Alan Williams: Creatures of the Deep offers an insight into the mind and work of the immensely talented Brighton sculptor Alan Williams, who turns scrap metal into amazing animal figures. Looking into his dark influences and childhood, this biopic explores Alan's practice, presenting the work of a true artist who holds “great talent, imagination and humility”. Alan Williams | Director - Ben Cox | Music - MOUNT BANK [Sam Organ] | Alan’s creative practice began in his childhood, creating fantastical hybrid creatures using old toys and a tube of glue. Currently entering his 14thth year of practice, Alan’s passion is making animals and creatures from mostly found and recycled metal; transforming recognisable every day objects into beautifully detailed, sculptural artworks. His unique hand crafted works imaginatively reference nature; animals, plants, textures, form and movement. Commissions include sculpture, architectural installations, furniture and many of his public artworks are on display in locations throughout Sussex and the UK. Ben Cox - Director "This film is the result of the wanting to create a passion project based around a local Brighton artist. The resulting film has surpassed all my original expectations both in the final product and the experience I had in making it. Working with Alan over the 6 months has been a wonderful experience and I have been exposed to an artist of great talent, imagination and humility. The project has been a wonderful collaboration, with Alan putting a lot of trust and faith in me as a filmmaker and I enjoyed every second of it".
In 2016 I travelled to South Africa to visit The Black Mambas - the worlds first all female anti-poaching unit operating in the Balule Game Reserve in South Africa. Coming from disadvantaged communities and breaking strong patriarchal tradition, these courageous women focus on eliminating illegal wildlife trade through conservation, education and the protection of wildlife, helping to ensure the long term survival of threatened and endangered species in the area. Each day they patrol up to 20km, unarmed, looking for poachers, wire-snares, and break-ins along the fence line. Their lives are at constant risk from poachers and the dangerous wildlife they protect. It is their belief that the war on poaching will not be won with guns and bullets, but through education within their local communities. The Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit The Black Mambas are Nkateko Letti Mzimba, Cute Grace Mhlongo, Felicia Mogakane, Belinda Mzimba, Qolile Mathebula, Kedibone Malatji, Nomsa Mokgadi Malungane, Lindiwe Labina Pilusa, Remember Dikeledi, Nesti Suzen Mohale, Patience Maphanga, Thato Moroni, Amy Clark, Lukie Mahlake, Winie Nyathi, Collen Mathebula, Proud Mkansi, Dedeya Nkwinika, Happy Nkwinika, Boetie Nkosi, Maseke Tribe, Joshua Nyoni, Christopher Khwakhwa & Given Ndlovu. Directed & Edited by Dan Sadgrove Producers: Dan Sadgrove and Nadine Brown DOP: Jason Hearn Sound Mixer: Mike Nyembe Music: Hanan Townshend Sound Design: Morgan Johnson Color: Houmam Thanks to Gabriele Neukom, Johan Grobler, William Hodgson, Lisa Trueman, Craig Spenser, Peter Sherlock, Skip Margetts, Craig Siney, Maseke Primary School, Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center, The Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Rhino Revolution, Kinyonga Reptile Center, Farm Films Productions, Barking Owl Sound and MPC London. The Black Mamba APU relies heavily on donations. Donations can be made to the Black Mamba APU thru Rhino Mercy at: In Memory of Siphiwe Sithole – died 2nd November 2016 Ulale ngokuthula dadewethu. Rest in peace, my sister.
----------- "Burnout" is the portrait of a paramedic and his relationship with death. A duel between the deep pleasure that gives him the adrenaline when he turns on the siren, and the emotional weariness from being the witness of countless tragedies. "Burnout" es el retrato de un paramédico y su relación con la muerte. Un duelo entre el profundo placer que le da la adrenalina al prender la sirena, y el desgaste emocional por ser testigo de incontables tragedias. ----------- "A day inside the traumatic life of a paramedic" read the Vimeo Q&A with director Miguel López Valdivia Paramédicos: Alejandro Ezquerra Osorio, Justino Fernández Palomo, Héctor Páramo Álvarez, Enrique Zarabia Martínez & Alejandro Corona Cordero Dirección: Miguel López Valdivia Guión: Dinorah Guzmán Espinosa & Miguel López Valdivia Edición: Miguel López Valdivia & Irving A. Riojas Rodríguez Dirección de fotografía: Dinorah Guzmán Espinosa Producción: Irving A. Riojas Rodríguez Co-producción: Tess Bayardo Peza, Dinorah Guzmán Espinosa & Miguel López Valdivia Sonido directo: Tess Bayardo Peza Diseño y mezcla de audio: Carlos Metta Agradecimientos: Cruz Roja Mexicana, a nuestras familias, Moisés Aisemberg, Mario Márquez, Rafael Rivera, Isabel Campaña, Alan Abruch, Alejandro Olryd, Xavier Romero, Manuel Caballero, Fernando Moreno, Edwin Culp, Jaime Ponce, Kevin Xolio, Arturo Zavalza, Beatriz Creel, Cedric Gall, Alejandro Herrera, Luisa Méndez, César Omar Guzmán, Carlos Sánchez, Emilio de la Vega, Victor Figueroa, Rodrigo Amozurrutia, Ricardo Marín, Ricardo Pacheco & Regina Gálvez. ----------- Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016 - Official Selection - Student Doc Award Nominee -----------