。 最后总结一下,这次我们团队真的是花了很大的精力在这个片子上边,特别是最后的一周,基本保持每天只睡五个小时,剩下的时间全都在赶片子,真的很感谢所有为这个片子付出的人,谢谢大家!我相信在这次片子之后,我们将会是一个质的飞越! 本片由APEC中国工商理事会出品 北京璀璨星空文化发展有限公司制作
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