In the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, zombies are cured and exiled to secluded camps. There has been talk about rehabilitating post-zombies back into society. Steve, the journalist reporting on the case, thinks the zombies still pose a threat to society. He ventures into one of these camps to prove to the world that rehabilitation is out the question. Want to know more about The Animation Workshop? Website: Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter: Instagram: LESS THAN HUMAN was made by a team of 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Check out the individual students blogs (links below) to learn more about the talent behind the film! CREDITS Steffen Bang Lindholm Director/Editor/Animator – Anna Eckhoff Ohrt Nissen CG Generalist/Production Manager/Rigger – Ditte Marie Ludvigsen Art Director/Texturing- & Lighting Artist – Lasse Steinbeck Technical Director/Pipeline TD & Rigger – Matilde Søltoft Animation Lead/Animator – Morten Vestbjerg Bøgelund Lassen CG Generalist/Modeller/Concept Sculptor – Julie Rebecca Billeskov Astrup Animator/Assistant Production Manager – Ida Marie Søndergaard Animator/Storyboard Artist – Additional animation: Pedro Ivo Carvalho de Araujo Silva Lasse Rützou Bruntse Sara Jespersen Holm Camilla Smidt Sidonie Vidal Antoine J.L.L. Lefevre Dorte Flensted Jensen Story Consultants: Line Hoej Hoestrup Mathilde Garreau Music composed by Anders “Ormen” Christophersen
Silas lives in an isolated whaling town, toiling for months in the harsh and bloody trade on which he and his community depend. However, in order to be capable of killing the creatures whose bone and blubber pay his wage, he has developed an ungodly method for extracting his emotions. The time has now come for his only son to be initiated into the grim and dangerous whaling life, and Silas must be the one to teach him. Want to know more about The Animation Workshop? Website: Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter: Instagram: WHALE HEART was made by a team of 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Check out the individual student’s blogs (links below) to learn more about the talent behind the film! CREDITS Robert Allen Director/Story/Editor – Trine Sørensen Art Director /CG Generalist/Character Design – Antoine J.L.L.Lefevre Production Manager/Animator – Michael Euribe Hansen Technical Director/CG Generalist/Compositor - Marie Eriksen Animation Lead/Concept Art/Character Design - Kenneth Doronin Technical Artist/CG Generalist/Compositor - Anne Prip Animator/Storyboard Artist/Editor - Anki Immerskøld Design/Concept Artist/CG Generalist - Patrick Brannvoll Design/Environment Artist/CG Generalist - Emilie Bendix Engmann Animator/Concept Artist/Storyboard Artist - Trine Thulstrup Animator/Creature Specialist - Music composed by Kenneth Lampl and Kirsten Lampl
«12 weeks» short film / «12 SEMAINES» court métrage de Marc-André Girard/ In a mall public bathroom, Lilly, François and their 6 year- old daughter bid farewell to an unborn family member / À la toilette d’un centre commercial, Lilly, François et leur fille Léa, 6 ans, doivent faire leurs adieux à un fœtus de 12 semaines. Festivals et Prix: - Talent Tout Court-Not Short On Talent 2016. Téléfilm Canada. CANNES - Compilation « Dans ta face ». Présenté par «Prends ça court» à la belle étoile. Quartier des spectacles. - SHORT & SWEET. Centre culturel canadien à Paris. 2016 - Festival REGARD. Festival international du court métrage au Saguenay. - Acquisition et diffusion à bord de tous les vols AIR CANADA enRoute 2016 - catégorie «Québec Gold» Avec/ Starring: Rémi-Pierre Paquin, Anne-Marie Égré, Charlotte St-Martin, Danielle Proulx, Sarah Desjeunes, Nadia Paradis. Scénario et réalisation/ writer and director: Marc-André Girard Direction photo/ director of photography: Serge Desrosiers C.S.C Montage_colorisation/ Editor: Bernard-Eric Malouin Musique/ Music: Alex Mc Mahon Productrice au contenu/Content producer: Sandrine Béchade Directeur artistique/ Art director: Jean-Luc Charron Mixeur/ sound: Luc Boudrias Script: Fanny Bellavance Assistant à la réalisation: Alexandre Murray Chef maquilleuse: Colleen Quinton Accessoiriste: Chantal Lussier 1er assistant-caméra: Jacques Bernier Chefs Électro: Michael Boulonne Michel Paul Électro Louis Turcotte Chef machino: Simon Hébert Cadreur: Maxime Valsan Preneurs de son: Dominique Chartrand Denton Girard Régisseur: Patrick Vézeau Assistant de production: Jean-François Paré Directrice de production: Martine Tremblay Adjointe au producteur: Roxanne Pelletier Assistant montage sonore: Dan Tardif Coord. post-prod son: Anne-Catherine Busson Traduction anglaise s-titres: James Murray Figurants: Marilou Bourdon Mathieu Bourdon Francine Bourguignon-Bourdon Chansons du court métrage: Igloo de SAFIA NOLIN The Pursuit of Happiness de BEYRIES 1er court métrage/ First short film:
Mirrors - a short animated film. 7 min. graduation film made by Lee Dror and Yali Herbet Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem Sound design by Gil Landau. synopsis: The relationship between a young girl and her father is being reflected as they spend time together in a car, driving on an endless road. festival screenings: Stuttgart ITFS trickfilm animation festival April 2016 GSF- global short films AWARDS , New York, April 2016 Toronto animation film festival, april 2016, canada Anifilm, czech republic, May 2016 8th CMS International Children’s Film Festival April, 2016, Lucknow, India. SEHSÜCHTE- 45th International, Student Film Festival Next 10th International -Film Festival, April 2016, Bucharest, Romania Cortocircuito - Savigliano Film Festival NUFF- Nordic International Film Festival, June 2016, Norway Promofest- Short of the year 2016- Special Jury Mention, Madrid , Spain Asif Israeli Animation Festival Tel Aviv 2015 Haifa 31st International Film Festival 2015 Balkanima- Belgrade Animation Festival , Serbia, October 2015 International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films, Warsaw, Poland, October 2015 Delhi Short International Film Festival, India, November 2015 AS Film Festival, Rome, Italy, November 2015 International Jewish Film Festival , Jerusalem, Israel, December, 2015 Singapore World Film Festival, Singapore December 2015 Seville Animalada Animation Festival, Spain, December 2015 Miami Jewish Film Festival, Miami, January, 2016 Animex Awards England, January, 2016