“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” - Einsten CREW Producer: Jean Villiers Line Producer: Francois Jaunet Unit Location Manager: Benoit Demoucron Assistant Unit Manager: Remi Brachet Assistant Unit Manager: Anthony Cazet Assistant Unit Manager: Stanislas Delardmelle Director: Salomon Ligthelm 1st AD: Christophe Szegedi 2nd AD: Daniel Cox DP: Zack Spiger 1st AC: Melodie Preel 2nd AC: Josephine Drouin Gaffer: Baptiste Brousse Gaffer Assistant: Emile Freeman Art Director: Valerie Valero Dresser: Corentin Harle Dresser Assistant: Simon Pinelli Make Up: Micka Arasco Boom Operator: Toby Lewis Thomas Editor: Nate Gross at Exile Edit CAST Sebastian: Yannick Mabille James: James Dean Fischer The Kid: Arthur Lemonier Girlfriend: Gaia Orgaes Gun Dealer: Giovanni Zam Gang Member 1: STYLECEE Gang Member 2: Ascrime Gang Member 3: Luca Sellier Gang Member 4: Bollecker David Gang Member 5: Bryan Mudiaki Gang Member 6: Badd Malo The Kid's girlfriend: Louise Le Pape Female bookie: Eva Muñoz Sebastian's mistress: Estelle Clément The Gun dealer's bodyguard: Oob Sad Bastard SPECIAL THANKS Flat: Veronique Boisel Boxing Room: Gymnase de la Plaine - Paris 15 Squat: Association Jarry've Revient Photos: Eytan jan/Camille Wu/Niels 'Morph' Thon Jarry: Rachel Mitchell/Ginot Marka/ Adonis Sawadogo Decor: Valerie Fontaine Appart: Gael Seguillon SUPPLIERS: Camera: Vantage Light: TSF - Cine Lumiere Vehicles: Logifilm Grip: Cinestyl Lab - Hiventy - Group Digimage Weapon: Maratier Film: Kodak Inspired by the music of Young Fathers ('Bones' used in Teaser + 'Mr Martyr' used in Film) Shot on Super 16mm
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