**Winner of Worldfest Huston International Film Festival 2017** "Travelling Through Brush and Ink" is a stop-motion animation of a little modern man traveling through four significant ancient Chinese paintings, transforming himself into animals and plants, and becomes part of the nature. Each painting represents four important stages of landscape art in Chinese history. Based on the original paintings, we built the sets and animated little character inside- all frame by frame. The animation is the opening film of 2016 annual exhibition National Palace Museum Taiwan. **2017休士頓國際影展動畫獎得主** “筆墨行旅”故事敘述一個現代男子進入畫中世界展開旅程,在旅程中形變成動物或植物,與自然合而為一。動畫中的四個場景分別為四幅歷史上重要的中國山水畫,畫中景色被製作成真實模型場景,人物和動植物在其中全是逐格拍攝。 四幅畫分別為唐代〈明皇幸蜀圖〉、北宋〈谿山行旅圖〉、南宋〈巖關古寺〉及元代〈鵲華秋色圖〉,呈現中國山水畫講求可行、可望、可遊、可居之意境,為中國山水畫的歷代風格演變的代表。本動畫是台灣國立故宮博物院2016年度典藏展的開幕片。 製作公司:日目247Visualart 執行公司:爻域互動科技 Art Director: Pu Chen | 藝術指導:陳普 Director: Annlin Chao | 導演:趙安玲 Composer: Pi Chiu | 編曲:邱比 Film Editing: Chia-Hung Lin, Ping-Kuei Lin | 影片剪接:林珈弘,林品逵 Scene Design: Ren-Hao Cai, Jia-Jhen Syu | 場景美術設計:蔡仁豪,許家禎 Graphic Design: Chung-Yang Chen | 平面設計:陳仲揚 Special Effects: yo-cheng Zheng | 特效:詹游丞 Lighting Assist: Chang Wen Liang | 燈光輔助:梁昌文 Assistant Animation: Lu Chang, Petula Hsiao, Jamie Xuan, Cheng Leo, Hung-Xie Chia, Szu-Yu Tu, Lee Te Yi 動畫助手:張怡儒,蕭亦布,林姿萱,李宥成,謝嘉鴻,凃思羽,李得嫕 Executive producer: National Palace Museum | 執行單位:國立故宮博物院
***DUE TO THE UNIQUE NATURE OF THE SOUND DESIGN/MIX OF THIS FILM, HEADPHONES/GOOD SPEAKERS ARE RECOMMENDED FOR THE FULL THEATRICAL EXPERIENCE. 'Dawn of the Deaf' is this week's Staff Pick Premiere. Read more about it here: https://vimeo.com/blog/post/dawn-of-the-walking-deaf This film was made possible with support from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Shadowhouse Films and Findie. Www.DawnoftheDeafMovie.com SYNOPSIS: When a strange sound wipes out the hearing population, a small group of Deaf people must band together to survive. AWARDS: BAFTA - Best British Short Film (Shortlisted) Sitges International Film Festival - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Won) Monsters of Film - Best Short (Won) Toronto After Dark - Silver Short Film Award (Won) Deaffest - Grand Prize (Won) Monster Fest - Honourable Mention Encounters International Film Festival - Grand Prize (Nominated) Fantasia - Best Short Film (Nominated) Fantastic Fest - Best Short Film (Nominated) Nashville Film Festival - Graveyard Shift Award (Nominated) RazorReel Flanders - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Nominated) Molins Film Festival - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Nominated) MotelX - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Nominated) Trieste Science + Fiction - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Nominated) Strasbourg Fantastic Film Festival - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Nominated) Twister Alley - Best Short Film (Nominated) FanCine Film Festival - Melies D'argent for Best Short (Nominated) Twister Alley Film Festival - Best Midnight Short (Nominated) B-Movie & Underground Film Festival - Best Short Film (Nominated) Final Frame Film Competition - Best Short Film (Nominated) OFFICIAL SELECTION: Sundance Film Festival 2017 Sundance Film Festival: London 2017 BFI London Film Festival 2016 Sitges International Film Festival 2016 Fantastic Fest 2016 Fantasia 2016 Frightfest 2016 Cleveland International Film Festival 2017 Moscow Film Festival 2017 Sydney Film Festival 2017 Nashville Film Festival 2017 Omaha Film Festival 2017 Encounters International Film Festival 2016 Uppsala International Film Festival 2016 Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2017 Toronto Inside Out 2017 Outfest LA 2017 Cork Film Festival 2016 Dublin Film Festival 2017 Glasgow Film Festival 2017 London Short Film Festival 2017 Toronto After Dark 2016 Las Vegas Film Festival 2017 British Shorts Berlin 2017 Festival International du Film Fantastique de Bruxelles 2017 MotelX Film Festival 2016 Molins Film Festival 2016 Kerry Film Festival 2016 Kyiv International Short Film Festival 2017 Cucalorus Film Festival 2016 East End Film Festival 2017 Razor Reel Flanders 2016 Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival 2016 Overlook Film Festival 2017 Trieste Science + Fiction 2016 FanCine Film Festival 2016 Y'a un Os dans le Potage 2017 BBC See Hear Festival 2016 Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival 2016 Chicago Critics Film Festival 2017 Ramaskrik Film Festival 2016 Morbido Film Festival 2016 Mayhem Film Festival 2016 Celluloid Screams 2016 Twister Alley Film Festival 2017 Fastnet Film Festival 2017 Fantaspoa 2017 B-Movie & Underground Film Festival 2016 Landshut Short Film Festival 2017 Monster Fest 2016 Spooky Empire Film Festival 2016 Monsters of Film 2016 Final Frame Film Competition 2017 South Africa Horror Festival 2016 MiniKino Film Festival 2016 Fright Nights Festival 2016 Fangoria Fearcon 2016 MisCon 2017 Szczecin European Film Festival 2016 Shortcutz Figueiró dos Vinhos 2016 New Orleans Trauma 2016 CineDeaf Film Festival 2017 SouthSide Film Festival 2017 Georgetown University Film Festival 2017 Fantosfreak Short Film Festival 2017 ShorTS Film Festival 2017 Eskisehir Film Festival 2017 Stuff MX Film Festival 2017 Unrestricted View Horror Festival 2016 Little Terrors Film Festival 2016 Shivers Film Festival 2016 Twin Cities Horror Festival 2016 Fake Flesh Film Fest 2016 Red Ditch Halloween Film Festival 2016